Original Poetry Fan Fiction ❯ Only Time Will Tell ❯ Only Time Will Tell ( One-Shot )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

I ask myself “Am I worth it?”
The little companionship I have.
Everyday I plaster on this fake smile.
Lying through my teeth.
So close yet so far from the one thing I want.
The world has no place for me.
Everyone else hates me.
Why don't they?
I'm different, annoying, unworthy.
My wish contradicts another.
My emotions are mixed.
I guess you really can't,
Have your cake,
And eat it too.
The few friends I have,
How long until I drive them away?
I cry not because of pain
Because of love.
My only reason
I'm collapsing inside.
Story of my life.
I step outside of myself
I'm different from who I used to be.
Have I changed?
Or just grown?
My heart
Opened once.
Been ripped apart.
Healed yet coarse
Thought it was impossible but…
It opened again.
Will it happen again?
Will it become a pattern?
Only time will tell
If they leave.
If my heart will stop.
Only time will tell…