Original Poetry Fan Fiction ❯ The Truth ❯ 30 Cigarettes ( One-Shot )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

30 Cigarettes
Oh help her Jesus!
30 cigarettes
Pure nonsense
29 broken dreams
I don't know where she goes
28 lonely nights
She just comes and goes when she pleases
27 unpaid bills
We barely talk anymore
26 years old
"Are we still an item?"
25 different night clubs
"Yes," reluctantly
24 one-night stands
We never call
23 drinks
Things have changed
22 false friends
Decaying fast
21 ex-boyfriends
Burning out
20 strangers
Damage control pointless
19 bucks
Knock knock
18 bail payments
Again and again
17 breath tests
Who is it now?
16 police visits
15 calls from jail
What am I going to do with her?
14 DUIs
What is the point?
13 hangovers
It's always the same
12 missing articles of clothing
We might as well be strangers
11 nights up talking to the toilet
She's not the girl I knew anymore
10 different excuses
I really want my girl back
9 weeks of wild nights
But, nothing ever changes
8 late nights crying
It's not her fault
7 broken hearts
I'm different too
6 misdemeanors
We're not kids anymore
5 days of missed work
Time and reality happened
4 lost jobs
It's not pretty
3 whole days to sleep off a binge
I hate it
2 lost souls
But yet, I still love her
1 bumpy ride