Original Stories Fan Fiction / Fables/Fairytales Fan Fiction ❯ The Elementalists ❯ Twelve - Kisho Soumei ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Oh no,” said Florian, exasperated. “He's able to heal himself and create weapons and bombs out of thin air?”
“Not exactly,” explained Candis, looking more worried than formerly.
“Yes, we figure that he was making these weapons and bombs out of his spiritual energy,” added Guren. “Though the fact that he can heal himself as well and make weapons and bombs proves that he has much more power than all the elementalists put together.” He sighed, rubbing his temples. “Though I'm sure if we all went against him, we could win.”
“Yeah, but here's the problem: If that's only one of Rika's men,” said Kai desperately, “Then how many more does she have like him? They could be more or less powerful than him, too. There's no telling.” She groaned, holding her head. “I've got a killer headache from all this.”
“Tell me about it,” said Chi apprehensively. She was frowning for once, staring into the fire, spaced out. “If all four of us can't even beat one of her warriors, how can we beat her?”
“Who knows,” Eryk commented impatiently. “But thinking this way is making all of you vulnerable. Don't think of what may happen, just focus on the current situation. If anything, we can all practice at Ol' Kisho Soumei's house.” Florian blinked a couple times.
“That's a brilliant idea!” he exclaimed, his face lighting up with delight as he pat his friend on the back. “I nearly forgot about Soumei…” Eryk smirked.
“You two know Kisho Soumei?” Guren asked doubtfully. “I met him when I was barely out of my teens, but I've seen some of his immensely great powers.”
Florian nodded. “We met him a few years ago, and he taught us many of the old Sorcerer's tricks that are no longer practiced or taught,” he said.
“So it's settled. We'll take a little detour and drop by Kisho's temple, become stronger, and come back to kick this Rika bitch's ass,” Eryk said decidedly. The group laughed at his choice of words, but they all agreed on it.
“So who exactly is Kisho Soumei?” asked Feng. “I have heard of his power, but naught of his character.”
“He's a grumpy old man is what he is,” Eryk said, jokingly.
“Well, he is pretty old. But he's a tough guy and he'll push you to the edge if you ever have even an ounce of doubt within you. He doesn't believe in quitters or procrastinators, so don't expect that he'll go easy on any of you, or even act nice when you meet him,” Florian explained. “Although even if he doesn't seem that way, he is a caring person, in his own way.”
“Alright then, I expect you two to lead us there. I haven't been to his temple in many years… I've forgotten the way there,” said Guren, a small smile finding its way onto his face.
“His temple is about a day away, to the North-East of our current position,” said Florian, looking at the compass he'd taken out. “Huh,” he said thoughtfully. “It's right across from the lake you two fought that demon at last night.”
Kai and Candis both shuddered, wishing to never have witnessed the amazing evil that the man named Gilead had shown them. “Great,” mumbled Kai, rubbing the back of her neck. “Oh, I forgot to tell you guys something about that guy, Gilead.”
“What?” they asked, looking confused. They didn't think she and Candis would forget any detail of the previous night.
“He didn't exactly feel like… Like a complete demon, or something,” she said, attempting to explain what she had felt the night before. “When I first sensed him it was definitely a demon scent, but when we fought him the energies felt different. Like two or three demons were inside of him.”
“Yes,” agreed Guren, ransacking his memory. “I do remember that his energy wasn't all the same. Some of it was less strong than the rest, and other parts of it were emitting different colors.”
“You have got to be kidding me!” exclaimed Chi, shock clearly visible on her innocent face. “He's a bunch of demons put together?!”
“Yes, I believe they are breeding multiple demons at once,” said Feng, her eyebrows knit. “That, or they combined his original character with other demons to make him more powerful. Guren, you're certain you met him in the Ministry?
“I'm more than certain,” he said, rather briskly. “He was only a Sorcerer then. Now, he has his Sorcerer's power along with demon power, which causes a major disruption with his energy waves.” He paused, looking up into the beautiful, clear sky as they moved along through the forest. “I'm surprised it didn't kill him. I've only seen one other who had combined his Sorcerer's powers with demon power, and soon after, it killed him.”
“Interesting,” whispered Eryk, reflecting the possible power of Sorcery and demonic power put together.
The group moved quickly across the forest, reaching the lake in less than a couple of hours. “So… How are we gonna get across this?” asked Chi. “I'm sort of afraid of water,” she admitted nervously.
Kai rolled her eyes, walking to the edge of the dock and closing her eyes. She stretched her arms out in front of her, her palms facing the water. She opened her eyes again and slowly moved her arms out sideways, causing the lake itself to make a pathway for them.
“Ha ha, look, Kai is Moses,” joked Candis. Everyone laughed and started across the bottom of the lake, Kai leading them to keep the water parted.
It took them about half an hour to cross the lake, for it was much larger than it looked from the shore view. Chi used her Earth-bending skills to make steps out of the dirt at the other side of the lake once they reached it. “There's no `i' in `team'!” she said, happy that she could be of some assistance.
“Now where to?” asked Candis, looking cautiously around the second shore.
“No where,” Guren said, unexpectedly, as he turned to face the tall trees before them. “We have company.”