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Chapter 10

Easeion, Easeion, Easeion


Meanwhile at the Bear headquarters Easeion, Tara and Bill were talking with the members of The Bear.


" The romance between Crayon and Colourea must be destroyed " said Easeion.

" It will be great " said Bill.

" We will see Crayon sadder than ever " said Tara.

" When we succeed in destroying the relationship between Crayon and Colourea it will weaken Crayon " said Easeion.

" Crayon will feel hurt, he will understand that I have made sure that he is single "

" Him being single will be great " said Tara.

" Yes, the Bear will love it " said Easeion.

" Anyone who dares to save the relationship must die " said Bill.

" Yeah, this relationship cannot last for the sake of the Bear " said Easeion.

" Artby, Colouruke and Warbler will try to stop us " said Tara.

" They will be easy to defeat " said Easeion. " We cannot be afraid of people, we must be like this "

" If not, then we can forget about taking over "

" True " said Bill.

" There is no fear within us "

" Yes, the Smithsons are not afraid "

" Hahahahaha " said Tara.

" Yeah, we are so scary to them I bet " said Bill.

" Crayon will be one sad motherfucker, when I end the romance " said Easeion. " We will be laughing our asses off, when it happens "

" I will truly enjoy his sorrow, the Bear will all be laughing "

" Hahahahahahaha " said three siblings and every member of The Bear in the area.

" Now it is time to end it all " said Easeion.

" Yeah, we will ruin Crayon "

" He will be extremely hurt, the pain will consume him " said Bill.

" It will be too much for Crayon " said Easeion.

" He cannot handle what we are doing to Colourea "

" What we will do to Colourea is great " said Bill.

" It is " said Tara.

" Now we will go " said Easeion.

Easeion, Tara and Bill left the area.

Meanwhile Blackin, Blackina and Whites were  talking.


" Now it is time for the Smithsons to end the romance " said Blackin.

" I hope it is over, for the time Crayon must be kept alive " said Blackina.

" They should have no problem destroying it, it will do wonders for The Bear " said Whites.

" Crayon will not be as strong if he is suffering " said Blackina.


" We will send it lots of members to find out who they work for " said Blackin.

" Whoever that is must be eliminated as well " said Whites.

" Crayon will be sad and that is what we need " said Blackina.

" Our members should search the bakeries, it will lead us to Artby " said Whites.


" We have tons of members, there will be no problem doing this " said Blackin.

" The takeover of Colourland will be very soon, we will take over as a couple with the romance between Crayon and Colourea and Crayon will be sad " said Blackina.


Blackin laughed, then he gave a kiss to Blackina after.


Meanwhile Easeion and his crew members had left the hideout. Easeion saw a man and demanded to know where Crayon was.


" Where is Crayon ? " said Easeion.

" I don't know where he is " said the man.

" I know the people of Colourland know of him, don't fuck with me " said Easeion.

" You had better not be fucking around " said Bill.

" I am not allowing anyone to do that "

" Same here " said Tara.

" We cannot tolerate any defense of Crayon " said Bill.

" I will not allow anyone to protect him, Crayon must suffer " said Easeion.

" I'm not " said the man.

" You had better " said Bill.

Easeion then reached towards the man,  then took his wallet.

" My money " said the man.

" I don't care what situation you are in moneywise, you are not telling me where Crayon is and that is not acceptable " said Easeion.

" Listen, we are just going to take your stuff and leave you here " said Bill.

" This is how it is "


Easeion then launched the Lightning Blast directly at a man, knocking him out. Tara and Bill then started demanding to know where Crayon is from people.


" Look if nobody tells us where Crayon is, then we will have to rob you " said Bill.

" I won't let you do that " said this man.

Bill used the Sea Punch.


" Would you rather have money or Crayon be with Colourea " said Bill.

" Think about it "

" Crayon being Colourea does nothing for Colourland " said Easeion.

" But I don't know where he is, I did see someone that talks to Crayon around though " said the man.

" Which person is that ? " asked Tara.

" He was in the bakery " said the man.

" Ok " said Bill.

" We should head to the bakery " said one of The Bear members.

"  Yeah " said Easeion.

" He means Artby "


Easeion, Tara and Bill with the Bear members headed to this bakery demanding to know the whereabouts of the person who talks to Crayon.


" Look you had better tell us where this person that knows Crayon is " said Tara.

" You mean Artby ? " asked a baker.

" Well it probably is him " said Easeion.

" He will lead us to Crayon " said Bill.

" What do you want with Crayon exactly ? " asked the baker. " Wait a minute, you have The Bear logo on "

" Yeah we do, and if you want to keep baking bread I suggest you keep quiet about it " said Bill.

" Listen to Bill, be smart here " said Tara.

" True, my brother Bill knows " said Easeion.

" It is important to listen to him "

" Okay " said the man.

" Artby hangs out with Crayon so if we find him, then Crayon won't be too far away " said Bill.

" I'm not sure where Artby is right now but he could be at home " said the man.

" Where do they live ? " asked Easeion.

" I don't know " said the man.

" We will find Crayon " said Bill.

" He will not get away " said Easeion.

" The Smithsons will find him "


Easeion, Tara, Bill and the Bear members then headed out of the bakery and then found this office building.


" It says Challenger on it " said Bill.

" Who's that ? asked Tara.

" I'm not sure but he may know of where Crayon is " said Easeion.

" I will make sure he does " said Bill.


" It's The Bear " said this man.

" Shut your mouth " yelled Bill.


Bill then used the Sea Punch knocking him out. The three siblings then knocked on the door of the office of Challenger.


" Open up in there " said Tara.

Challenger then kept the door locked and was about to jump out the window. Easeion then used the Super Shadow Bomb which blew open the door, destroying it.


The siblings barged in but Challenger was jumping out the window. Bill, Easeion and Tara then used their Shadow Blasts and tried to hit Challenger but Challenger was able to get away in time.


" He must know something about Crayon for sure said Easeion.

" Let's rob the place " said Bill.

" Haha, I cannot wait " said Easeion.

" Challenger will feel hurt "

" The Bear does want that " said Tara.


Bill, Tara and Easeion took the supplies and money that was there from the office and then Easeion wrote a note in the office. The three siblings left the room, then they had robbed the man they knocked out and took his wallet. They then joined the Bear members outside and they headed towards the hideout.


" Blackin, we have great news " said Bill.

" What is it ? " asked Blackin.

" We have found the office of Challenger, we believe he is linked to Crayon " said Easeion.

" He will experience the downfall of Crayon "

" We stole supplies from there " said Tara.

" Good to see " said Blackin. " We will be sending in members of The Bear to take control of it "

" Glad to see " said Tara.

" Challenger will face his demise " said Blackin.

" Hahahaha "

The siblings headed to their part of the hideout.


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler got up, showered and ate.


" We should head to the office of Challenger " said Crayon.

" That is a good idea " said Warbler.

" Let's go " said Colouruke.

They headed to the office of Challenger and notice a man knocked out.


" What happened ? " asked Colouruke.

" The Bear must have found out " said Crayon.

" Damnit, bakers won't like this" said Artby.

" We should head to see Challenger " said Warbler.

" Bakers would want us talking to him, bakers want that " said Artby.

" I love bakers so much, I will do anything for them "

" Let's go " said Crayon.


The five of them noticed that there was a door blown up.


" What the hell happened here " said Colouruke.

" It looks like The Bear got in here " said Colourea.

" The supplies are all gone " said Crayon.

" There is a note " said Warbler.

" I will read it " said Artby.


" Challenger, this building will belong to The Bear very soon, do not try to stop us. " The romance between Crayon and Colourea will be destroyed, if you dare try to save it you can forget about living.

" Crayon and Colourea being together is not worth that, it does nothing for you "

" Think about your life "

" Is dying really worth that ? "

The Bear.


" Challenger must have escaped " said Crayon.

" I'm not sure where he is, but we need to stop them " said Colourea.

" I wonder why they want to destroy Crayon and Colourea being together so much " said Colouruke.

" I'm not sure but maybe they think it will weaken us " sand the romance between Crayon and Colourea " said Colouruke.

" It involved Challenger as well, and we cannot find him " said Crayon.

" This is not good " said the baker.

" It's not but the bravery you have shown baking bread at a time like this " said Artby.

" You are so brave, I love that "

" Uh, thanks " said the baker.

" I love your bravery, I will fight for any brave bakers " said Artby.


The five of them left.



Meanwhile Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler were training. Crayon and Warbler were using their Air techniques, Colouruke's water techniques plus Colourea and Artby were using their Light techniques. They kept using their attacks against each other for a while. They went inside and then headed to bed.