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Chapter 11

The Search for Challenger


Challenger was still missing and The Bear and both Crayon, Colouruke, Colourea, Artby and Warbler were searching for him.


Meanwhile Blackin was telling Whites and Blackina about the disappearance of Challenger.

" We must find him " said Blackin.

" It shouldn't be too hard, we know what he looks like so we can send in the Smithsons to find him " said Whites.

" Taking Challenger will lead us to Crayon " said Blackina. " Crayon will lead us to the others, allowing Easeion and his siblings to end the romance "

" Well if it keeps Crayon sad then I am fine with that " said Blackin.

" Crayon must be kept alive for now " said Whites.

" They have the memo, they just need to end the romance but first we need Challenger " said Blackina.


Meanwhile Easeion was talking with Bill and Tara.

" Challenger must be found " said Easeion.

" Exactly " said Bill.

" Blackin wants him, so we will find him " said Tara.

" Yes " said Easeion.

" He cannot hide from me "


An announcement on the intercom in the hideout told all the members to search for Challenger, we must bring him to the hideout. The members left the hideout and headed in these giant vans, some on helicopters and in small planes as well. The members found a place outside of Colourland to park and they headed on foot into the main area.



Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler went outside and were looking for Challenger all over Colourland. They then ran into a Bear member.

The member then started talking to them.


" Challenger will be found " said the man.

" That is true, by us " said Colouruke.

" The Bear will find him, Easeion scared him away " said the man.

" Easeion went inside his office ? " asked Crayon.

" With his siblings " said the man.

" We won't let The Bear take him " said Colourea.

" Easeion is not the type of man to allow that " said the man.

" He doesn't scare me " said Artby. " We are just too heroic for him ".

" Easeion will destroy all five of you himself " said the man.

" He is so powerful "

" Challenger will return and The Bear won't take him " said Crayon.

The man left.


The five of them saw Bear members who then were on the streets.


The Bear members then headed down this street and they saw this building which they entered.


They were looking for Challenger inside the building, the five fighters followed them in the building. The five fighters then saw Challenger while they exited the building, the Bear members chased them.


" Challenger is ours " said one of the members.

" No, he's not " said Crayon.

" Easeion will speak to him " said another member.

" We won't let him do that " said Artby.

" Challenger belongs to The Bear, Easeion has questions for him " said a third member.

" If you don't let him go to us, then a fight is happening " said a fourth member.

" I'll take those chances " said Artby.

" Bakers want Challenger eating bread, it is good for the baker "

" This is not about that, time to fight " said the fourth member.


The men then rushed the five fighters with their Shadow Strikes but Artby used the Super Light Bomb, knocking them down. The men got up and grabbed Colouruke and all kicked him.


Colouruke got up and used the Sea Punch on one of the men, defeating him. The other three then used their Shadow Bombs on Crayon while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Bombs on them. A huge explosion happened, but the men were defeated. Crayon and Warbler got up. Challenger then headed with the six fighters and they headed back to Challenger's office where they saw Bear members.


" This place belongs to us, Challenger " said the woman.

" Challenger, Easeion has questions for you said the man.

" Questions ? " asked Crayon.

" We know of what you represent " said the second man.

We know of what you represent for Challenger " said a third member.

" Easeion is willing to spare you " said a fourth member.

" Spare Challenger from what " said Colouruke.


" If you help us end the romance, he will not kill you " said a fifth member.

" End the romance ? " asked Colouruke. " Why does Easeion want to end it so badly anyways "

" He knows that by removing it, it will weaken you Crayon " said the first member.

" We won't let him do that " said Artby.

" The bakers want him in good shape so he can eat bread "

" I wouldn't recommend that, Easeion is letting you not be dead by helping end it " said the second member.

" Easeion believes that ending the romance will weaken me ? " asked Crayon.

" He knows that it will, he perceives you as the biggest threat to him and our organization " said the third member.

" Therefore by ending the romance, it will do wonders for The Bear " said the fourth member.

" Artby, you must allow us to do this " said the fifth member. " Do you want to be going to the bakeries or be dead "

" Well the bread is great, but harming Colourea is not something I want to do " said Artby.

" Colourea joins us in the bakery, so I won't go against that "

" That's not the way we will accept " said the first member. " Just like Easeion, we gave you this opportunity to live but you have chosen to do this shit so we will fight.

" Bring it on " said Colouruke.

" Prepare for your demise " said the first member.


The members then fired their Shadow Bombs at Colourea but Crayon and Warbler used their Air Kicks while Colouruke used his Sea Kick to attempt to weaken the bombs. Challenger then kicked one of the men while Artby punched another.


The men and the woman got up and they then used their Shadow Strikes while Crayon and Warbler used the Air Blasts to knock them down but the woman was able to get through and hit Crayon. The men got up and then launched their Shadow Bombs, while Colouruke and Colourea launched their Light Bombs, creating an explosion.


The men were defeated, while the woman then used the Double Shadow Strike which hit Colourea. Colourea punched her. The woman then used the Darkness Blast while Crayon used the Air Blast, the woman was defeated. The five fighters joined Challenger and then left the building.


Easeion had learned about the defeat and the fact that his idea for sparing Colouruke, Warbler and Artby was refused.


" I'll have no problem seeing my siblings kill them " said Easeion.

" They will never cross me and make it, not a chance "

" I will never let anyone interfere "

" It will be simple, the romance will be destroyed  " said Bill.

" Yeah, Crayon will be so sad " said Easeion.

" My talent guarantees his sorrow, there is no chance for him "

" They will regret this " said Tara.


" I will have you two fight them first, not that I would need to " said Easeion. " I've got talent "

" Making Crayon sad will be simple " said Bill.

" He will be sad forever after this " said Easeion.

" I would like that " said Tara.

" As a family, there is nothing than stop us " said Bill.

" Exactly " said Easeion. " We are just too fucking good for them "

" Colourland will belong to us, I cannot wait to see the sad look on his face when Colourea is no more " said Bill.


" The Bear will love it as well, Blackin can be the new ruler after all this " said Tara.

" It will be good for Blackina as well " said Easeion.

" It sure will " said Tara.

" The Bear will have everything, there is no stopping the Smithsons " said Bill.

" I love being a Smithson "

" It is great, I love it " said Easeion.

" Hahahahahahaha " all three of them said.


Meanwhile Blackin, Blackina and Whites were talking.

" Bill and Tara should finish them off easily " said Blackin.

" The Smithsons will end Colourea " said Blackina.

" We need Crayon sad " said Whites.


" It will truly terrify him and we will love it " said Blackin.

" Why would we not " said Whites. " How could the Bear not enjoy him like that "

" I will be the new ruler with Blackina " said Blackin.

" Blackina is the love of my life, I will love being in control of Colourland with her "

" It will be wonderful " said Blackina.

" How could it not be " said Blackin.

" The Bear will have everything, Challenger must be finished as well " said Whites.

" There is a connection with Challenger to those five, I don't know what it is but it must be removed " said Blackin.


" He was willing to protect those five, for that he must pay " said Blackina.

" The bakeries will be targeted next " said Whites. " We know that Artby goes to them all the time "

" Bakers will be destroyed if they interfere "

" Therefore Colourea will not be too far away " said Blackina.

" Yeah, Colourea hangs out with him so it will be simple " said Whites.


Blackin and Blackina headed to a separate area upstairs.