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Chapter 13

Fighting The Smithsons

It was getting near nighttime, Crayon and Colourea got ready for bed.


Artby, Warbler and Colouruke were talking.

" Hoping that Crayon will be so happy said Artby. " He will be more likely to buy me bread "

" Buy you bread ? " asked Warbler.


" Crayon is happy with Colourea now, he is so happy now " said Artby. " I wonder if the bakers know "


" The bakers ? " asked Colouruke.

" The bakers have helped him so much, which will make him so happy so he will buy me bread " said Artby.

" Bakers love Crayon, they think about him "

"  The bakers helped him  ? asked Colouruke. " How can bakers do that "


" With the flour that helps with heroism, it can help with what he needs " said Artby.

" Flour helps with that ? " asked Warbler. " Never heard of anything like that "

" It does, it has helped Crayon  in ways, when he gets really happy then we can talk to the bakers about it " said Artby.

" Bakers ? " asked Warbler.

" Yeah, bakers have made him so happy everywhere, Colourea notices it " said Artby. " You can hear how happy he is"


" What the fuck, Artby " said Colouruke.

" Flour helps us " said Artby. " Crayon's so happy, Colouruke "

" I am lost " said Warbler. " Anyways we should get to bed "

" Same here " said Colouruke.

" I will go to bed as well, I love bakers " said Artby.

" Baking helps Crayon, bakers have so much love for the man "

" His presence in the bakery is loved by every baker "


Blackin was talking to the Smithsons.


" You three need to find them and soon as possible " said Blackin.

" We will make Crayon one extremely sad motherfucker " said Easeion.

" When Colourea is finished off it will be great " said Bill.


" It will be wonderful for The Bear " said Tara.

" Good " said Blackin.

" I will truly enjoy the sorrow within Crayon " said Easeion.

" It is good "

" We need him to feel like that, we need his friends dead, I need to take over Colourland " said Blackin.

" Understood " said Easeion.

" He must suffer for the sake of the organization " said Blackin.

" It is time for Bill and Tara to go to Colourland "

" You can join them on the way but you will return here "

" Yeah, sounds good to me " said Easeion.

" We will make Crayon single " said Tara.

" The way we want him " said Easeion.

" Yes, time to go " said Bill.

" I will see you all soon " said Blackin.

" Yes for sure " said Tara.

" You will see us again " said Bill.

" That is a guarantee " said Blackin.


The Smithsons headed to Colourland, Easeion headed back to the hideout.


The five of them got up, Artby asked Crayon to buy him bread at the bakery.

Artby then was talking to a baker while Crayon was buying him bread.


" Thanks for helping Crayon out " said Artby.

" Helping him out ? " asked the baker.

" The flour has helped Crayon  " said Artby.


" Flour has helped Crayon ? " asked the baker.

" Part of flour has made him heroic and the other part of it helps Crayon out when and where he needs " said Artby.


" Well I'm glad you enjoy our bread so much, I don't really think that bread can help Crayon with what he does to be honest " said the baker.

" Bakers love the man " said Artby.

" Uh, well we do enjoy the purchases and he has been here before " said a baker.

" Yeah, Crayon's the man " said Artby.

" Bread does so much "

" I love bread "


Artby joined up with Crayon after he had bought him bread.


" Thanks, Crayon " said Artby.

" Your welcome " said Crayon.


The five of them ate breakfast and then they headed out where they saw the Smithsons.


" That's them " said Artby quietly.

" They are extremely powerful " said Colouruke quietly.

" We must be ready for them, they are all stronger than Alice " said Crayon quietly.



Bill and Tara saw the five fighters.


" You five " said Tara.

" It is us " said Artby.

" With the bread I ate, I am stronger "

" Bread won't save you here " said Tara.

" This is it " said Bill. " Crayon prepare to be sadder than ever "

" With the bread we ate, there will be just happiness, no sorrow within Crayon " said Artby.

" I highly doubt that, The Bear will take over " said Bill.

" Our brother Easeion knows that he wouldn't need to waste his time when his great siblings can finish you off " said Tara.

" That is true " said Bill.

" We are great Smithsons "

" Easeion will need to fight " said Crayon.

" That is true " said Colouruke.

" Crayon, we are willing to spare you for the time being " said Bill. " If you refrain from getting involved, then we do not have to attack you "


" It is a good decision to make " said Tara.

" The other four will fall before us "

" Think about it " said Bill.

" I'm going to fight " said Crayon. " I won't let you do this "

" You will regret those words, Crayon " said Tara.

" We will enjoy ending the love you have for Colourea " said Bill.

" You will be single, the Bear wants you to be "

" The bakers will not put up with this " said Artby.

" Bakers want Colourea to eat bread "


" I don't give a fuck about bakers " said Bill. " We roughed up lots of bakers and we will continue to do that "

" Bakers are great people " said Artby.

" They help me out "

" Well, we will hurt them then " said Tara.

" They cannot interfere "


" Now we are going to end the romance between Crayon and Colourea just like our great brother Easeion wants " said Bill. " He will be delighted seeing it over, hahahaha "

" It is time to fight " said Tara.

" Baking will help me here " said Artby.

" Bakers have never let me down "

" It matters not " said Bill.

" You will be history, Artby "

" I will not " said Artby.

" Baking does so much for me "

" Nothing against me " said Bill.

" It will not change this fight " said Tara.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

" You are all going down " said Bill.

The fight began.


Bill rushed for Colouruke with his Super Sea Punch while Colouruke used his. Both attacks hit, Tara then fired off the Super Darkness Bomb on Artby while Crayon used the Super Air Blast. Tara was able to avoid the attack but Crayon was hit.

Colourea and Colouruke then used their Super Light Bombs while Bill used the Super Sea Bomb.


" Sea Bomb ? " asked Crayon.

" It is a new technique " said Bill.

" Prepare to fall "


The attacks hit. Bill then used the Shadow Implosion while Tara used the Super Shadow Bomb while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Bombs while Artby used the Super Light Bomb creating an insane explosion which everyone was hit by.


Everyone got up. Bill then used the Quadruple Shadow Strike while Tara used the Super Shadow Bomb, Colourea and Artby launched their Super Light Bombs while Crayon used the Super Air Kick, the attacks hit. Colouruke then charged his Sea Blast towards Bill but Bill was able to avoid it and then he started to use the Shadow Implosion while Tara used the Quadruple Shadow Strike.


After the attacks hit, Crayon got up and then fired his Super Air Blast towards Bill while Tara used her Shadow Implosion on the other four, the attacks hit.


Artby was starting to slightly struggle. Bill then rushed for Colourea with his Super Sea Punch while Colouruke used his to try to defend Colourea. The attacks hit each other. Artby used his Super Light Bomb but was hit back by the Super Darkness Bomb by Tara.


" Artby, your time is over " said Bill.

" So much for those bakers " said Tara.

" The bakeries have done nothing besides allow us to rob the bakers of their wallets " said Bill.

" Bakers do so much for me and for everyone " said Artby.

" The Smithsons are too tough for you Artby " said Tara.

" No, I'm not giving up " said Artby. " The bakers would never forgive me "

" Bakers are so important to me "


" They sell bread, they are not going to care about that " said Bill.

" Bakers aren't going to see you again if you keep interfering with us "

" The bakers have done wonders for Colourland " said Artby.

" They have saved us so many times "

" It's Crayon, not bakers " said Tara.

" Crayon is strong enough to win those fights, all the bakers care about is the money they are making off you, Artby " said Bill.


" The money " said Artby.

" It isn't just the money, bakers care so much "

" Bakers care about me in the bakeries a lot "

" That's what they care about besides baking bread, if you really think that you are winning against a family as great as the Smithsons because of bakers then you have lost it completely " said Bill.


" The bakers could bake the tastiest bread in history and it wouldn't be enough against the Smithsons " said Tara.

" I'll keep fighting " said Artby.

" I still believe in myself, bakers and bread "

" Bakers will help me out like usual "

" Let's continue this fight " said Warbler.


Artby then used the Super Light Bomb while Warbler used the Super Air Blast to create an explosion full of light and wind energy while Tara used the Shadow Implosion. Crayon and Colourea then fired their Super Light Bombs while Bill used the Supreme Oceanic Blast.


" Supreme Oceanic Blast ? " asked Colouruke.

" It's the strongest Water attack you have seen " said Bill.

" You will be taken down here "

" Baking will help me here " said Artby.


The attacks all hit, Artby was struggling while Colouruke was slightly struggling.


" Hahahahahahaha " said Bill.

" Easeion will truly be proud of us " said Tara.

" We will support a brother like him by doing this " said Bill.

" Support a brother like him ? " asked Crayon.


" He is our older brother, and he trusts us " said Bill.

" That's why he's not here " said Tara.

" We will always support Easeion, he has done so much for us " said Bill.


" So much ? " asked Colouruke. " What kind of things ?

" He has hurt people who have tried to fuck with me, that's what being a brother is about " said Bill.

" It means a lot "

" He is a great brother "


" He has robbed a lot of people too " said Tara.

" Hurting people makes you a great brother ? " asked Crayon. " Never heard anyone say that before "

" Easeion will continue to keep stealing and harming people in his way and you five will never stop him as a brother " said Bill.


" I will stop him " said Crayon. " I don't understand what hurting people has to do with being a brother honestly "

" He will not end what I have with Colourea either "

" The people fucked with me " said Bill. " They had to suffer, it is what being a brother is about "

" Easeion is not the brother who allows that, he never will be "

" He promised me that "

" Easeion will never allow anyone to try anything against me "

" Crayon, you should understand this " said Tara.

" It is a shame he did not " said Bill.

" Well, he will watch the end of Colourea which the Bear wants " said Tara.

" Crayon will pay for this "

" Colourea will be gone " said Bill.

" Good, he will be hurt " said Tara.

" I will keep fighting for baking, bakers and all of us " said Artby.

" It matters not " said Bill.

" Crayon will no longer be with Colourea after we are done "


The fight resumed and Bill rushed for Warbler with his Super Sea Bomb while Warbler used the Super Air Bomb, the attacks hit. Warbler was starting to slightly struggle.


Colourea then used the Super Light Blast while Tara then used the Shadow Implosion. Colourea was starting to slightly struggle. Bill then started to use the Supreme Oceanic Blast which hit down Colouruke and Artby. Artby could barely get up, Colouruke was struggling.


" Now time to finish you two " said Tara.

" Bakers will want me to keep going, I am a customer they want " said Artby.

" Customers that can fight is so helpful for them "

" It doesn't matter " said Tara.

" Tara, baking does so much " said Artby.

" Baking has changed me "

" Baking has changed me into someone who understands the baker "

" Well, we are going to end your chances of protecting the romance between Crayon and Colourea " said Tara.

" We know what you are trying to do here and we will not allow it to continue "

" I will fight for bakers " said Artby.

" Bakers love Colourea "

" They love having her in the bakery "

" Well, the bakers won't be seeing her there " said Tara.

" We are going to succeed "


The fight continued.

Tara then fired the Shadow Implosion while Bill used the Supreme Oceanic Blast.


The two attacks combined with an insane force of power while Crayon and Colourea used the Super Light Bombs while Warbler used the Super Air Blast, the attacks hit creating an insane explosion. Colouruke and Artby were defeated, Warbler was struggling.


" Now you have seen the power of the Smithsons, Colourland will belong to The Bear soon " said Bill.

" Easeion will be proud " said Tara.

" It is not over " said Crayon.

" We shall see about that, Crayon " said Bill.

" Let's resume this fight " said Warbler.

" Yes, that is a great idea " said Tara.


Bill then rushed for Colourea with the Super Sea Punch while Crayon countered with the Super Air Kick, Warbler used the Super Air Bomb on Tara while she used the Quadruple Shadow Strike. Warbler was struggling a lot, Colourea was starting to struggle.


Bill and Tara then used their Quadruple Shadow Strikes while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Bombs. The attacks hit, and it looked like Warbler was almost defeated.


Tara reached for a kick on Warbler but Colourea knocked her down, preventing her from defeating him. Warbler then launched the Super Air Blast while Crayon used the Super Light Blast.


The blasts were aimed at Tara while she used the Shadow Implosion and Bill used his own. Colourea then launched the Super Light Bomb. The attacks all hit, Warbler was defeated. Tara was starting to mildly struggle.


" It's time to end the romance " yelled Bill. Bill then used the Shadow Implosion while Tara kept using the Shadow Bomb attack to distract Crayon and Colourea.


" We can't let Bill do this " said Colourea.

" You are not been given a choice " said Tara.

" Easeion will be thrilled when it ends

" Bill will succeed in this, he has made the Shadow Implosion even stronger " said Tara.


Before Bill used the attack called Super Shadow Implosion he then yelled this:

" Crayon enjoy being single, we have waited for this a long time now "

" Hahahahahahahahaha "

" Easeion wants you single, it must happen "

The attack was about to hit Colourea but Crayon then got in the way and used the Light Implosion to defend Colourea.


" Crayon, you will regret this " said Bill.

" I will not " said Crayon.

" The extra minute with Colourea will do nothing " said Tara.

" You cannot save her "

" You are just delaying the demise of Colourea and you will end up taking too much damage to win this fight " said Bill.

" I am not defeated, I will give it everything " said Crayon.


" Easeion will love this " said Tara.

" How could he not love it, he wanted the romance destroyed for a while now " said Bill. " With it gone, then our leader and his girlfriend will take over easily

" Who is his girlfriend ? asked Colourea.

" A woman named Blackina " said Bill. " Blackina is the most dangerous woman anyone has ever seen, you will be dead if you were to ever anger her "


" It matters not Crayon " said Tara.

" She will be new queen of Colourland " said Bill.

"  Queen of Colourland ? " asked Crayon. " We will fight against that "


" If you are going to keep taking these hits for Colourea you won't beat either of us, let alone me " said Bill.

" Either the relationship with Colourea ends or you will be powerless "

" You will not be able to fight and win if you protect Colourea " said Tara.

" There's one thing I don't understand here, why does Easeion want to end what I have so bad with Colourea so much ? " asked Crayon.

" I don't understand "


" He knows by keeping you sad, it will keep you down " said Bill. " He knows by making you single it will crush you in the inside and that what he wants "

" So why doesn't he fight then " said Colourea.


" He knows that we can end the romance ourselves, he trusts in us and that is what being a brother is all about " said Bill.

" He knows we are strong enough " said Tara.

" He is right, it is just you and Colourea who is struggling a lot " said Bill. " I'll make Easeion proud as a brother by ending it right now "

" He will smile and he will laugh when we succeed "


" He has demanded the end of this romance, as Smithsons we cannot let him down " said Tara.

" Let's continue " said Crayon.

" It is going to be great for Easeion when he sees that you are single " said Bill.

" Yeah, Easeion will get what he wants for sure " said Tara.

" There is no stopping that, Easeion must get his wish "



The fight continued, Tara rushed for Crayon but Crayon was able to avoid it and then he used the Super Air Blast.

Tara was starting to mildly struggle but she got up and then fired the Quadruple Shadow Strike while Crayon used the Light Implosion which hit each other. Tara was struggling while Crayon was mildly struggling.

Bill then charged the Sea Implosion which he fired right at Colourea.


" It's time for you to be single, hahahahahahaha " yelled Bill.

" Crayon I dare you to get in the way of this "

Crayon fired the Super Air Bomb to get in the way of the attack.

" It's not enough, Crayon " said Bill. " Enjoy the single life now from now on "

" Haha, the Bear has made you single which is what the organization wants "

" Easeion will be so happy to see you single "


Bill succeeded in defeating Colourea but Tara was struggling.


" It is just you against us " said Tara.

" I had a feeling it would go like this " said Bill.

" Now it is time to attack Colourea " said Tara.

" Attack her ? " asked Crayon.

" She is completely passed out now "

" Easeion wants it this way, you know this by now " said Bill.

" If you want to survive you will have to let us attack Colourea "

" Attacking Colourea is mandatory for us "

" You must understand "

" It's either you sacrifice Colourea or yourself Crayon " said Tara.

" Colourea will be gone "

" Think of what is happening to your body right now "

" You are trying to trick me " said Crayon.


" You took a serious hit of damage from doing that, you might have been able to win the fight but your feelings for Colourea got in the way " said Bill. " She will die for nothing now "

" Hahaha, you will have to deal with this for the rest of your life "

" Isn't that great "

" I don't think so, let's keep fighting " said Crayon.

" Yes, prepare to be taken down " said Bill.


Bill then rushed for Colourea with the Sea Implosion while Crayon used the Light Implosion. Tara then rushed to attack Colourea with the Quadruple Shadow Strike. The attacks all hit, creating an explosion.


Colourea was not dead but was hurt more but Tara was seriously struggling while Bill was slightly struggling.


" I will end Colourea now " said Tara.

" Good, Easeion will be proud " said Bill. " I will keep attacking Crayon for the time being.

" Colourea will be no more, Crayon will not be able to deal with this "


Tara grabbed Colourea and was about to throw her down but Crayon then hit her with the Air Kick which made her almost defeated. Crayon then used the Light Implosion towards Tara while she used the Shadow Implosion, Tara was defeated but Crayon was struggling.


" So you have beaten Tara " said Bill.

" I am shocked honestly "

" We have harmed Colourea more than anyone else "

" Colourea is not dead, and she will not die " said Crayon.

For now, Easeion will be happy to see me succeed like this " said Bill.

" Colourea is dying "

"  It's not over " said Crayon.

" My attacks will guarantee you are single hahaha " said Bill.

" The Bear knows what will happen when you are single "

" What is that ? " asked Crayon.

" The organization knows of what Colourea means to you " said Bill.

" They want you single for a reason "

" The Bear will not get to find out " said Crayon.

" Let's continue fighting " said Bill.

" Crayon, you are going to be single hahaha "

" You will not go against that "

" Bring it on " said Crayon.


Bill then used the Sea Implosion while Crayon countered with his Light Implosion and the attacks hit. They both were knocked to the ground, severely struggling to get back up.


Bill got up first and then picked up Colourea's body and then started charging for the Super Shadow Bomb.

" This is the permanent demise of Colourea, Colourea will no longer exist " said Bill. " Easeion will be thrilled as a brother when he sees this hahahaha "


Crayon then struggled severely to get up but he was able to move Colourea out of the way just in time before the bomb exploded.

Bill then attempted to grab Colourea again and kicked the body of Colourea. He then punched her before Crayon could reach her body.


" I have punched and kicked Colourea after she has been defeated, her death will be imminent " said Bill.

" Colourea is so close to dying "

" Easeion will be so happy "

" You won't kill her " said Crayon.

" I'm succeeding right now Crayon, enjoy the last minute of seeing her body not being dead because that's all you will ever see " said Bill.

" You will be single right now "

" Hahaha, your single life starts now "

" I dare you to stop me and prove me wrong "

" I will stop you from doing this " said Crayon.

" Colourea will survive "

" Time to continue this fight " said Bill.

" Colourea will not make it "

" I will make you single "

" The Bear has insisted on you being single "

" The Bear can insist on me being single, let's continue this fight " said Crayon.

" They are going to get what they want " said Bill.


Crayon then launched his Light Implosion while Bill used the Shadow Implosion. Bill aimed his attack towards Colourea. Crayon was struggling to keep Colourea from dying but he was able to succeed after the attack.


Colourea took a tiny amount of damage but not enough to kill her. Bill and Crayon were struggling to an intense degree.


" I don't believe this " said Bill.

" At least I can make sure Colourea still dies "

" Colourea dying is worth that much to the organization ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes, her dying means everything " said Bill.


Eventually Bill tried to get up but he was looking like he was unable to keep fighting so he rolled towards Colourea's body but Crayon then got up and shook him off Colourea and then kicked him. Crayon then was able to launch the Super Light Bomb and defeated him. Crayon was happy to win but was so weakened that he could not contact anyone for a few minutes.


After he got up, he called Challenger and the hospital. Challenger arrived, and the ambulance took them to the hospital.


" Colourea's condition is extremely bad " said Challenger. " All of you look beaten up really bad, did you stop Tara and Bill? " he asked.

" I just barely beat Bill, Tara was defeated earlier on in the fight " said Crayon. " Bill attacked Colourea while she was defeated and tried to kill her and he said that Easeion would be happy as a brother seeing her dead "

" Easeion is extremely ruthless, he wanted to end the romance so badly so this is why " said Challenger.   

"Easeion is said to be a lot stronger than Bill "

" He is extremely dangerous "

" We will need to train hard and get stronger " said Crayon. " Easeion will be out for revenge for his siblings I would imagine, I hope that The Bear does not find us here "

" My guess is that they believe in Bill enough that they will not search the hospitals, at least I hope not " said Challenger.


" I hope Colourea can make it after what Bill did " said Crayon.

" I hope so too, but I think we will have to stay here longer than usual " said Challenger.

" Yeah, sounds like a good idea " said Crayon.


" Glad you agree " said Challenger.