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Chapter 15

Easeion: Last Smithson Standing


Challenger heard about the attack and was talking to Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler.


" The office has been attacked again and people have gotten hurt " said Challenger. The notes they have left say this:


Challenger, we know that you are protecting Crayon. The Bear intends to make him single, and take over Colourland. If you keep protecting Crayon, then you must be killed. The choice is simple Challenger, your life or the romance between Crayon and Colourea.


The Bear.


The second notice then said:

We will take over as a couple when Crayon is no longer with Colourea, there will be many important decisions to be made involving yourself. Crayon being with Colourea is not worth sacrificing yourself for, you must realize this by now.


If not then it will be over for you, be smart here. Crayon being with Colourea will no longer happen, our organization will guarantee this. Do not interfere with this, don't you dare.


The Bear.


" Damn " said Colouruke.

" This will not work " said Warbler.

" They want me to not support Crayon anymore " said Challenger.


" We will have to head around the office and fight " said Artby.

" Bakers would not want this to happen at all "

" We have no choice " said Colourea.

" I won't let them end it like this " said Crayon.


" We have been training hard, we can stop this couple that leads their organization " said Warbler.

" Easeion must be their right hand man, when we stop him then it should lead us to this couple " said Crayon.


" We'll just keep fighting, eating bread and giving great asskickings " said Artby. " The bakers have allowed us to give such great asskickings, bread awakens great heroism and keeps us heroic "

" Just keep training " said Challenger.

" We will " said Crayon.

" Gotta go, see you five later " said Challenger.



The five of them were then approached by five Bear members.


" You five are going down " said the first member.

" The bakers have told me otherwise " said Artby.

" Bakers ? " said the second member.

" Hahahahaha " said the third member.

" Baking has me more ready " said Artby.


" Time to fight " said Colouruke.

" Easeion will get his way as a brother " said the fourth member.

" He will not allow the sacrifices of Bill and Tara to mean nothing " said the fifth member.

" Easeion will not succeed " said Crayon.


Two of them used their Shadow Strikes towards Crayon while, the other three grabbed Colourea.


Crayon was able to use the Super Light Bomb while Warbler used the Sky Kick which kicked the bomb with more power which severely damaged two of the members but they got up. They then used their Shadow Strikes while a third member then kicked Colouruke. Artby used his Light Kick while Warbler and Crayon used their Air Kick techniques.


The men got up but were struggling, they then fired their Shadow Bombs while Crayon and Warbler used their Sky Kicks, while Artby used his Super Light Bomb which then completely blasted them.


The other two then started talking about Easeion.


" As a brother, Easeion will not accept what happened " said the first member.

" He is not known to be forgiving "

" He will get his revenge "

" Easeion will not allow their sacrifices to mean nothing, he will want the romance destroyed even more now " said the second member.


" We stopped Bill and Tara " said Colouruke.

" That is true " said Warbler.

" By the skin of your teeth, Easeion is way stronger than either of them " said the first member.


" Colourea almost died, you got so lucky " said the second member.

" You will not make it against Easeion "

" I will tell you something about The Bear " said the first member.

" What about The Bear exactly ? " said Warbler.


" You probably know by now about our leader and his girlfriend by now  " said the second member.

" But he has a cousin, who is a insanely strong fighter " said the first member.

" A cousin ? " asked Crayon.

" His name is Whites " said the second member.

" He is incredibly powerful "

" Now, time for more fighting "


The two members then launched their Double Shadow Strikes against Crayon while Colouruke used his Super Sea Blast and Artby used his Super Light Bomb to counter and it worked. The members then were able to get up.


They then used their Shadow Bombs while Crayon, Warbler and Colourea used their Super Light Bombs allowing them to win the fight.


They then headed to meet Challenger and contacted him.


" Challenger, we have fought more Bear members and the leader has a cousin " said Crayon.

" So there are three members tougher than Easeion " said Challenger. " You five are going to have to train to an insane degree "


" We will do that " said Warbler.

" With the bread we have eaten and the skills we will have by then we will be fine " said Artby.

" The Bear won't take over here " said Colouruke.

" The bakers would never allow it, we cannot ever forget bakers and the sacrifices they have made for us " said Artby.


" Sacrifices ? " asked Challenger.

" The bread they keep baking despite the Smithsons " said Artby. " Bakers have sacrificed so much for us, and we cannot ever forget what they have done "


" I'm glad that you enjoy their baking " said Warbler.

" We will just keep training like we have been it should be fine for us " said Crayon.

" Good luck against Easeion " said Challenger.

" Thanks, Challenger " said Artby.

" Bakers have wanted you to wish me luck "

" Good for them " said Challenger.

" Bakers love Challenger " said Artby.

" Baking does a lot for him, I love baking so much "

" Uh, yeah " said Challenger a bit confused.



Easeion then entered the room with Whites.

" Easeion, it is your time " said Whites.

" I know everything you have done is for this moment "

" Crayon will no longer be with Colourea after I succeed " said Easeion. " There will be no Colourea and we will take over Colourland


" Keep in mind that Blackin very much wants Crayon to not be with Colourea a lot, you cannot let my great cousin down " said Whites. " His plan for Colourland is brilliant and if Crayon was to still be with Colourea it will never be possible "


" I will succeed where Bill and Tara did not, my lightning techniques will kill Colourea, I am ready to make her die " said Easeion. " He will be able to take over Colourland with Blackina "


" Blackina will be very upset if Blackin was not to take over, if Colourea remains alive you are aware of what could happen I hope " said Whites.

" Blackina is not someone you want to piss off "

" When that happens it will be a disaster, it cannot happen "


" I know what would happen and it won't " said Easeion. " Blackina would get very angry to see Blackin not be able to take over Colourland, and she would never forgive any of this shit "


" So you are aware of what Blackina would do if this plan was to fail " said Whites.

" I cannot wait to kill Colourea and end this romance with Crayon, and allow The Bear to take over Colourland " said Easeion.

" Blackina would be upset if that did not happen, how could she not "

" Colourea is dying "


" Hahahahahaha " said Whites. " The death of Colourea will be a great one "

" I will take credit for the killing here " said Easeion.

" I am too talented for her to not die "

" I will make sure of this "

" Good, every Bear member is counting on you " said Whites.

" Blackin and Blackina want Crayon and his friends out of the way, they cannot interfere anymore "




Blackin and Blackina were kissing each other in the bedroom on the other side of the hideout.