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Chapter 16

Fighting Easeion Smithson


After the kissing between Blackin and Blackina and they went to bed.

It is time for the end of Colourea " said Blackin.

" Crayon must be kept single and Easeion is the man to do it " said Blackina.

" The Bear wants him single "

" If he fails, which I would be stunned then my great cousin will have to kill all of them " said Blackin.


" Crayon is good, but not great " said Blackina. " Easeion is much stronger, ruthless and experienced than Bill and Tara " said Blackin.

" His Lightning techniques are out of this world, he will end the romance and we will take over Colourland as a couple " said Blackina.

" It will be wonderful " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin and Blackina together.


Easeion then saw Whites in the hideout before he left towards the main area of Colourland.


" Easeion, Crayon will be made single instantly I am expecting " said Whites.

" Colourea must die, for the good of The Bear " said Easeion.


" Now it is time, see you back in the next four days " said Whites.

" Blackina will be thrilled to see it " said Easeion.

" I will not let the Bear down, the end of Colourea is a guarantee "

" The Bear must have this happen, good luck " said Whites.

" Yes, I will be off now " said Easeion.

" I will see you soon " said Whites.

" I won't let you down, Crayon's going to be single " said Easeion.

" There will be no more Colourea "

" Hahahaha "

" The lack of Colourea will be great " said Easeion.


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler got up. They ate breakfast and then headed out.


Easeion had arrived in Colourland and he then started to attack people hoping to attract the five fighters. He then charged his Lightning Edge attack towards a man and knocked him out.


Easeion then left the area and fired his Shadow Bomb at the air in the front creating an explosion, causing people to panic. He then rushed a man with the Quadruple Shadow Strike which knocked the man out. He headed into an alleyway.


Meanwhile Crayon saw people running in the streets.

" I wonder if The Bear is responsible " said Crayon.

" We must find out if Easeion is around " said Colouruke.

" We'll give him the right kind of asskicking " said Artby. " Let's go "

" We will give him one for bakers "

" Bakers do want customers like that going to bakeries "



They headed towards the area where they saw a bunch of knocked out people. They then saw Easeion who then arrived.


" Hahahahaha, I have been waiting for this for a long time as a Smithson " said Easeion.

" This moment is so awesome "

" I am great, no Colourlandish will ever take me down "

" I don't think so " said Warbler.

" Not a fucking thing you can do about this, The Bear  will take over Colourland " said Easeion.


" As a brother, I will succeed in avenging Bill and Tara "

" I have done so much as a brother for them, my victory is happening "

" As a brother ? " asked Colouruke.

" My siblings were great just like all of us, the Smithsons are such a great family " said Easeion.

" The Smithsons mean everything "

" I love being a Smithson "


" If they are so great, then why did I win the fight and there are three members in The Bear that are ahead of you " said Crayon.

" Our leader, his girlfriend and his cousin Whites are unstoppable " said Easeion. " You just barely won and I am much tougher than Bill and Tara "

" You are all not good enough to win "


" We will see about that " said Colourea.

" The bread and the training has done wonders for us " said Artby. " As good as the Smithsons are, bread has outmatched them "

" Bakers have helped tremendously "


" Nothing you eat will allow you to defeat me " said Easeion. " Even if you did, the trio you have mentioned will absolutely steamroll you ".

" I will stop you " said Artby. " The bakers have allowed me to a special heroic type of asskicking " said Artby.

" Baking will change things here "

" Baking is so heroic nowadays, it does so much for me "


" Heroic asskicking? " asked Warbler.

" The bakers allow us to do better asskickings and the flour inside the bread makes us more heroic " said Artby.

" There will be none of that and our leader will take over with his girlfriend as a couple " said Easeion.

" They will stop at nothing to make sure they will get what they want "

" Their takeover is a guarantee "


" Curious who this boss is " said Crayon. " I keep hearing a lot about the love he has for his girlfriend "

" You will find out soon enough " said Easeion. " She is the strongest woman in the Bear and probably in the world "

" Colourea's quite strong as well " said Colouruke.

" Her and Tara together could not defeat her " said Easeion. " Tara has gotten better but our leader's girlfriend is way stronger ".

" We will be able to see this girlfriend for ourselves " said Crayon.

" We just have to keep fighting " said Colourea.


" She will do anything for our leader, she will not care about how many people die " said Easeion. " The relationship they have cannot be stopped no matter what "

" Hahahaha "

" It is time to fight " said Crayon.

" It is time for you to be single Crayon, and I will show that I am the great brother that the Smithson family has wanted me to be " said Easeion.

" Baking will allow us to win this fight easier " said Artby.

" Bakers have amazing minds "

" They do so much, I have felt so strong thanks to their bread "

" Well, since you feel that way let's fight right now " said Easeion.

" My power will overwhelm you "


Easeion then rushed with his Quadruple Shadow Strike and then aimed it right at Colourea. Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Blasts but the attack was strong enough to get through but Artby then kicked Easeion. After that, Easeion then used the Super Shadow Bomb while Artby countered with the Super Light Bomb.


The bombs hit each other, the attacks hit but Easeion's attack did more damage. Easeion then started using the Shadow Implosion while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Blasts and Colourea used the Super Light Bomb. A giant explosion happened.


After that, the fighters got up. Easeion took less damage than the five fighters and got up and used his Lightning Edge attack.


" Hahahahaha " said Easeion.

" You see my talent right now "

" I am extremely talented, you all are so screwed "

" I am not going to be " said Artby.


Easeion then started then charging for the Super Darkness Bomb but Colouruke kicked him which made a weakened bomb hit the side. Crayon was able to use his Sky Kick and hit him down.


" Now it is time " said Warbler.


Warbler then charged his Air Implosion while Colourea charged a Light Bomb which then combined into a giant bomb which then was heading down for Easeion but Easeion then used the Shadow Implosion and then the attacks hit each other and then everyone was hit by it equally.


Artby got up but Easeion then punched him down to the ground. Colouruke tried to stop Easeion but he then was knocked down. Easeion then charged the Quadruple Shadow Strike and it hit Artby.


Crayon then used his Super Air Blast while Colourea used her Super Light Blast but Easeion then used the Lightning Edge to deflect the blast right towards Artby.


Colouruke got up and then used his Super Sea Punch on the attack which aimed it towards Easeion but he was able to grab Warbler in time and they both took the attack.


Easeion then attacked Artby with his Lightning Edge, Artby was starting to slightly struggle.


" Now it is time to avenge Bill and Tara " said Easeion. " As a brother, I will continue to fight on "

" It's nowhere near over " said Artby. " Bakers have counted on us so many times, and they will never be let down "

" My siblings will be avenged, I am too great a brother to allow any of this " said Easeion.

" You will never succeed with all this happening "

" Hahaha "

" I will succeed " said Artby.

" Let's continue " said Warbler.


Easeion then charged up his Super Lightning Blast and was about to hit Artby with his attack but Crayon then used the Super Wind Blast. The attacks hit. Crayon, Artby and Easeion took damage. They got up, Artby was struggling.


Easeion then blasted his Super Shadow Bomb, Colouruke used the Super Sea Kick to deflect it a bit while Colourea used her Super Light Bomb which then made an explosion with the bombs. Everyone was damaged by it. Artby was seriously struggling.


" Artby, you will no longer protect the romance between Crayon and Colourea anymore " said Easeion.

" You won't end it " said Artby.

" Crayon will keep loving Colourea "

" You can barely move, it would be better for you to stay down " said Easeion.

" This is something you must deal with now "

" I will keep fighting " said Artby.

" Bakers cannot be let down "


" Well if you want to die, so be it " said Easeion. " Originally I was just planning to have Colourea die, but since you have decided this I won't mind this "

" I will not die " said Artby. "

" Look at you, your body " said Easeion.  " You think you can protect her in your condition.

" We all will " said Artby.

" I'm not dying "

" Baking has made me stronger and more ready for fighting "


" The other four will be fighting, you will die if you go on " said Easeion. " Your body is in no condition for fighting against the condition I am in "

" I am not going to quit, I never quit when I know bakers are counting on me " said Artby.

" Our great leader and his girlfriend will take over as a couple " said Easeion. " They will rule this country "

" I personally believe that Artby is not going to make it "


" We won't let them " said Colouruke.

" You think you can make a difference against them " said Easeion. " If you had the talent to do that, you would have beaten me by now. " You haven't got close to doing that so you'll never stop our leader hahahahahaha"


" We stopped your siblings Bill and Tara " said Artby.

" I am not throwing in the towel "

" Crayon stopped them pretty much, and most of the small amount of  damage I have taken is from him " said Easeion.


" They are far weaker than me, Crayon will be single soon whether you like it or not "

" Crayon fought great but we got hits on them, which weakened them " said Colourea.


" Well if you really do believe that it isn't just him, then show me the talent " said Easeion. "

" Bakers know what talent there is, the flour has helped us " said Artby.

" Baking is amazing "

" At the end of the day, baking will not do anything " said Easeion.

" Bakers will not stop me from finishing you off "

" Bakers help a lot " said Artby.

" They have done nothing in this fight, Artby " said Easeion.

" If they did help, I would not be dominating like this "

" So, they are not helping "

" Now prepare to truly be history "

" Time to continue this fight " said Warbler.


Easeion then got ready with his Shadow Implosion, while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Blasts and Artby used his Super Light Bomb.


The attacks all end up hitting but Colourea blocked Artby allowing him to stay in the fight. Warbler then used the Sky Kick while Crayon used the Air Kick. Easeion used the Lightning Edge to deflect one of the kicks towards Artby, which knocked him out but the other kick hit Easeion. Artby was defeated.


" Artby you will no longer fight " said Easeion. " Now it truly is time for your end for you four "

" You cannot expect me to not force Crayon to be single "

" This is what Bill and Tara need "

" You won't succeed " said Colouruke.

" Yes, I will " said Easeion.

" There is no stopping what the Bear needs "

" I don't see how the Bear needs Crayon to not be with Colourea to be honest " said Colouruke.

" I don't see how that has anything to do with taking over Colourland "

" You are not understanding the organization, Colouruke " said Easeion.

" Thanks to me, the Bear wants Crayon single "

" I believe that I do " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, you have not proven that in any way " said Easeion.

" Time for you to be taken down "

" Let's continue " said Colourea.


Easeion then charged up for a stronger version of the Lightning Edge, the Super Lightning Edge. The energy coming from the attack was insanely strong, Crayon then used the Light Implosion while Colouruke used the Super Sea Blast and Warbler used the Super Air Blast.


The attack that the heroes used was this giant bright beam of light with water and wind energy inside it. The attacks clashed, Warbler and Colouruke were starting to slightly struggle.


Easeion then was charging up his Super Lightning Edge, Warbler and Crayon then launched their Super Wind Blasts while Colourea used the Super Light Bomb. The attacks hit. Colouruke and Warbler were struggling.


Easeion got up first and then started charging his Shadow Implosion and then he started to attack Colouruke and Warbler. Crayon got up and he used the Light Implosion, Warbler then used the Sky Kick to launch the implosion.


The attacks collided, the powered up implosion was slightly stronger and hit Easeion but a bit of the attack of Easeion's hit Colouruke.


" Colouruke it's time for your end " said Easeion.

" You will never get in my way again "


Easeion then rushed quick for Colouruke but Crayon then hit him with the Super Light Blast. Warbler then was charging his Sky Blast and aimed it towards Easeion.


Easeion then got out of the way and used the Quadruple Shadow Strike and rammed through Colouruke and Warbler but Crayon then kicked him.


Colouruke and Warbler were seriously struggling and were looking near the end.


Easeion then launched a new technique called the The Super Bear Bomb.


" Bear Bomb ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes " said Easeion. " It will bring you to your demise "

" I have so many great attacks "

" My talent is rarely matched "

" Time to continue this fight " said Colourea.


The attack then directly hit Colouruke and Warbler, defeating them.


" Hahahahahahahaha " said Easeion. " You have truly seen what it means to fight a Smithson "

" The two of us remain " said Crayon.

" I will be very successful as a brother to Bill and Tara, my revenge is imminent " said Easeion. " I'm great, Whites will be thrilled "

" This means a lot as a Smithson "

" We shall see " said Colourea.


" We have a lot more " said Crayon.