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Chapter 1

The Vacation


The group arrived in Bird's Isle, they got their belongings and they met one of the  advisors.



" My name is Curtis " said the advisor.


" Hello, Curtis " they all said.


" I am glad to see that you are here, we have two limousines ready " said Curtis.


" We will drive to the castle right now "

" The others will see you there "

" Sounds great to me " said Crayon.


Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler will ride in this one here " said Curtis. " Challenger and Crayon travel in the other one.



They got into the seperate limousines. Curtis drove the one that Crayon and his friends got into while another driver drove Challenger.



Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were talking with Curtis.



" Crayon, the king is very proud of you " said Curtis.


" King Bobby knows about the Bear ? " asked Crayon.


" He knows of what you did to protect Colourland against them " said Curtis. " Bird's Isle and Colourland are allies but you probably know about that "


" Allies ? " asked Colouruke.

" Are they against Numeria or other countries ?


"  Numerians are a people that King Bobby knows about " said Curtis.


" As well as the advisors "

" Numerians are a strong nation like Bird's Isle and Colourland "


" Strong nation ? " asked Colouruke.

" Numeria, Bird's Isle and Colourland are all strong nations " said Curtis.

" You will hear more about this later "

" We are happy to have you in Bird's Isle right now "

" Glad to see you are happy to have us here " said Colourea.

" Yes, we love what you did against the Bear " said Curtis.

" They are a dangerous gang "

" We trained hard and we are able to take them down " said Warbler.

" Warbler, I know you made a difference " said Curtis.

" Blackburnian tells me about your fighting "

" Yes " said Warbler.

" He will be thrilled to see you " said Curtis.

" We are here, so let's get out of this limousine "


The limousines arrived at the castle. They were met by several people working for the king who then brought them inside the castle.



They were checked into this part of the castle with beds that were very nice.



They all went to bed and slept.



They got up and were served a special breakfast. They enjoyed the breakfast where they were introduced to the advisors: Curtis, Diana, Blackburnian, Lord Grackle, Salvador, Paula, Draco, Rourke and Queen Starling.



" Warbler, long time no see " said Blackburnian.


" Glad to see you " said Warbler.


" I'm glad to see you brought your friends here " said Blackburnian.

" It will be good to meet them "

" The King should arrive here any minute now " said Queen Starling.

" He is excited to see you all "

" Yes, he will be for sure " said Blackburnian.

" He is a great king " said Curtis.

" You will love King Bobby "


The King arrived and introduced himself.


" I am King Bobby " said King Bobby.

" Crayon and his friends have shown tremendous bravery and they kept Colourland safe "

" Colourlandish people are thrilled that the Bear is gone "

" They caused so much trouble "

" It is great to see " said Queen Starling.

" This is a special occasion "

" Proud of my brother " said Blackburnian.

" Thanks, Blackburnian " said Warbler.

" I see that Warbler has been in good hands " said Paula.

" Warbler has impressed us "

" He most certainly has " said Salvador.

" It is great to see " said Lord Grackle.


" We also have to remember Challenger " said Draco.

" He has led them tremendously well " said Rourke.

" Yes, he sure has " said Diana.

" Now, we will talk about us " said King Bobby.

" Well yes " said Diana.

" Queen Starling and King Bobby is one example "

" Me and Diana " said Blackburnian.

" King Bobby, is war with Numeria now likely ? " asked Curtis.


" Well  " said King Bobby. " The thing is that we are not likely to invade Numeria right now but it is likely we will fight against Numerians at some point "

" These wars can end up doing a lot of good for a nation " said Lord Grackle.

" War does a lot "

" Right now ? " asked Colouruke.

" Colouruke, you must be ready for anything " said Paula.

" Colouruke will turn it around " said Salvador.

" Bird's Isle wants him to fight " said Diana.

" Yes, for sure " said Curtis.

" Colouruke being able to fight is important "

" Yes, it really is " said Diana.


" Colouruke, you must understand " said King Bobby. " Colourland and Bird's Isle are allies, Curtis told you about it "

" Numeria has a lot of resources " said Lord Grackle.

" It's nothing personal but you have to understand why Bird's Isle will side with Colourland " said Queen Starling.


" Colouruke knows, I think he feels that he might not be ready yet " said Curtis.

" He will be able to do it " said Blackburnian.

" This is the time to believe in Colouruke "

" Ready ? asked King Bobby.


" King Bobby, have you had this problem before involving anyone fighting ? " asked Diana.

" No, I have not " said King Bobby. " Plus I am the king, so we should be fine here "


" King Bobby is great, we cannot let this type of thing tear us apart " said Curtis.

" Colouruke will overcome this and he will fight "

" He has to for the sake of Bird's Isle, that is necessary "

" Bird's Isle needs his fighting " said Lord Grackle.

" Yes, it is vital " said Rourke.

" Anyways, we encourage you to all train your abilities " said Queen Starling.

" Yeah, getting stronger is important " said Paula.

" Yeah, these Numerians are strong so we must be ready " said Rourke.

" Yeah, being stronger is a must " said Draco.

" We will do training " said Challenger.

" Is there a special training ? " asked Crayon.

" You will all hear about it soon enough " said Draco.

" It is great, tough training " said Rourke.

" Sounds great to me " said Artby.

" Bakers would want us doing this tough training "

" Bakers do like that "


After all of that, the five fighters were talking outside.



" They want to invade Numeria ? asked Colouruke.


" I wonder if they want us to fight " said Crayon.

" It wouldn't surprise me if they did " said Warbler.

" I am hoping not " said Colourea.


" I am not sure " said Artby. " We should meet the bakers here, I cannot wait to see them "

" I love bakers so much "


Well we could have some bread " said Colourea.


" I am curious if the bakers here could make us heroic in other ways " said Artby.

" There could be other ways of baking here, bakers are always a huge help "


" Yeah, let's go " said Warbler.

" Warbler, you will experience baking now which is great " said Artby.

" I am now getting an opportunity to see bakers in Bird's Isle and try the bread that they are baking "

" Baking means so much "


The five of them went to this bakery and ate some good bread. Artby thanked the bakers and he was glad to see bakeries outside of Colourland.



The five of them went somewhere to train. Crayon then used his Air Implosion against Warbler's Sky Implosion. While that was happening Colourea and Artby used their Light Implosions. Colouruke used the Quintuple Sea Strike. They kept practicing these techniques. After that, they were using their Blast moves.


Crayon used his Ultimate Wind Blast against Warbler's Ultimate Sky Blast. Colourea and Artby used their Ultimate Light Blasts while Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Blast. These attacks were hitting with a tiny bit more power than last time. They then headed off to meet with Challenger.



" Challenger, we have been training " said Crayon.


" Good to see " said Challenger.


" Bird's Isle might invade Numeria " said Colourea.


" I hope that King Bobby will not use you five to fight " said Challenger.

" I am not sure what he plans "


" I hope so, too " said Colouruke.

" He seemed pretty certain on this war "


" For the time being we should make sure to see what they are up to now " said Warbler. " My brother Blackburnian is an advisor of King Bobby, so he may know "


" We should also introduce you to Dove and Grackle "


" Grackle ? " asked Artby. " Isn't he one of the advisors "


" No, this is a different guy " said Warbler.

" That is Lord Grackle "


" Let's meet them " said Colouruke.

" Sounds good to me " said Warbler.

" Let's go " said Crayon.


The six of them headed to meet them.



" Glad to see you two " said Warbler. " Challenger, Crayon, Colouruke, Colourea and Artby this is Grackle and Dove "


" Hello " they said.


" So Warbler, what happened in Colourland " said Grackle.


" Well we fought this group called the Bear " said Warbler.

" I'm glad that the Bear were defeated " said Grackle.


" We ate so much bread " said Artby.  " The bakers have helped us a lot "

" Baking does so much for us "


" Bakers, what type of help Artby ? " asked Grackle.


" Bakers have helped us fight better and have kept us heroic " said Artby. " Grackle, have you noticed anything like that ?


" Nothing like that " said Grackle.


" I am hearing about this war " said Artby.


" We will have to see if King Bobby will change his mind or not, it is up to him " said Grackle.


" I hope he does " said Warbler.

" Same here, bakers could be hurt " said Artby.

" I would hate to see that happen "

" Not to mention what could happen " said Challenger.


Crayon, Challenger, Colouruke, Colourea, Artby, Dove, Grackle and Warbler headed outside and saw Blackburnian.



" Warbler, there is something you must know my brother " said Blackburnian.


" What is that ? asked Warbler.


" You are all needed in the castle " said Blackburnian.

" Curtis wants an invasion of Numeria "

" It is very important "

But why ? " asked Colouruke.


" I'm not sure, but he told me " said Blackburnian. I will join your group and we will fight together "

" We will be strong enough "

" Trust me, we will make it "

" Fight together ? said Crayon.


" If the invasion happens " said Blackburnian. " The advisors must all discuss it, we will decide if Numeria is invaded or not "

" It is more likely that it will happen "

" I'm not sure about this " said Challenger.


" Make sure to not mention that to Curtis " said Blackburnian. " I don't think he would take it well since he wants the invasion.

" The others have interest but Curtis has more "


They headed to the castle, where  the advisors were there. Blackburnian met up with Diana, his girlfriend and he gave her a kiss.



Now the advisors have something very important to discuss " said King Bobby.

" The rest of you must be outside that room "

" It is how it must be "

" Understood " they said.

" Good " said King Bobby.


King Bobby and the advisors were talking.


" Well we must discuss the invasion of Numeria " said King Bobby.

" We must find out how many of us want to invade " said Queen Starling.

" I want an invasion " said Curtis.

" I think it would help Bird's Isle "

" Curtis is right " said Lord Grackle. " We could have even better resources "

" Resources matter so much, Bird's Isle needs to be improved "

" More people will love Bird's Isle if that happens "

" That is true " said King Bobby.

" We must have a good strategy "

" We should encourage our fighters to train more while we create the strategy " said Queen Starling.

" That is a good idea " said Salvador.

" They will be even more dangerous to Numerians that way "

" Numerians cannot defeat us " said Lord Grackle.

" So how many of you want to invade Numeria ? " asked King Bobby. "


" So how much to all of you want to invade Numeria ? asked Queen Starling. " You will all just like me give a number out of ten to show us.


The  numbers were:


Curtis, Queen Starling 10


Other advisors 9



" So it appears that Curtis wants the invasion a bit more , but we all appear to want it " said King Bobby.

" The training will be extremely intense, war is something that is very serious "

" We cannot have this not be successful "

" This is a war that means a lot " said Diana.

" That is very true " said Blackburnian.

" People in Bird's Isle will be supportive of this war "

" They will for sure " said Lord Grackle.

" They know of the resources they will be getting "

" Our abilities are very elite " said Curtis.

" If they get even better it will be simple "

"  I am thrilled " said Rourke. " It is what Bird's Isle needs "

" The resources are said to be good there " said Lord Grackle.

" They will make Bird's Isle so great " said Paula.

" King Bobby, we will not let you down " said Salvador.

" Numerians will fall "

" Good " said King Bobby.

" I know how strong you all are "

" I believe in Bird's Isle and I will never stop "

" Blackburnian, tell them the news "

" I will " said Blackburnian.

" Warbler will fight with us, it will be great for sure "

" Yes, it will be nice " said Diana.

" We are all dismissed now " said King Bobby.

" This war will be great "

" It will be a war that all of Bird's Isle will love " said Lord Grackle.


They left to their seperate areas in the castle. Crayon and his friends then saw Blackburnian and he discussed the meeting.



" We have made the decision, there will be an invasion of Numeria " said Blackburnian. " It was a decision that was agreed by all the advisors "


" Invading Numeria is not something I'm sure about " said Dove.


" Lord Grackle said he wants more resources here so he wants it " said Blackburnian.

" Curtis and the Queen wanted it the most "


" Who wanted it the least ? " asked Crayon.


" Everyone else wanted it the same " said Blackburnian. " We have to fight it is the decision that is made "

" Our abilities will make this not extremely difficult "

" We do have the skills and we can improve them "

" We can refuse " said Colouruke.


" You cannot tell them that " said Blackburnian.

" The King and Queen both want it "

" Not to mention the advisors "

" They will be furious "


" Maybe the King is not right " said Challenger.


" Warbler, my brother I know that you will fight " said Blackburnian. " I know of how capable you are "

" Challenger, the king knows what he is doing "

" I have gotten stronger, but I am not sure about this " said Warbler.


" Warbler, you are so talented " said Blackburnian.

" You will not disappoint us, I just know that "


" You are right on that " said Colourea. " The thing is though, is this a war that is worth it ?


" King Bobby will probably tell us the date soon " said Blackburnian. " You must keep your views secret around the other advisors "

" They will be so angry, they want this war a lot "

" This war is meaningful to them, you must understand "


Everyone went to bed, Blackburnian kissed Diana. Crayon was kissing Colourea.



Everyone then got up, and they were served breakfast.



Crayon and his friends were approached by Curtis.



" So did Blackburnian tell you about what the king decided ? " asked Curtis.


" He did " said Crayon.


" Good, I am glad to see " said Curtis. " Lord Grackle says he wants to expand the resources of Bird's Isle


" What does he have in mind ? " asked Colourea.


" He will see what the Numerians have and he will take it " said Curtis.

" He wants to take what is useful "

" I see " said Colouruke. " Do you know what time the training will start ?


" King Bobby has it planned out " said Curtis. " He will tell the advisors who will tell you "


" For the time being just enjoy yourselves, the training will be very intense "

" We need you all ready to be fighting Numerians "

" Numerians must be taken down, this war means a lot "



Curtis left. Crayon and his friends enjoyed their breakfast.