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Chapter 2


The Training


Crayon and his friends went outside and were talking.


" We are going to have to figure out something " said Crayon.

" I don't want to fight " said Colouruke.

" This shit has gone far but if all the advisors were to fight us at once it would be tough " said Colourea.

" I think we should complete the training but not go to war " said Dove.

" That seems like the best idea for now " said Artby.

" I am wondering about bakers "

" I think about bakers so much "

" It does, we can get stronger " said Grackle.

" What are you thinking about bakers ? "

" Baking is so important so I can get stronger for bakers " said Artby.

" Bakers are so useful and helpful "


Meanwhile King Bobby was talking with Blackburnian and Queen Starling.



" The training will start tomorrow " said King Bobby.

" So what training do you have in mind ? " asked Blackburnian.

" We need them to use their Bomb techniques " said King Bobby. " If used properly, they can blow up a lot of Numerians "

" This type of explosion does a lot for Bird's Isle "

" That is something very useful " said Queen Starling.

" War is something that must be taken seriously, so we cannot have people sent in if they are not ready for it " said King Bobby.

" I will let them know " said Blackburnian. " Curtis talked with them this morning and they seemed up to it according to him "

" They must be " said King Bobby. " I will meet with Challenger as a meeting of the two leaders later on "

" We have a lot to do "

" Yes " said Blackburnian.

" Hopefully Challenger will be on board "

" He has to be " said King Bobby.

" He must be for Bird's Isle and not Numerians "

Time passed and then King Bobby met with  Challenger.


" Challenger, do you have people in Colourland ready to fight " said King Bobby.

" We will see the situation " said Challenger.

" Colourlandish people will unite with us in this war against Numeria " said King Bobby.

" Crayon will love this opportunity to be a hero again "

" This war is giving Crayon a great chance here "

" Well Crayon has shown tremendous ability " said Challenger.


" Colourea finds him heroic now, could you imagine how heroic she will find him after this " said King Bobby.

" Colourea would be more attracted to Crayon "

" Colourea loves the bravery from him a lot "


" Colourea does love Crayon a lot, but I'm not sure it is the fighting " said Challenger.

" I am not sure about what causes the attraction "

" I am not entirely sure what this has to do with the war "


" Well it is another reason for Crayon to fight, he loves Colourea " said King Bobby. " He will be a hero like he was against the Bear "

" Colourea loved what Crayon did "

" Colourea being happier is good for Crayon "

" Anyways, let me know about Colourlandish people willing to fight "


" I will do so " said Challenger.

" Good they will be useful " said King Bobby.

" They will help Bird's Isle take what they need from Numeria "

" This war is a great war "

" It is time for me to head to the other advisors, it was nice talking with you "

" See you later " said Challenger.


Crayon and his friends went to a bakery when this happened, Artby had thanked more bakers.



" You bakers are so brave, I never forget any baker " said Artby.

" Forgetting bakers, I cannot do out of respect for bakers "


" So brave ? " asked the baker.


" Bakers cannot be forgotten, baking bread is something that can never be forgotten " said Artby. " Flour has made me a better person "

" I feel better as a person thanks to bakers, I love bakers so much "


" Uh, thanks " said the baker.


Bakers are always welcome " said Artby.

" I love eating bread so much "

" Bread means so much "


" Thanks " said the baker.



They left the bakery and enjoyed their bread.



After that, they headed back to the castle where King Bobby was talking to them.



" Blackburnian will lead the Bomb style training " said King Bobby.

" Looking forward to it " said Colouruke.

" He will not take it easy on any of you " said King Bobby.

" Not even his brother, Warbler "

" I would expect that, will be great " said Crayon.

" Good " said King Bobby.

" We must be ready "

" This war is so important "


Curtis entered the room.


" Since that Blackin was defeated this shouldn't be too difficult, I'm not sure about Grackle and Dove " said Curtis.


" We will give it our all " said Dove.


" Blackburnian is one of the strongest Wind warriors out there " said Curtis. " Warbler, you will enjoy getting to learn from a family member "

" That is true " said Warbler.

" Anyways you will need good sleep for tomorrow " said Curtis.

" True " said Warbler.


Crayon and his friends headed up to their rooms and they were talking.


" I am hoping that we learn more about this war " said Crayon.

" Exactly " said Colouruke.

" I talked with King Bobby " said Challenger. " He wants people from Colourland to fight "

" He also mentioned the relationship between Crayon and Colourea "

" Why ? " asked Colouruke.

" He mentioned Crayon being a hero " said Challenger.

" I am happy with Crayon and proud of the fighting he has done but the war is something else " said Colourea.

" Yeah, I am not sure about the relevance " said Crayon.

" Same here " said Colouruke.

" I think the king feels that Crayon is more likely to fight that way " said Warbler.

" Yeah, I believe that " said Crayon.

" King Bobby has talked about Colourlandish people fighting in this war " said Challenger.

" Would Colourlandish people do that ? " asked Colourea.

" I have no idea " said Challenger.

" We will find out "

" This has gotten pretty fucked up but we must continue to learn more about the war " said Grackle.

" Yeah, that is a good idea " said Dove.

" We will have to think of something " said Colouruke.

" Yeah " said Crayon.

" I am not sure what but we will figure something out "

" My brother's training will be something " said Warbler.

" I imagine it will be tough "

" We need to keep training hard and finding out more about this war " said Artby.

" Also we need to keep eating bread, you never know what asskickings we need to give "

" Asskickings are important "

" Important ? " asked Colouruke.

" When bakers are protected by a great asskicking, it matters to give one " said Artby.

" Uh, okay " said Colourea.


Crayon kissed Colourea and all of them went to bed.



They ate their breakfast and Blackburnian went outside for training.



" Today is the first day of training " said Blackburnian.

" We will be using our Bomb techniques today "


Bomb techniques are very useful, especially when used in an area where there will be a lot of enemies "


" You can defeat a lot of people that way which is exactly what we need "

" We must blow up people "


" First we need to see your basic Bomb techniques.



Crayon, Warbler, Dove and Grackle used their Wind Bomb while Challenger, Artby and Colourea used their Light Bomb while Colouruke used his Sea Bomb. The bombs all hit.



" So far Warbler and Challenger appear to be the strongest so far in their respective elemental bombs " said Blackburnian.

Such power by Challenger " said Crayon.

" He's not the leader of Colourland for nothing " said Colouruke.

" Yeah, he is extremely strong " said Artby.

" Challenger has shown tremendous power " said Blackburnian. " Now we need to see your Super Bombs.


" They all used their Super Bombs and they all hit.

" Very good " said Blackburnian. " Warbler has gotten way stronger since he was last here for sure "

" It appears that we have very similar results to last time, the invasion should not be impossible "

" I do expect all of you to live and not die "

" We have that confidence here "

" Now the Ultimate Bombs, if you can use them "


All of them used their Ultimate Bombs, the power was insane.



" It appears that Challenger is the strongest here significantly " said Blackburnian. " That being said Crayon, Warbler and Colourea looked to be quite strong "

" The rest of you did well, but just not quite on the level of the four "

" Anyways, I am glad to see these Bomb techniques hit with such power "

" Keep using these bomb techniques and get them more powerful, these explosions will be amazing in battle "


Artby started talking about bakeries.


We should see some different bakeries " said Artby.

" They could help us out with what the flour can do "

" Flour is extremely helpful "


They went to this different bakery, Artby thanked the bakers for the flour they used.



" The flour you have used in the bread, I will thank the flour and the baker who used it said Artby.



" Thanks " said the baker.


" You are welcome " said Artby. " We must always thank bakers for what they do for fighting "

" Bakers do a lot for my fighting "


" Fighting ? " asked the baker.


" The flour awakens us and it inspires our punching " said Artby. " I am so grateful for bakeries and the bakers "

" Bakers are such amazing people "


" Punching ? " asked Grackle.


" Yes, the flour helps us give great punches, makes the bread taste great and so many other things " said Artby. " Anyways it was great seeing bakers like you "



They got their bread and left.



After that, King Bobby was talking with some advisors.


" Rourke, the training for them tomorrow will be those blast attacks " said King Bobby.


" They need to get them stronger " said Rourke. " I will be glad to do that "


" Good " said King Bobby.

" We need this for Bird's Isle "


" They will be unstoppable " said Draco. " It will be a good war for Bird's Isle "


" It sure will " said Salvador.

" Bird's Isle will do great "


"  We must encourage people to protect Colourea from Numerians " said King Bobby.

" That is important to do "


" Crayon will be able to do that " said Salvador. " Crayon loves Colourea "

" Crayon will show his love for Colourea and will fight " said Rourke.


" He does and he will protect her in the war " said King Bobby.

" Crayon is very attracted to Colourea so he will make sure that he will fight "

" Numerians want to take Colourea away from him "

" Some Numerians want Crayon for themselves as well "


" I will discuss the need to protect Colourea when the training happens " said Rourke.

" Protecting Colourea is extremely essential " said Draco.

" Crayon would hate to lose Colourea to Numerians "

" Yes, he cannot allow that " said Rourke.

" It would be a disaster " said Curtis.

" Protecting Colourea is very important "

" Colourea will want to make sure that Numerians do not take Crayon as well "

" Yes, that will be talked about as well " said Rourke.

" That is good " said Queen Starling.

" Crayon and Colourea will make sure Numerians do not try anything "

" Crayon cannot trust these Numerians " said King Bobby.

" They will try anything "

" Yes, we have to be careful " said Rourke.

" Crayon and his friends must know about what can happen "

" Yes " said King Bobby.

" You are all now dismissed "


Meanwhile Diana and Blackburnian were talking.


" Blackburnian, I am glad you led them through the training " said Diana.

" Thanks Diana " said Blackburnian.

" I keep hearing what those Numerians want to do to Colourea " said Diana.

" Why ? "

" I have no fucking idea " said Blackburnian.

" Anyways, Rourke will tell them about protecting Colourea "

" It is something Crayon must do "

" Numerians will take Colourea "

" Yeah, Crayon must be ready " said Diana.

" I wonder if Numerians will try to take Crayon "

" It would not surprise me " said Blackburnian.

" Crayon and Colourea must protect each other "


They ate their supper and went to bed later.


In the morning, they got up and everyone started to talk.


" Good morning " said King Bobby.

" As you know, Crayon and his friends will be doing the Blast training with Rourke today "

" They will do great, we need more of this " said Draco.


" Numerians will shake in fear " said Salvador.

" They will fall to Bird's Isle "

" They are no match for Bird's Isle " said Paula.

" Bird's Isle is so strong "

" The resources will be great " said Lord Grackle. " Bird's Isle will be a better place because of it "

" It is an expansion if you think about it "

" It sure will " said Queen Starling.

" When we are united we are unstoppable, but when we are not it is no guarantee "

" Yes, this unity must exist " said Blackburnian.

" Rourke will also discuss about protecting Colourea " said King Bobby.

" I heard about what the Numerians want to do " said Paula.

" Yes " said King Bobby.

" Numeria must be invaded "

" What we can take will do so much "

" Crayon cannot let Numerians take Colourea away " said Draco.

" That would be terrible "

" Crayon will not allow that to happen " said Blackburnian.



Breakfast arrived and they enjoyed eating it.