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Chapter 3


The Training, Part II



After they ate their breakfast, Rourke went with them to head to where the training would happen.



" First, before we begin there is something very serious that needs to be discussed " said Rourke.


" Numerians want to take Colourea away from Crayon, we have ordered people to be careful "


" King Bobby knows about this threat and when during the war, Numerians will try to take Colourea away so keep an eye for that "


" Numerians want Crayon to be with a Numerian instead is what I have heard "

" They will not stop easily "

" You must all be careful "



" There's something I don't understand " said Warbler. " Why do Numerians want to harm Colourea so much ?


" Good question " said Rourke. "  and King Bobby have said that Numerians want people to be with a Numerian instead "


" We have urged people to protect Colourea "

" Colourea could be hurt by Numerians, you have to be ready "

" Crayon could be taken by Numerians, which would hurt Colourea a lot "

" Colourea would hate to see Crayon hurt like that "

" Why would Numerians take Crayon ? " asked Artby.

" There are Numerians who are wanting Crayon for themselves " said Rourke.

" This is not a good thing "

" We must prepare "

" Now, let's start training "


" Use your basic blast techniques "


Crayon, Challenger, Artby and Colourea used their Light Blast while Warbler, Grackle and Dove used their Wind Blast and Colouruke used his Sea Blast.



" Very impressive, it seems that Challenger and Crayon had the strongest ones " said Rourke. " Now let us see your Super Blasts "



"  Challenger, Artby and Colourea used their Super Light Blast while Crayon, Warbler, Grackle and Dove used their Super Wind Blast and Colouruke used his Super Sea Blast.



" Good attacks here, it seems like Challenger and Colourea were the two strongest " said Rourke. " Now if you can use the Ultimate Blasts, I would like to see it "



Crayon, Artby, Challenger and Colourea used their Ultimate Light Blasts while Warbler, Grackle and Dove used their Ultimate Wind Blasts and Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Blast. The attacks hit with amazing power.



" Wow, very impressive " said Rourke. " Challenger was the strongest but all of you have gotten so strong "


" Now the implosion is next "


" Implosions are insanely powerful "



Crayon, Artby, Challenger and Colourea used their Light Implosions while Warbler, Grackle and Dove used their Wind Implosions and Colouruke used his Sea Implosion. The attacks were insanely powerful.



" Brilliant " said Rourke. " It appears that all of you have been training a lot "


" It is said there are stronger Implosions "


" Stronger ones ? asked Warbler.


" Wind users should be able to learn the Bird Implosion " said Rourke. " The king knows how to use it and also the queen "


" There is also the Sky Implosion which is stronger than the Wind Implosion "


" I wonder if other elements have those ? " asked Colouruke.


" There are " said Rourke. " Several kings know how to use them " Shadow and Light are stronger than the Wind and Sea ones but weaker than Sky and Bird "


" Thanks Rourke " said Artby. " I would love to be able to use those attacks "


" It takes time, Artby " said Rourke.

" You will get there "

" I will do my best " said Artby.

" Bakers would want that "

" Remember to protect Colourea from Numerians, Numerians are no joke " said Rourke.

" Crayon, you must be ready for any Numerian "


" My good buddy Draco will lead the Strike technique training tomorrow so see you all later "

" Make sure you are ready "

" We will " said Crayon.

" Good, I would expect nothing else " said Rourke.



Crayon and his friends were talking after Rourke left.



" They all seem to believe that Numerians will split me and Crayon apart " said Colourea.


" Do Numerians even want Colourea that much ? " asked Artby.

" They are claiming that they want Crayon "

" I am not sure what to think about these comments "

" I have no idea, but I think they want us to hate Numerians " said Colouruke.


" That sounds about right, these advisors want war " said Crayon.

" Yeah, they do " said Colourea.

" I am not surprised " said Dove.

" Neither am I " said Grackle.

" Anyways we need to be ready for tomorrow's training " said Challenger.

" Yeah, that is true " said Artby.

" Baking will help "

" Yeah, we will keep it up " said Grackle.

" Baking ? " asked Dove.

" Yeah, we use baking to help us " said Artby.

" Baking is so helpful "

" Baking has never let me down in my life "


Meanwhile King Bobby was talking with Queen Starling.



" Challenger needs to send the Colourlandish people in " said King Bobby.


" It will help our chances, plus Colourlandish people will get to fight with Crayon " said Queen Starling.


" They will be honoured to see him fight " said King Bobby.


" Crayon will be a hero again, Colourea will be even happier " said Queen Starling.


" Colourea feels so safe with a hero like Crayon " said King Bobby.

" Numerians want both of them for themselves "

" They are not to be trusted "

" Colourlandish people will see how Crayon has made Colourea so happy and the bravery that his friends have shown " said Queen Starling. " They will want to aid us in the war "


" It is up to them and Challenger right now " said King Bobby.


" It will be a war that is good for Bird's Isle " said Queen Starling.


" It sure will be " said King Bobby.

" Numerians will be taken down "

" Bird's Isle will overwhelm them "

" Yes, we will win " said Queen Starling.



Meanwhile Crayon and his friends ran into Blackburnian and Diana.


Glad to see you all get stronger " said Blackburnian.


" We have been training hard " said Colouruke.


" The bakers have helped us " said Artby.


" Bakers ? " asked Diana.


" Artby says the bakers have helped him fight and made him a better person " said Warbler.


" Better person ? asked Blackburnian. " I have never heard of anything like that "


" Bakers can do it, before the bakeries I was an okay person but now I am a good person " said Artby.


" Well I really don't know about that but I'm glad that you are a good person " said Blackburnian. " I am really proud of Warbler my younger brother "

" He has come a long way "

" Warbler has gotten stronger, I am proud of him " said Diana.


" It would be great if King Bobby lets us fight together in the war " said Blackburnian. " He's a great  king but it would be great "


" King Bobby knows what is great for Bird's Isle, he is looking forward to see how well in the war you will all do " said Diana.


" Do you know who is going to fight ? asked Challenger.


" It hasn't been decided yet but Draco will lead the Strike training tomorrow which Rourke probably mentioned to you " said Diana.


" He did, he also talked about protecting Colourea what is this all about if you don't mind ? " asked Crayon.


" Well, word is that Numerians are upset that you are not dating one " said Blackburnian.

" The king has said this is true "


" But why does a country care so much ? " asked Dove.


" Crayon is wanted by a lot of people sexually " said Blackburnian. " After someone is a hero, people have this sexual interest "

" Colourea cannot stand for it "

" True, Colourea cannot do so " said Colourea.

" I get that, but people will have to accept that he is with Colourea " said Challenger. " I don't remember Colourlandish people wanting him like this "

" That is true " said Colouruke.


" This happens to lot of heroes " said Blackburnian. " There are people in Colourland who want him but King Bobby says the number is not as high "


" Perhaps King Bobby will discuss it at some point "


" I don't understand, I am with Crayon, I love Crayon " said Colourea.

" Yeah, I don't get it either " said Colouruke.

" I know but this is how it is right now " said Blackburnian.

" Crayon will protect you from Numerians in this war "

" Not to mention everyone who will fight "

" This will be a war that means a lot "

" Well time has passed a lot and supper is about to be served so we should head to the castle " said Diana.

" Yeah, we should do that " said Blackburnian.

" Let's go " said Diana.


They headed to the castle, had their supper which they enjoyed.




Crayon and his friends went to bed when time got a lot later and they got up and had breakfast. Before breakfast was served, there was a discussion.



" Today, we are doing the Strike training " said Draco.


" They will do great " said Salvador.


" We have lots of confidence " said Lord Grackle. " Give it your all "


" I am very proud of my brother Warbler " said Blackburnian.


" He knows what it means to be from Bird's Isle " said Paula.


" Well he helped stop the Bear so that is something " said Curtis.


" The Bear were a strong gang, but Crayon and his friends were able to stop them " said Challenger.


" Colourland and Bird's Isle are great allies " said Lord Grackle. " They have lots of respect for each other "


" That is for sure " said Diana. " King Bobby has been a great king and has always said great things about Colourland "


" King Bobby loved the history of Colourland " said Queen Starling. " Before Challenger, there was a leader named Colour King but he had a mysterious disappearance "

" Disappearance ? "asked Crayon.

" Yes, he disappeared " said King Bobby.

" You will hear more about it later "


They finished their breakfast and headed out with Draco for the Strike training.



" Now we are going to work on our Strike moves " said Draco.


" Strike moves are very useful for head on attacks, something in the war that will be very useful "


" So now let's begin, we will use our Triple Strikes "



Crayon, Challenger, Colourea and Artby used their Triple Light Strike while Warbler, Dove and Grackle used their Triple Wind Strike and Colouruke used his Triple Sea Strike. The strikes hit with power.



" Very good, now lets see those Quadruple Strikes " said Draco.



Crayon, Warbler, Dove and Grackle used their Quadruple Wind Strikes while Colourea, Challenger and Artby used their Quadruple Light Strikes and Colouruke used the Quadruple Sea Strike. The strikes hit with lots of power.



" Great to see, this will be very useful during the war " said Draco. " King Bobby will be very pleased to see this success "


" Now, let's use our Quintuple Strikes if able "


" They are some of the strongest Strikes out there "



Crayon, Colourea, Challenger and Artby used their Quintuple Light Strikes while Warbler, Dove and Grackle used their Quintuple Wind Strikes and Colouruke used his Quintuple Sea Strike. The strikes were so powerful and hit with intense power.



" Brilliant " said Draco. " Now, this completes the training, you are ready for war against Numeria "

" Numerians must be taken down "

" They are not a joke "

" There is a lot to be decided for the date of the war and the plan that King Bobby and Queen Starling must do "


" Remember to fight hard and protect each other as much as possible "


" No mercy against any Numerian out there "


" Warbler, your brother Blackburnian will be thrilled "


Warbler has gotten so strong now " said Dove.


" He sure has " said Draco. " Make sure you are ready, Numerians are no joke "


" Anyways, I have to head back to the castle "



Draco left.



" I get the sense that the war will be pretty soon " said Challenger. " Colourlandish people have said that many of them do not want to fight this war "


" I don't blame them " said Colouruke. " I don't want to fucking fight "


" I understand " said Colourea. " I'm not sure how we plan to get out of this "

" It will be difficult " said Artby.

" I am not sure of what to do "

" We may have to leave Bird's Isle " said Crayon.

" Yeah, I could see that " said Grackle.

" I'm not sure what King Bobby would do if were to find out about that " said Dove.


" He would be infuriated, if he were to see it " said Warbler. " My brother will not be happy, he says he is looking forward to the war "

" If he finds out we do that, things will get ugly "

" Warbler, do you want to fight ? " asked Challenger.


" I do not want to fight, but the advisors are incredibly strong " said Warbler. " Fighting any of them will be like fighting Blackina or Blackin at least if not tougher "

" It will be very difficult "

" We beat them and are stronger now " said Artby.

" I am ready "


" We should try to hide somewhere " said Grackle. " We should last there until the end, we must stop the war "


" Maybe the bakers know something " said Artby.

" Bakers are so wise "

" They know so much "


They headed to the bakery, where they asked about the war.



" King Bobby wants to invade Numeria ? " asked a baker. " Why would he do that ? "


" Apparently Lord Grackle wants their resources, King Bobby believes that Numerians are trying to take Colourea away and Blackburnian wants to fight in the war " said Crayon.


" Numerians seem to be getting blamed a lot, I don't know a lot about them " said a baker.


"  King Bobby with his advisors want war so it is getting pretty serious now " said Warbler.


" Anyways we should eat some tasty bread " said Artby.

" I never get tired of bakeries, so much great bread here "

" I love bakers, I love bread "

" I never get tired of either "


They got their bread and they left.



Challenger got a message from King Bobby just now.



Challenger, do you know how many Colourlandish want to fight ?


Challenger, this war will do wonders for Bird's Isle as you know. Colourea will be extra safe if this happens, you want her safer I know.



Challenger talked about the message he received.



" War isn't going to keep Colourea safer " said Grackle.


" Who knows with him " said Colouruke.


" The number of Colourlandish people isn't that high, he will not be happy but we must accept it " said Challenger.


" I will tell him the number "


" I wonder how much ? " asked Crayon.


" They say about 18 percent of our warriors want to fight " said Challenger.


Mostly some very anti Numerian people and a few others "


" Anti Numerian ? " asked Colourea.


" There are some people that do not like Numerians and want to kill a Numerian but most of our warriors are not like that " said Challenger.


" So, Grackle and Dove if you have to leave here would you want to ? " asked Warbler.


" If it is the only way for us to not be part of the war then we will do it " said Dove. " If that happens we will need to find somewhere in Colourland "


" For the time being we need to know when the war starts " said Colouruke.

" Yeah, we do " said Challenger.

" Let's try to find out "


Meanwhile King Bobby got Challenger's reply and notified Blackburnian that 18 percent of the warriors want to fight.



" How  could this be " said King Bobby. " This war will do good for Bird's Isle "


" Well if we do not get that many people, then we really need to be on point " said Blackburnian.

" Crayon will make up for it "

" His fighting will do so much "


" The 18 percent will be useful, I am proud of them " said King Bobby. " Hopefully they will get here soon, we must wait till then "


" Sounds good " said Blackburnian. " They understand what is at stake here "


" They know what it means for the alliance of Colourland and Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.


" They sure do " said Blackburnian.

" This alliance is so great "

" It will never end "


Time passed, Crayon and his friends were notified that the warriors will arrive in three days from now.



" When they arrive we will decide a date for the war " said King Bobby.


" We will be united and we will win the war " said Queen Starling.


" We will protect Colourea the way that is needed " said Salvador.


" Colourea is loved here " said Paula. " What the Numerians want to do to her is horrible "

" I am not going to stand for it "


" It is not right but we cannot let them succeed, it is another reason for the war " said Curtis.


" This war will be a great war " said Draco. " The training that we went through has shown to be worth it "


" It was great training for them " said Rourke.

" Now they are so strong " said Draco.

" They most certainly are " said Rourke.

" These Numerians have resources that we must take " said Lord Grackle.

" Numerian resources will be useful "

" This war will be great "

" I think about what a great war this will be "


Everyone was dismissed. Time passed, then everyone ate their supper.



Before bedtime Crayon was kissing Colourea.



Artby said that he could count on bakers for anything and he was happy that the bakers have made Crayon so happy.



Everyone went to bed. The three days passed. During those days everyone trained their techniques. Artby talked about bread and baking like he usually does.



King Bobby said that the people who would fight would be these people: All of Crayon's friends and all the advisors except for Lord Grackle, Draco and  Rourke. The date was tomorrow for the war.


Before bedtime, King Bobby was talking with Queen Starling, Lord Grackle, Blackburnian and Diana.

" This is going to be huge " said King Bobby.

" I will be too strong " said Blackburnian.

" Imagine me and my brother taking down Numerians "

" Yes, it will be great " said Lord Grackle.

" I would fight but the king needs some advisors back "

" Yes " said Queen Starling.

" Crayon has a chance to do a lot " said Diana.

" Yes, this opportunity is important " said Blackburnian.

" Warbler knows what he needs to do "

" He sure does, this war is great " said Lord Grackle.

" I cannot wait for these resources "

" Same here " said King Bobby.

" Time for us to go to bed "


" Yeah, we need our rest " said Diana.