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Chapter 4




In the middle of the night, Colouruke and Crayon were talking quietly.


" What are we going to do ? " asked Colouruke.


" We will have to sneak out of here " said Crayon.

" Or we will have to say that we aren't going to fight "


I think we should sneak out, that will be less bad for us " said Colouruke.


" We will have to go out the window " said Crayon.


" We are going to have to leave some of our stuff behind, we won't be able to escape " said Colouruke.

" Yeah, we will have to do so " said Artby.

" Makes sense to me " said Grackle.


Crayon and his friends went out the window at the same time and they headed outside. They left the castle.



" Glad we are out, we need to get far enough away " said Colourea.

" Yes " said Crayon.


They headed to the place that Grackle and Dove were at.



" When King Bobby finds out, he will never forgive this " said Warbler.

" He will lose it "


" We need to get the farthest from the castle on Bird's Isle " said Grackle.

" We will not be able to hide around here, they will send people in "

" Yeah, we aren't that far from the castle here " said Artby.

" I am thinking about the bakeries and what could happen if this war happens "


They took some belongings and left. They started heading towards a place called Bird Port.



King Bobby and his advisors got up and they wondered where Crayon and his friends were.



" We need to start the war " said Curtis.

" It matters so much "

" Should we go without them " said Lord Grackle.


" No, we cannot " said Blackburnian. " We should check their rooms, perhaps they overslept "

" It could happen "

" Overslept ? " asked King Bobby. " War is too important for that shit "

" This war means so much "


" They had better just be in the showers and awake "

" Bird's Isle will be furious about this "

" This is an insult to Bird's Isle if not "


King Bobby and the advisors saw they were not in the rooms.



" I am so pissed " said King Bobby. " Perhaps they are outside waiting "

" Not right of them to do this " said Queen Starling.

" This is not acceptable "

" We need the resources from the Numerians " said Lord Grackle.

" These resources are so important "

" Bird's Isle must have them "


" If they are not here, I will be so angry " said Queen Starling.

" Crayon cannot do this "

" He will end up letting so many people down "

" He will be viewed differently "


They did not see them there.



" That does it " said King Bobby.

" Salvador and Paula go and find them, if they refuse to come willingly then challenge them to a fight "

" I will not tolerate this "


" I wonder who made them do this " said Draco.

" Something seems fishy "

" Maybe Grackle and Dove started it " said Rourke. " They might be there, if they are trying to stop this war then they must be stopped "

" We cannot have them interfering " said Paula.

" This war means so much " said Curtis.

" It is insulting what they have done here, we cannot stand for this "

" The people of Bird's Isle will demand that they are found " said Lord Grackle.

" We must postpone the war until they are found " said King Bobby. " I was looking forward to it so much "

" Our warriors wanted to fight "

" They are upset "

" We thought that Crayon would have been more of a hero than this " said Salvador.

" Same here " said Blackburnian.

" I feel bad for Warbler "

" Crayon has not been heroic here " said Paula.

" Bird's Isle is disappointed " said Queen Starling.

" Exactly, not heroic behaviour from Crayon at all " said Curtis.

" Crayon let me down " said Salvador.

" It is not acceptable "

" I cannot imagine what people in Bird's Isle will think "

" Yeah, people in Bird's Isle are so angry about this, it is unfortunate what happened here " said Curtis.

" Me and Paula will be going " said Salvador.

" Yes, we will go " said Paula.

" Find them " the other advisors said.


Salvador and Paula left, while they contacted several of King Bobby's warriors and they headed to find Crayon and his friends.



A message was sent out:



Crayon and his friends have chosen to not be heroic and fight in the war unfortunately for some reason.  We must find the friend responsible for this. We will have no choice but to have them thrown in jail and questioned. We encourage the other friends to not hang out with the individual in question, that is not what is good for Bird's Isle. People in Bird's Isle will be forbidden from hanging out with that friend as well, we will not tolerate it.


This was a war that so many of us were looking forward to, this behaviour is not acceptable. For the time being we are postponing the war until this is dealt with, Challenger must show the proper leadership and tell us who is responsible. The friend that is behind this must be brought to justice and is a disgrace. Bird's Isle deserves better, I am so sorry for this.


Thanks for all your patience,

King Bobby Blackbird.


Meanwhile Crayon and his friends got on the plane to Bird Port and they got on.



The flight should take about 2 hours " said a message on the intercom.



Paula and Salvador arrived at Grackle and Dove's place and they did not see anyone there.



" They must pay for this " said Paula.


" The friend who is responsible will regret it " said Salvador. " King Bobby is so upset about it "


" We may have to fight, if they don't come willingly " said Paula.


" That is fine, it will not be difficult for us " said Salvador.

" We will bring them down "

" Yeah, we will not have a problem " said Paula.


The warriors were searching through the city and could not find them.



King Bobby was talking with the other advisors.



" Paula and Salvador should be able to bring them to justice " said Curtis. " I know that the friend responsible will pay for it "


" We are willing to let the others fight in the war if they promise to never visit the friend in jail " said Queen Starling.

" I wonder who it could be " said Blackburnian. " I know that Warbler wants to fight "

" It cannot be him "

" I know he is better than that "

" I have a sense it was either Grackle or Dove " said Diana. " Crayon fought against the Bear, he was not afraid to fight before he met them "

" I could see that " said Lord Grackle.

" Surely Challenger would have said something " said Draco.

" You would think that he would " said Rourke.

" Perhaps he is not the leader we thought he was, but we must assume that one friend is responsible for the time being " said Draco.

" Yes, that would make a lot of sense " said Blackburnian.

" Warbler cannot hang out with any friend like that "

" This cannot happen for him, I will never stand for this "

" If Grackle or Dove is responsible for not allowing the rest of them to be heroic it is unacceptable " said Lord Grackle.

" This war is very important "

" Yes, it is " said King Bobby.

" They cannot prevent people from being heroic "

" It matters to be heroic "

" This war is allowing that "

" We must think about my brother Warbler and the fact that he is not getting the opportunity to fight " said Blackburnian. " It is not acceptable "


" Warbler is a great guy, shame on that friend for doing this "

" Any friend that does this can no longer hang out with him "

" Warbler must fight "


King Bobby said that when the friend is arrested and questioned that people cannot visit the individual in jail and he will shut off visits for the individual. If anyone in the system refuses then they will be fired. King Bobby has also said that Bird's Isle wants this to happen.



Crayon and his friends arrived in Bird Port. They then looked for a hotel and they chose to stay there for the time being.



" Man, I hope that we will not be found here " said Crayon.


" If we stayed in the main area, they would have found us " said Dove.


" Yes, that would be bad " said Colouruke.


" King Bobby has claimed that a certain friend is responsible " said Challenger.


" They will arrest the friend and question the individual " said Colourea.


" They will also disallow visits " said Artby.

" That stinks, since the friend cannot enjoy baking "

" Baking is important "

" It is unfortunate " said Warbler.

" Hopefully we are not found "


" It sure is " said Crayon. " I wonder who they will blame "

" It is hard to say " said Colouruke.

" I have no idea, I have never seen the bakeries here " said Artby.


" Bakeries ? " asked Colourea.


" We could use some tasty bread to eat " said Artby.


" Artby, we have to be very careful " said Crayon. " If they find us, they will put a friend for questioning "

" This is a very dangerous situation "

" I have to agree " said Dove.

" I have never tried the bakeries here, they should be delicious " said Artby.


" We can go, but if we see anyone that looks like one of their warriors, we have to leave " said Colourea.

" This is a huge risk "

" I have risked my life for bread, I have been fine " said Artby. " We will not be caught by them "

" Bread is so tasty "

" I believe in us "

" I hope that you are right " said Colouruke.

" For our sake, I hope so " said Warbler.

" I love bakers, I will not stop loving bakers " said Artby. " Bakers have done so much for me, risking my life for bread is the least I can do "

Risk your life ? " asked Dove.


" Bread made me a good person " said Artby. " Bakeries have allowed it to happen, bakers are great people "

" I love bakers "


" Bakeries have allowed it ? " asked Grackle.


" My love for bakers is super strong and how could it not be after what they have done, we should get going " said Artby.

" Yeah, let's go but be insanely careful " said Crayon.

" They will turn us against each other " said Colouruke.


They found this bakery in Bird Port, they got their bread. They went back to the hotel and enjoyed their bread.



Warriors working for King Bobby arrived in Bird Port and were searching for the friend responsible.



" This friend will regret it " said the first warrior.

" They are hurting Bird's Isle "

" King Bobby will end the friendship and he will allow the rest of them to fight in the war " said the second warrior.


" King Bobby always knows what he is doing, he is a great king " said the first warrior.

" Yeah, he is such a great king " said the second warrior.


The warriors searched through Bird Port.


Salvador and Paula headed to Bird Port and arrived.



" They should be somewhere in Bird Port " said Paula.

" I don't think they got that far "

" I have a suspicion that either Grackle or Dove are responsible " said Salvador.


" Why so ? " asked Paula.


" Before Crayon and his friends met them they were willing to fight people, but now they are not " said Salvador. " Seems very likely it is one of them "


" Warbler would never do this under his will so I believe " said Paula.

" I know he is better than that "

" His brother Blackburnian wants him fighting in the war, so Warbler would not go against that " said Salvador.

" Blackburnian cares a lot about Warbler which is something that must be remembered by Warbler "


" He wouldn't go against his brother, Warbler cannot allow Grackle or Dove to force him not to fight " said Paula.

" War against Numeria is very beneficial to Bird's Isle "

" Blackburnian is there for him "

" He understands that "


" It is, that is why King Bobby wants it " said Salvador. " Warbler is a nice guy, but he cannot let anyone treat him like this "

" Warbler is a nice guy " said Paula.

" Every advisor understands this, so we are doing a lot of good here "

" We should start searching Bird Port "


Paula and Salvador were searching through Bird Port.



" We should check the bakeries " said Salvador.


" Artby is said to like bread a lot " said Paula.

" Yeah, maybe they will be close by " said Salvador.


They checked the bakeries and asked about Artby but they did not go to the bakery that Artby was at.



More warriors showed up in Bird Port and found this hotel.



The warriors went inside and demanded the whereabouts of Crayon and his friends. They were not in the hotel, they searched through Bird Port and found the hotel. Eventually, they found the hotel and they demanded the whereabouts of Crayon and his friends again. They were told that a group of people checked into seperate rooms and that they were on the fourth floor. Crayon, Colouruke, Colourea and Artby were in one room while Challenger, Dove, Grackle and Warbler were in a room next door.



The warriors knocked on the door.



" Is Crayon here, if he is he must surrender the friend responsible "


" King Bobby wants war, it is not too late we can arrest the friend and the rest of you can fight "


" If you do not open up, it will make things worse "

" You cannot hide from us "

" Warbler, Blackburnian wants you to fight in the war with him "

" We know that you are a nice guy and something is out of the ordinary here "


While this was happening, Paula and Salvador were contacted and they made it outside the hotel.



The warriors then charged their Wind Blasts and broke open the door.



" Crayon, you must explain this " said a warrior.

" This cannot be happening "

" Now if you know the answer, it is time to give us a fucking name " said the second warrior.


" A name ? " asked Crayon. " Well there isn't one particular friend "

" That is true " said Colouruke.


" There is, why are you so afraid to admit it " said the third warrior.


" Crayon you were so heroic, what happened ? " asked the fourth warrior.

" Heroism is important, Crayon "

" You could have fought in the war " said the first warrior. " You would have been seen as a hero again "

" It matters to be seen as a hero "

" A hero ? " asked Crayon.

" Fighting Numerians because the king thinks that they will take Colourea away "

" Numerians are not a threat " said Challenger.

" Challenger is right " said Artby.

" The king knows they will attempt to do that " said the second warrior.

" Not to mention what Bird's Isle can take from Numeria "

" They can take so much from them "

" If you refuse to name a friend, we will have to bring all of you to jail, I wouldn't do that if I were you " said the third warrior.

" This is not worth that "


The other warriors on the other side then were asking the other four and got no particular friend.



" Since you are all either too afraid or trying to protect someone we will have to bring all of you for questioning " said the first warrior.



" Paula and Salvador are outside, you can explain yourselves to them " said the second warrior.

" You must do so "


Crayon and his friends went outside the hotel with the warriors and their stuff and saw the advisors.



" Now, you can explain yourselves to them " said the first warrior.


" They aren't going to go easy on you" said the second warrior.


" They are very upset, you had better give a name " said the third warrior.


" King Bobby and Queen Starling are very disappointed with this " said the fourth warrior.

" They are very upset "

" Anyways, we will be off it will be up to them now " said the first warrior.

" Yeah, it will " said the second warrior.


The warriors then left the hotel and they headed to the Bird Port airport, meanwhile King Bobby was talking with Blackburnian.


" They must be found " said Blackburnian.

" Warbler is a nice guy "

" He really is, I am confident that he is not responsible " said King Bobby.

" We will find out who is "

" This war will happen "

" Yes " said Blackburnian.

" I am glad that you will not allow visits for the friend in question "

" Yes, it would go against Bird's Isle for that to happen " said King Bobby.

" That friend is a disgrace to Bird's Isle, it would be a joke for anyone to visit them "

" I will never allow anything like that "

" Bird's Isle cannot have that "


" Warbler deserves better than that " said Blackburnian.