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Once upon a time there was a King and Queen who had a beautiful daughter, named Adrah. But one day a notorious Evil Witch disguised herself as a Queen and stole the young princess away from the King and Queen. She raised the young princess as her own, but as the princess was growing up the Evil Queen, renamed her Odel.
As Odel became older, she grew more beautiful everyday and the Evil Queen grew more envious of this beauty. The Princess was a lovely and a fair young maiden. Odel always went to the window side and sighed for she had no freedom from her castle domain. She'd always go into daydreams to escape reality, but she also always came back down to terraferma, too.
One day the Evil Queen decided to go out to do her royal business in a near-by town. The 16-year-old Princess asked, "May I come, too, please?" The Evil Queen only gasped and then replied, "You?" she said in a stunned voice, "Why, everyone would only laugh at you in mere sight of seeing those scrawny legs of yours and also just look at you, you're almost see through like a translucent ghost," the Queen added, "Why, everyone would only mock you. Unless your okay with that, My Dear," The Queen ended.
"Oh!" The Princess gasped as she sighed, "They'd only mock me? W-why?" The Queen answered the Princess by saying, "It's because you're different... I mean come on, you speak so undignified and you wobble so..." The princess complied, "Okay... I see... I'll give-up... My attempt to leave... I see your point... I'm Princess Odel, the scrawny legged, translucent ghost. I'm different. I speak so undignified and I wobble so...," The poor Princess sighed with sadness and a strayed hope in her eyes.
"I'm sorry, My Dear. But this is the way things are. Well, adieu," The Queen said, "I'll see you again in about 2 or 3 mouths!" The Queen said as she exited the front door of the castle. "Good-bye, Mother! See you then!" The Princess called out to the coach leaving the palace gates.
After the Queen was far off in the distance, she left the Princess with her insults and cruel words that scorn the Princess so, but the Princess still remained as she was quite beautiful with a heart full of hope and love. She was warm and very kind, she kept her dreams locked inside her warm and gentle heart.
Three weeks had passed by since the Queen was gone, the Princess hardly knew that the weeks had flown by so quickly. She got about the house helping the servants and quite doing their chores for them. They really didn't like her to do their tasks for them at all. So, they asked her very kindly for her not to do them, but she did them anyway. She sang a song as she did:

Oh, the spring is quite so clean
and in the summer you can sing
you can also hear the birdies sings
so happily
Oh, the autumn is quite so lean
and in the winter you can feel the chill
in the air
and you can sing even if the chill is everywhere
But no matter what the time of season
I can sing even when the blossom
petals are falling in the air

As she was singing this song, a Prince near-by over heard her singing the song of the seasons. He though it was quite beautiful. So, he decided to head toward the song and the voice singing it. When he found it lead to a ominous castle deep in the mysterious forest. He thought to himself, "I should go back, but I want to know who was singing... beautifully?"
He entered the castle gates into the castle's courtyard and above the door leading into the castle, read these words, "Cast this spell upon anyone who dares to come or go the curse of silence: *Vox silentium," was read. The Prince pondered this of course he didn't know what the last two words meant. He couldn't make out the Latin words or their meaning. So, he remained outside 'cause the door did mention that it was a curse and at any rate he didn't want to be cursed.
The Prince called out, "Oh, fair maiden where may you be?" The Princess heard the Prince's call out to her so she went to the window and replied, "I'm over here! What may bring you here, Fair Prince?" He called back, "Why, it'd be thou fair maiden's voice of song that bringeth me here to you!" The Princess blushed and was honored to hear that someone liked her singing. "Why, thank you, Kind Prince!" She started, "You are the first to complement me on my singing. I'm pleased."
"You're welcome, Fair Maiden!" The Prince replied, "Why, don't you come down and talk with me a little?" The Princess's answer was, "Ok, I'll come down to talk more with you," she ended. Of course, the curse didn't effect her when she exited the castle's main gate this was because she was protected from the curse through a magic pendant that was around her neck. This jewel warded off the Evil Queen's spells so that she wouldn't fall under the curse, but if it was anyone else who entered or exited the front doors without the Queen's permission they'd be spellbound with the hex on the door.
The Princess hastened down the stairs to talk to the Prince face to face. They talked forever about many different things about "How many years have you lived here?" and "Do you ever dream about leaving here, someday?" Her replies were, "I've lived here ever since I was little," and "Yes, perhaps someday! --But I can't today!" He asked, "When do you plan on leaving?" Her answer was, "When my mother is ok with it." "Ok, I see. I'll come back to you then, but I'll keep visiting 'cause I want to know you better," He ended and went back to the forest clearing where he had left on his white horse.
Every evening at dusk the Prince would return to visit and chat with the Princess. The Prince and the Princess learned a lot from each other including their names. "I'm Prince Conner," the Prince remarked. "And I'm Princess Odel," The Princess said. By this time, the Queen had finally returned home at dusk only to discover that Odel was talking to a stranger in the courtyard on the castle grounds. This made the Queen angry with rage and hate.
So, later that evening the Queen and Princess sat down to dinner on opposite sides of the long dinning hall table. "So, did you enjoy your time alone?" the Queen asked. The Princess was thinking to herself, "What am I missing?" "ODEL!" The Queen yelled. "OH! YES! Yes, I did... enjoy my time alone," Odel answered. "Is something on your mind?" the Queen asked with a puzzled look on her face. "Uhm... Y-yes, there is! When can I leave this castle?" She asked in a soft voice. There was some silence at this time, the Queen gave a nasty frown at her plate as she looked down at it, "Never," She uttered. "Excuse me. Come again?" Odel replied. "NEVER!!" The Queen repeated as she stood up and slammed the table with a big bang.
This startled Odel as she stammered to repeat, "N-Never?" "Yes! Never!" The Queen repeated for the last time, "Now, either eat your dinner or return to your quarters if your done and please no more talk about leaving!" Odel got up and politely excused herself from the table as she headed back to her room. She walked slowly in the hallway to her room, "Never?" she muttered to herself.
Later that night while Odel was sleeping the Evil Queen decided to take the pendant away from Odel and cast the spell of silence upon the Princess. Now, her voice was put in silence. The Next morning, the Queen rushed the Princess out of the castle to go and seek out her a prince charming. "Now dear, before you say anything. I want you to seek out a prince for yourself and don't speak until you've found him that includes right now, okay? And don't return until you've found him and bring him back with you," The Queen stated out, "Got it? Oh, and just nod yes or no, for right now, okay?" The Princess replied with a nod for "yes," of course the Princess was confused because the Queen said "Never," at dinner of the night before.
"Oh and by the way about last night. I've thought it over and I've decided to set you free. Remember, don't speak 'til you find him," The Queen ended. After the conversation the Princess headed off into the Mysterious Forest's clearing she was sent on a journey to find her prince. Once she had found him at last she tried to call out, "Conner!" but nothing came out of her mouth. The words were all, but silenced. This shocked her even more then her mother sending her on her way.
Conner saw her and called out, "Odel!" She couldn't reply to him so he went, "Hmm... A-are you, Odel?" She nodded "yes", but he wasn't sure it was her or not for she was quieter than Odel was. "I'll except your nod for now," He said as he took and placed her onto his horse. "Father, I'm home!" He called out in the courtyard of his home kingdom. "Son, I'm so glad you're home!" the King replied as he walked down the castle steps. "...And who is this, Fair Maiden?" The King asked. "Why, she's Princess Odel. Isn't that right?" The Prince replied to the King. She only nodded "yes". "What's wrong with her? Can't she talk?" The King asked. "Well, she could, but maybe she as laryngitis," The Prince replied.
"Well, no matter. We'll get you fixed up and talking again," The King replied cheerful and walked off to the other side of the courtyard. "We'll take care of you, Odel," The Prince said kindly as he got her a nurse maid to take Odel to her room and treat her for a sore throat. For a couple of weeks the silence in the throat til remained. The one day the Prince and King decided that it was a curse or a spell that was put upon her. So, they took her to the castle's west tower where the enchanted objects were. They could either undo a spell or find away to break the spell, but rule was, "You can use only one enchanted thing. If you use all three you're in trouble and it's off to the dungeon for you! I'm sorry, my dear," The King said remorsefully.
The Prince said, "This is a Hint: Find the object you are seeking use only that object and nothing more. You'll have a dream perhaps with that object or a hint, but you must at least stay the night, is that, okay?" She nodded "Yes". She was getting tryed of nodding "yes" or "no" all the time. She wanted her voice back! She entered the room and saw the object that was calling out to her. It looked like an iball. She picked it up and shook it to see what it would say and she decided to turn in for the night.
When the Princess slept in the tower the Evil Queen turned herself into an owl to spy on her and decided to trick the Prince into thinking the Princess had use all three objects instead of one. The Prince denied her foolish words and went to check on her. When he got there is crime scene looked like she had touch all three, but she hadn't. The Prince suspected something was wrong and tried to defend the Princess, as where the King decided to have her arrested for a crime she didn't commit and to have the Prince restrained in his room until the judgement was decided for Odel.
The Prince tried his best to escape his room, but he had to think of a plan, "Help! Help! I've been injured! Something flew into my window! Ow! Ughhhh!" The Prince cried in fake pain to lure the guards in. "Where are you hurting!" one guard asked and another asked, "Are you, ok?" The Prince hid behind the door and the guards only caught a glimpse of him escaping. Mean while, the Princess was sitting in the dungeon on in tears and silence looking out at the daylight sky. She sighed and thought to herself, "Why am I here? I didn't take more than one, hmmm," she thought as she turned to see Conner at the prison gate.
"So, here you are, my love!" Conner called and smile. Odel smiled, too. "Let's get you out of here," He remarked as he picked her up. They exited the prison entrance, but were stopped by the King and the Evil Queen who disguised herself as an old lady.

...To be continued...

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Author's note:

*The voice of silence

Latin Prounounced:
Vox (like "Fox", but with a long "O")
Silentium (like "Silent" with a long "E" and "um" and the end. Example: "Silent.E.um")

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