Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Becoming X ❯ Vol. One, Chap. Six: Post Modern Sleaze ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Post Modern Sleaze
*Nightmare Starts*
Kim sat alone in the dark. An icy feeling came over her. She knew this feeling too well. It just wouldn't leave her.
“You belong with us.” he said. Kim jerked up. Not this again! It was all just an endless cycle. Why couldn't they leave her alone? “Come home to us, Sol!” he said again. “I will not!” Kim shot back. “I did not know you!” “Aw Sol,” he said sounding pitiful. “You do know me, Sol. Remember?” Kim froze. Her memory began clear up again.
The Wang-Ton clan sat in Mou's office. Kim stood behind the main boss. They were plotting another slaughter. At first, Kim didn't care. But soon, it all got to her. She wanted to escape. But where could she go?
“I see,” Mou said. “So we need to sponge out the little cock suckers!” He paused for a moment, then said: “We'll just send out a hit man to do that job.” “We can just use Sol for the job.” one gangster spoke up. “Sol is perfectly fit for this job.” Kim froze at that statement. “Not another kill!” she thought. “Please don't make me go!” “Yeah,” another thug chimed in. “We just use Sol for the job.” The others nodded in unison. Mou frowned and shook his head. “They're not worth her time.” the boss replied. “She's too pretty for such a bloodbath.”
Too pretty?!? Too pretty?!? Kim had killed for Mou for years. Now, she was too pretty for a kill?
Kim took her knife from her sash and cut her hair to her ears. Her red locks fell to the hard cold floor. The men all turned to her. Kim stood with her fists clinched. “I am not just some woman to be a killer!!!” she yelled. Then Kim stormed away.
*End Nightmare*
Kim awoke in a silent terror. She remembered it now. Her past was clear now. She was the strongest weapon of the Wang-Ton Clan, the most deadly mob of Tokyo. Now, they were hunting her down. Kim quickly strengthened up. She could fight them off easily. But…
Kim looked beside her. Chachi was still asleep. He was a problem now. Could she tell him? She would have to. But when and how?
Right then, Chachi began to stir. Kim froze. Should she tell it now? The mob gun shook her head. Kim couldn't tell Chachi now. It was too risky. Chachi opened his eyes and stared at his one-night wife. “What's wrong?” he asked. Kim shook her head. “Nothing, nothing.” she said. Then, the lady gangster got out of bed and got dressed. Chachi just watched on. He would never understand this woman!
She looks ahead, she paints her toe nails red,
She's wet and wild, a typical 90's child
She makes every move they make,
She takes everything they take,
She must be a Thelma or Louise,
She must be a posy-modern sleaze
Kim and Chachi began their drive again. Silence was with them. Kim was lost in her thoughts. When could she tell him? And what next? Soon, the answer hit her.
“The next bank is two miles down the road.” she spoke up. Chachi nodded. Then stepped on the gas. Kim held on tight. She hated his driving! Chachi sped every chance he got. Plus, he didn't yield or stop at certain times. How he still had a licence was a mystery even to Kami!
The crime duo came to the bank. “Same rule as yesterday.” Kim said. Then, she leapt out of the car and hurried inside. Chachi watched and waited in the car.
In less than two minutes, Kim rushed back out with a huge bag of money. She sprang into the car. “Step on it! Move! Move!” Kim yelled. Chachi grinned as he sped off. This was the life for him!
Unscrew the wine, she'll throw a party line
Stories extreme, she's such a drama queen,
Cries through the night, she chocked on Marlboro lites,
Pure charm and grace, she hates her pretty face,
She makes every move they make,
She takes everything they take,
She must be a Thelma or Louise,
She must be a post-modern sleaze
Chachi drove through the exit out of Tokyo. It was time to expand out! Pull the rug from under Japan. This country wouldn't know what hit it!
Chachi was enjoying the sweet adventure. Kim just kept quiet on the entire ride. For her, this was necessary. This is what kept her mind clear. The Wang-Ton clan would soon be after her. It was time to fight back now! No more running!
But what about Chachi? It was settled. It was too early to tell him. She would just be risking his life. This had to be her kept secret.
“Where to now?” Chachi asked. Kim looked up. “Hm, I don't care.” she said. Chachi smiled. Then he sped up. Kim screamed out. Boy, she hated his driving!
Straw spun from gold she craves a tortured soul
All doom and gloom, she plays an open wound,
She takes every scene they steal,
She takes every pain they feel,
She must be a Thelma or Louise,
She must be a post-modern tease
Unscrew the Wine