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Capricious Infection

By: Melissa Norvell

Act 36: In the Garden


"We've known each other since I was a freshman in high school, so we didn't meet each other because of Twisted Land," Rezzi explained. "I met him because he sent me an instant message by mistake. I didn't know that his name was Unwine or anything. In truth, I don't know anything about him. He's just my friend." They shared their thoughts on the apocalypse together, and were in many forums regarding the apocalypse and they started personally messaging each other from that point on. Unwine had always been the mystery man to her, the one without a name, and that was simply it.

'That means that she knows about all of this. I wonder what exactly this 'prophet' has knowledge of.' Karkatta didn't think she was as innocently caught up with him as she made it out to be. Rezzi knew things, more than she was letting on. One didn't just hang out with the Balancer and knew nothing.

"I'm not so sure that this building a city we share will be plausible. I mean, we're so different. How are we going to combine how we live?" To Tony, it was virtually impossible to live like a Dius, and it was just as impossible for them to live like humans. No one was willing to give up their lifestyle, and there were other parts of their culture and physical make-up that were impossible to give up.

"I think we can do it. We just have to agree." Sure, it wasn't going to be easy, but David knew that. There were going to be differences, that was just how the world...no the universe worked. He could see the differences, but he could also see the striking similarities as well. There had to be a way that they could live in peace together.

"Welp," Tony shrugged, "I see how dating went."

"That's minor," David dismissed, then he turned to the group and cast them an inquiring stare. "What do you guys think about having a monarchy?"

"I don't know that I'd want one person telling me what to do," Lannad looked apprehensive towards the idea. "I think this planet needs to be free. Let everyone do what they think is best." Why strive for unity when unity laid in individuality? If everyone was free to do what they liked, then things would run smoothly, or at least, that was her thought behind it all.

"So, it's best to senselessly murder, if one chooses?" Pregmacia was going to argue the point. "We need some order in the world." They couldn't have everyone running around willy-nilly. They needed some sort of structure or the world would reach Armageddon quickly.

"I like our laws, but I don't know anything about human laws." That was where Tarvos stood on the subject.

"Well...we put people in jail and we kill some of them if they murder people and such. I'm not one to brag because sometimes it's corrupt as fuck and things aren't fair. I don't know." When David thought about it, human laws were just complicated and some of them didn't make much sense. They would need to fix the laws that didn't work before and for someone who sucked at government it was going to take someone with a better knowledge on law to explain things to the Dius.

"You guys have too many loopholes." Even someone like Tarvos could spot the flaws in human law.

"The Dius rules are flawless I guess?" Dante spoke up, crossing his arms and leveling the reaper with eyes of skepticism. "Obviously not if the Balancer has to regulate your asses like a babysitter." Who did they think they were kidding with that logic?

"At least our punishment gets across," Karkatta argued the point.

"You're dealing with more than one race. It's not always going to be 'Dius law dictates'. This isn't your home world so stop pushing your rules on us," Dante wasn't about to take any of her shit. They were just trying to implement a world strictly based on their laws, and it was bullshit.

Karkatta's fists when to either side and pointy, saw-like teeth clenched. "Since when did you even ever follow the rules?" That was a fine thing to say, coming from chaos.

"This shit again? Do you ever shut up about it?" Dante barked, leaning forward. What about the fact that he's not Diablos anymore did she not get? Was it really that hard of a concept to grasp? Did she had to brood and gripe about everything?

"Maybe if you didn't do it, you wouldn't get spoken to about it, you sludge-encrusted, zit-faced, piece of shit," Karkatta retorted, holding up one of a fist as the space between them closed by a footstep. At this point, the two were glaring daggers at each other.

"Something's got to give, or we can't make a world together." Just hearing the two of them bicker and bitch was enough to stress David out. The two looked to him, finally getting their attention away from each other. "I think that we can all do it. We just have to get used to each other and how we operate. I know that everyone is used to things being their way, but it's not like we have that option anymore. I want to build a world where we can both live. I just feel like maybe you guys don't." All they did was act intolerable, or like they'd rather kill each other than actually make peace with each other. Their way was always right and no one wanted to give or bend in the slightest. That wasn't unity at all, and they needed to realize that.

"Do you think we're capable of coexisting?" Oz finally spoke up from his position, standing beside of the front door.

David turned to the alien and gave him a look of determination and strength. "I do, but you guys have to be open-minded. We all do. It's not impossible unless you make it that way. Just saying we're stupid isn't helping. I mean, yeah some things we do are dumb because it conflicts with what you believe. Well, we might think the same thing. We need to meet in the middle and give up something to make it work. Nothing is without sacrifice but it can't be just one side or the other that conforms," he then took a step towards Oz. "I think you know who you want to rule this new world. I think that there's a reason you've leant us all of your elementals just to help us," his eyes went to Tarvos, "death." Then to Pregmacia, "order." Followed by Dante, and Oz himself, "chaos, time," followed by Karkatta. "Uh..."

"Suffering and misery," the Dius confirmed their element.

"That explains your attitude," Tony finally made the connection as to why she acted so horribly. She embodied her element completely.

Karkatta was quick to pop off to him. "Watch your mouth, you rooster-combed son of a bitch!"

Tony just sighed in exasperation.

"We'll figure it out along the way. For now, we should all train. I have a big mission for you up ahead," Oz wanted to get away from the subject for a while. Not to mention, the fact that David was onto him made him a little uneasy.

Tarvos launched himself into the air, his powerful wings lifting him, but as soon as he tried to speed away his ankle was grabbed. It halted him in his place and he glanced back to see Oz glaring at him.

"Where are you going, Messiah?" The Dius of Time asked.

"I want to talk to my stratos about something important." There wasn't any need for him to truly be involved in the conversation. Tarvos has more important things to take care of.

"Don't slip out on training just because your element dictates the outcome," Oz knew very well what he was doing, and he wasn't having any of that bullshit.

"You must think I'm classless to just whisk away souls," Tarvos rebutted with amusement.

"I don't want to have to punish you," Oz threatened the wayward reaper.

"You have more irons in the fire to worry about. I'll be fine. I just want to see if I can get another ally." It wasn't as simple as Oz thought it was. Tarvos wanted to try and convince Ares to be on their side. It was important that they had all of the allies that they could get if they wanted to face off against Calypso. "Wouldn't you like to have war on your side?"

Oz reluctantly released his ankle. "Fine," he spat, "tell him that..." Oz then hesitated and his voice lightened in tone, "I miss him."

"Of course," the reaper replied and took off out of the open door. He glided across the land, spun around and flew up towards the war ships in the sky.

David turned, ready to go out and train, but he was stopped by a sensation on his wrist. Blue eyes glanced over to see Pregmacia taking a hold of him. "Huh? Oh, hey."

"Can we talk?" The pink-haired Dius asked with an unsure look on her face.

"Uh...sure," David wasn't sure why exactly she wanted to talk to him and what she wanted to talk about but he was willing to listen to whatever it was. The black-haired boy turned around and gave her his attention.

"You really think that the Dius and the humans have a chance at existing in this world together?" Pregmacia was interested in his theories. The fact that he was so adamant about his theory working was fascinating to her, and she wanted to know just what his visions of grandeur were.

"I think we can do it. I really do. We could learn a lot from each other...I just wished everyone felt that way. I sort of feel like no one wants to listen to me and everyone wants their way, you know?" David explained his point to the Dius. The only way that they were going to accomplish unity was if they agreed on at least a basic way to function as a society as a whole.

"They're stubborn and most of them are pretty stuck in their ways, like Oz and Karkatta. It's a real mess," Pregmacia sighed and ran a hand through her cotton candy tresses. Like David, she wanted to see a society where they co-existed, but she was a little unsure how to go about achieving it.

"Maybe one day I can make them see what I do. I guess you could say that I'm a visionary," David had big dreams. The fact that the apocalypse had come opened a gateway for new ideas and a reformation of society as a whole. There were unlimited possibilities, all they had to do was utilize them and come to agreements.

"What do you think about interspecies relationships?" With the idea of a combined society was fascinating, but this question took it to a whole different level. Could a Dius and a human have a long-lasting relationship? David was close to Oz and Dante, so Pregmacia valued his opinion.

"Whatever, I guess," David shrugged. "I mean, I can't talk about anything because I'm still trying to figure out love. The way I see it is that you can love anyone you want. I sort of figured out that I like a certain type of person, and I think that maybe I like some more than I'm saying. It's complicated." How could he even begin to explain his situation of how he felt about Dante and Oz? He was just beginning to delve into emotional bonds and ever since he had found out his true feelings, he glided on the wings of uncertainty. Winging love wasn't exactly what he wanted to say, but it was the truth.

"I know the feelings," Pregmacia admitted. "I've never been in a stable relationship, even with Diablo. I still wonder...if Ares was telling the truth back then." Even if Ares didn't like her, she had to admit that maybe he wasn't so far off. After all, she ended up in the same situation as he did, cold and lonely.

"That guy Diablo made hate you guys?" David asked.

"Yes, we were both Diablo's pyrex, and things happened..." She looked down in shame, a frown apparent on her pink lips. "But, I guess I'll never know. It's not like he'd be willing to talk. I just wanted to tell you that, for a human, you're not so bad." She looked back up at him, pink eyes sparkling as she smiled endearingly at him.

David blinked, a little shocked at her response. "Uh, thanks for what it's worth."

"I wish all humans shared your ideals," Pregmacia replied, "then I might be more inclined to stay with you and see through your plans until the end." Until now, she had never had a reason to truly want to side with all of them. With people like David around, slowly erasing the fear of foreign races and even wishing for a society where they could all live together peacefully was a sign of great hope, not only for their race but for their new planet. Oz did well when he chose this young man.

"Would it make you do more than just your job? I know you think this whole thing is annoying, a waste of time and it doesn't involve you." Among all of the Dius, she was the one that it was hardest to convince to work with them. Pregmacia was a lot like Ares in that aspect. She was a loner and even thought they were working towards the same goal, she was not one to join their party of people.

"I might be coerced into changing my mind," the pink-haired Dius winked playfully at him. "So far, you're the only human I like. You're not bad at all, human David."

"Oh please, its disgusting. I want the planet of Scales and Balance back," a rough, unisex voice intoned, cutting through their conversation as Pregmacia and David turned to see Karkatta, standing there with their arms crossed and a vexed look.

"Dude, what's your deal?" David was getting a little sick of this Dius in particular. The fact that the alien always had something to input made them more intolerable by the minute.

"There mere thought of a Dius and a human trying to make something so hideous it should be thrown under a human transport device is like kissing the scab encrusted, hair ass of your enemy. No thanks," Karkatta shot with a stern frown.

"No one knows if that's even possible," Pregmacia countered.

"Even if it was, I would never lower my standards to be associated with something that looks like a horror show reject," Karkatta refused to even give that a second thought.

"Then you better pick another Dius to mate with...or some other alien." Whatever the Dius picked to breed with, anyway. It wasn't like David knew their tastes.

"I will never, ever condone it," Karkatta put emphasis on the next word, "ever. If it ever becomes a thing, I will distance myself ever further away from the very humanity you claim to belong to. There are no further depths to stoop. Get off my cloud."

"You're a bitch," David frowned. Why was this one so hard-headed? It seemed like they were making things especially hard on their end.

"Like I care about your miniscule opinion," Karkatta waved in dismissal.

David threw out his arms, frustrated the more this alien spoke to him. "What did we do to you? Did someone chap your ass in the forums?" That was the only thing he could even think of that would have Karkatta this disgruntled.

"I hate you all. Your race should be extinct," Karkatta's fists were sat on the alien's small hips.

"That's harsh," David retorted.

"Karkatta!" Pregmacia scolded. This wasn't getting any better at all.

"No," Karkatta insisted on being stern, "I refuse to acknowledge any of them as sharing an even status with us." With that, the alien walked off. There was no way in hell they were sticking around to continue to listen to such horse shit. The humans had always had a place in the universe, and that was under the Dius. Nothing Pregmacia or David could say was going to change the true order of the universe.

Pregmacia sighed and turned back around, leveling David with a sympathetic look. She was sorry that he had to put up with that. "Sorry, Karkatta...is a bitter person."

"Two words: gross underestimate," David agreed. Pregmacia should have really just said rude as fuck. Those were the real words that fit the alien.


Dante pulled out his weapon and threw it through the air, whipping it this way and that in a display of his great upper body strength. He then took the end of it and slashed at the air with all of the tenacity that he could muster. Over and over again as he exerted his energy. Soon, his white skin was glistening in a thin layer of sweat.

On the porch, Rezzi sat in a lawn chair and Lannad sat on her knees on the ground. The layers of her light blue and white dress flowed around her, and her magical staff rested to her right, glistening in the sun's rays. The blue-haired girl turned to her silent friend and glanced at her with a visage of concern. "You haven't gotten any texts from Unwine, have you?" Lannad decided to ask, only to be met with a frown and sad reaction.

"We...had a fight."

"What do you think about our new world? What would you like to see happen?" Since everyone was talking about it, Lannad decided to ask what the blind girl thought. To her, it was interesting to gather opinions.

"I just want a world where everyone can live peacefully. If we save this world, then we should get to live how we choose. I don't think that certain things are fair...for a lot of people. I also think everyone's been changing around us." From the beginning of their mission, up until that point, they each went off and did their own thing. They went from normal teenagers, to saviors and in many ways they had grown apart from each other. Everyone had their own visions, their own motives and their own way of life. How long would their friendships even last? And Unwine...she felt like such a fool, interfering with something that she didn't understand. Looking back on it all, it made perfect sense.

Unwine wanted to push her away, because of his position. It was his position as the Balancer that bothered her. To Rezzi, it was as if he was a slave to everyone. He had to conform to what people wanted and avoid all contact to remain pure and just.

It wasn't right.

"You really do know everything, don't you?" Lannad knew that Rezzi knew a substantial amount about their mission and what they were going to be doing, how the world was going to end and why, but just how much did she know?

"I know a lot, yes," Rezzi confirmed the priestess' uncertainties.

"You knew this world was ending." How could she just sit back and let it all happen? Why did she just let it all happen? Lannad didn't understand it at all.

"Even if I tried, there's nothing I could have done. In truth, I knew about Tarvos. I was told by Unwine to take care of him, and let him trick you all," the blind girl was certain that if she hadn't gone along with the plan, then Tarvos could have claimed her life as he did with Mae and Ringo. There was a reason that all of it was to happen, and just as Unwine had told her in the past, it was all coming to pass and revealing itself.

"You were in on it together?" Lannad could hardly believe it. Rezzi was just a martyr to the Dius' cause. A part of her thought that she wanted the end of the planet just as badly as the Dius did.

"He was sent here because of Unwine. He told me that I was fit for the job, and that he was going to spare me from dying if I did it. I knew about everything all along, but I couldn't do anything and apparently neither could he." They were all acting upon impulses that attributed to the chain of birth and destruction. Reality would have continued to run its course, no matter how badly either of them wanted to dictate it otherwise.

"I bet it really is hard for you," Lannad knew that Rezzi more than likely had guilt over it but she was unsure of what exactly to say about it. Never in a hundred years could she imagine what he felt like, nor did she want to.

"It can be," Rezzi admitted, "I care about him and I want what's best for him, but that can't be accomplished. He's actually mad at me because I let him know that I cared about him." That was her mistake, and a huge one at that.

"Why did you do that?" Surely, Rezzi knew that she never had a chance with the Balancer.

"I didn't know that he was the Balancer."

"What are you going to do?" Lannad wondered how she was going to deal with such unrequited feelings. No wonder she was so down as of lately.

"Nothing," the answer was simple.

"Huh?" Lannad was confused.

"I'll wait until I see him. I want to talk to him about everything," Rezzi turned her head towards the girl, who was seated on the ground. "What about you? Have you told Dante how you felt?"

The priestess glanced down in shame, "no..."

Rezzi's frown grew deeper. She wanted to give the girl some advice before the same situation repeated itself. "You should tell him before things get too complicated," the blind girl couldn't save herself from failure, but perhaps she could advise Lannad to better her situation.

"But, what about the other Dius?" After all, Dante was one of them. He had been all along, and she didn't know how he felt about interspecies relationships. Dius or human, she couldn't help how she felt about the grumpy, defiant male.

"He's already denied them. If you don't tell him now, someone might take him away from you. I would have thought that you would have learned that from Ayumi." It was the same situation as it was before. Lannad was beating around the bush, waiting for Dante to come to her when all along, he had found comfort in Ayumi's arms. Was she just going to wait until Dante had yet another lover?

"Well, Tarvos-" Lannad was cut off.

"You're just denying yourself," the blind girl's voice had a stronger tone, it became more determined and firmer. More than anything, she wanted to talk some sense into the priestess. "Tarvos won't kill you because of that. If you end up with Dante, I don't think it makes a difference. It might just validate the fact that he needs to move on. The Dius all have complex relationships and Tarvos has his attractions. Whoever Ares is, he must care about him a lot. I've never heard him with that tone before."

When the reaper mentioned Ares, or wanting to go and see him, he held a tone of empathy, a tone of calm and even happiness. It was unlike him to sound anything but amused or often times unstable and psychopathic. "Besides, doesn't it hurt you to know he's single and so are you?" She continued. "You have the time and opportunity. If you don't tell him, then you'll both grow distant. You should be more confident in yourself."

"I've liked him for so long. I've always felt like I wasn't his type of girl," Lannad fiddled with the laces that poked out from under her dress. Fingers entangling themselves in the woven, white, intricate fabric. "He was always with sassy, confident girls, like Ayumi. I've always been sort of jealous of Ayumi. It seems so wrong now that she's gone but, I can't help it." Her hands balled up the ruffles tightly. "When Dante held her...I couldn't help but wish it was me. Then Tarvos came along and..." Her head lowered. "It's intimidating for someone who has no self confidence. I love fashion, but no matter how many frills I hide behind, I am still just me." As confident as Lannad liked to have seemed, she was just like any other high school girl who was worried with her looks. That was why she loved fashion so much. No matter what, it gave her confidence; it made her looks stylish and cute. In her frills, laces and lolita she felt beautiful.

"He should like that about you. I would never want someone to take for who I am," Rezzi didn't see her reasoning behind hiding her feelings. Why wish you were someone else? It really made no sense to her.

Lannad looked up and over her shoulder at the darkly-dressed girl. "Are you saying this to me now because of what happened with you?" It honestly seemed like that was her intention.

"You should take Unwine as an example. What would you do if you couldn't love anyone? It must be lonely," Rezzi's voice lowered into a saddened tone. "When I asked to be a Balancer, I did it with the intentions that they would consider it. It wasn't meant as I want to be with him, just as I'd like to keep him company. He doesn't have to feel anything for me. I just don't want him to be alone." That was what worried her the most. It was the fact that Unwine was alone. She hated knowing that he wasn't truly allowed to have friendships with anyone or relationships. It bothered her knowing that he was in complete isolation from the world.

"He must mean a lot," Lannad felt sympathetic towards the girl. She could only imagine the pain that she felt.

"I've known him for six years," Rezzi informed her.

"I hadn't realized it was that long," Lannad looked thoughtful for a moment, then changed the subject slightly. "Hey, Dius have stratos, right? You should be that to him if you even can." It was probably not a good suggestion but it was the closest thing she could think of that constituted to some type of semblance of a relationship.

"He doesn't need that," Rezzi shook her head. "He needs..." she looked thoughtful for a moment, before shaking her head again. "It's hard to explain. I think he just needs contact with people."

Lannad stood and took a couple of steps forward. She felt herself supercharged from her talk with the prophet, full of vitality and bravery. Determination crossed her face as she held a confident fist up. "I'll do it, I'll tell Dante how I feel."

She then glanced over her shoulder. "Can you wish me luck?"

"I hope your luck is better than mine," Rezzi said as Lannad stepped off of the front porch. She watched the girl walk towards Dante and sighed to herself. "I really do..."

...To Be Continued