Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Chronicles of Silver Springs: Blue's Quest For Love ❯ First Pain ( Chapter 1 )

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Chronicles of Silver Springs

Blue’s Quest for Love

Blue’s first memory was of a disgruntled middle aged woman wearing a name badge. Cheryl, as the badge suggested, roughly shoved him into a box. The box was small, but he fit in it without discomfort. As soon as he was packed away, he missed the feel of her hands around him, though they were protected by gloves, and he knew she felt no love for him. It was his first human contact and he cherished it.  

 Sitting in the box, feeling the world move and shift about him, he wondered what could possibly be happening. Having seen the world for a moment, he could only imagine. There were loud sounds of commotion from the outside, but he had no idea what it could be. Knowing he was moving great distances, he felt a sense of exhilaration. When he arrived at his particular destination, the excitement stopped. The waiting began.

Blue sat on a lonely shelf. He could hear the delight and festivity from the outside every day. How he longed to be part of the fun. The immature giggling, suave ploys of seduction, and heartfelt confessions of love all taunted him. Simply hearing it all, with no knowledge of what was happening nor legitimate hope of the contact being for him, was torture. He only wanted to be welcomed into that world. After what seemed like an eternity on the shelf, he finally got his first glimpse of his new life.

“Is this a good one?” A deep male voice asked from the outside.

“Oh yes sir. Your partner will love the features.”

“I think I’ll take it.” The man decided. “But may I look at it first?”

“Of course, let me put on some gloves.”

The box Blue resided in was lifted from the shelf and turned over and over. The twisting made him dizzy, but since this was the first chance he had to be loved, he tried to subdue the queasiness.  A bright light enveloped him as he was removed from the box. He saw a friendly looking store associate and an overweight, balding middle aged man.
A devious grin spread across the man’s face. “It’s perfect. Blue is her favorite color.”

Waves of elation spread to Blue’s very core. He was going to be a gift- a gift to this man’s partner. Her favorite color was blue, and he was “perfect” for her. Happiness, incomparable to anything he had ever felt before, erupted. He could not wait to meet her. The sales associate put him back into his box, but this time Blue felt no sorrow. His quest for love would soon be over.

Blue felt his home being placed into a bag of some sort, then heard crinkling of tissue paper being stuffed around it. A loud chuckle from the man person made him happy. If he could bring this stranger such joy, he was sure his lady friend would love him too. After a brief journey he could tell he was at a restaurant. He could smell marinara sauce and hear stereotypical Italian music faintly through his box. The bustling and energy was contagious. This was it.

“Dee, sweetie, how are you tonight?” He heard the strange man greet his lady friend.

“Doing good, a little tired from work, but good.” The reply was weary yet cheerful.

“I can seat you guys now,” a waitress announced to the couple.

Waiting while Dee and the man finished eating was painful. Blue just wanted to be given to her, and listening to all the small talk and forced chivalry was exhausting. His chance was here, right here. She was sitting at the booth, he knew it. Nothing else mattered, especially not some mediocre spaghetti.  After the waitress brought dessert, Blue knew it couldn’t be much longer.

“That was great!” Dee said with forced enthusiasm. “We should get going now before it gets too late.”

“Good idea,” the man agreed.

Another car ride later, Blue could tell they were at some sort of hotel. The musty smell, the creaking wood, and the loud buzz of the air-conditioner informed Blue that they were not at the Ritz. This must be one of those no-tell motels. Odd, he thought, since Dee seemed like such a nice lady. There must be some sort of explanation, he presumed.  The tissue paper crinkled pleasantly as he was thrown onto a soft surface.

“I got a little something for you, honey pie,” the man said excitedly.

“Oh you shouldn’t have. Let’s see it.”

Blue’s heart stopped. This was it. Finally, here was the love he had been craving all those long months on the shelf. Here was the love that he had only dreamed of. Here was the love of a woman, just for him.  Knowing his hopes hadn’t been in vain filled Blue with such euphoria.  The empty void in his core seemed to be filling with love, as if a waterfall was pouring torrents of affection into him.

An observer would be confused by Dee’s first look at Blue and Blue’s first look at Dee. They were so vastly different, one couldn’t be sure they were looking at each other. Blue seemed to emit undiluted joy. His bliss was obvious and the jubilation was palpably infused throughout his soul. The glow from his personal paradise radiated outward with reckless audacity. Dee hid mild disgust behind a fake smile.
“It’s great. Thanks. I’ll be sure to use this… Later.”

Blue experienced a sudden paradigm shift. The weight of her disapproval crushed Blue. Dee thinking he was repugnant was the worst feeling Blue could ever imagine. He felt the mute, tearless sobs rack his body. The one person he had counted on didn’t want him. Fake smiles and fake interest was all he ever would receive. He could hear the lies in her words. “It’s great.” She had said. The revulsion in her words was apparent even to Blue. He thought he was a wonderful gift for her. He thought wrong.

The odyssey of hurt, that he had hoped was over, was just beginning.

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