Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ Kasumi's Attack ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hu-sensei eyed the crowd. He was looking for the next fighter. Kasumi caught his eye.
"Ah!" he said. "How about that lovely new young lady there?" Kasumi looked up sharply.
"Me?" she asked. Hu-sensei nodded. The woman looked around. The others were watching.
"Okay," she said. Then Kasumi walked towards the ring. Hu-sensei looked for the next opponent. He spotted one of the top female swords man in the crowd.
"And we'll have you up as well," Hu-sensei said. The lady swordsman bravely complied. The crowd watched closely. Ryuji and Kasumi passed each other. They grinned as they passed.
"Good luck." Ryuji whispered to her. Kasumi just grinned.
    The duelists stood in the ring. Hu-sensei grinned.
"And..." he said. "Go!"
    The top girl drew out her sword and lunged forward. Kasumi grinned. She slowly drew out her sword. And then...
    Clank! The class stood amazed. Kasumi just blocked opponent's attack with one little move of her sword. The top girl was caught off guard. Kasumi smirked and shoved the girl away with the strength of a bull. The top girl crashed straight to the ground. Kasumi walked forward.
After three whole rounds, Kasumi flat out won them all. The crowd was amazed. Hu-sensei cleared his throat.
"We have a new winner," he declared. The students applauded loudly. Kasumi bowed with grace. Then she helped her opponent to her feet. Even she was amazed.
"Kasumi," Ryuji spoke up as the trio walked home.
"Yes?" the visitor said.
"Can you teach me your skills?" the boy asked.
"Well...." Kasumi said.
"Please!" Ryuji begged her with the irresistible puppy dog eyes.
"Oh, okay," she said.
"Yeah!" Ryuji yelled. Kasumi smiled and Haruko tittered.
Chapter five: Kasumi's Attack