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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hisako all led them to an abandoned bus stop leading into the woods. Ryuji blinked in confusion.
"Are we waiting for a bus?" he asked.
"No," she said. She raced under the shelter. Coni playfully ran after her. She reached down and pet him. The other three watched her. Hisako looked up with a smile.
"Come on," she said. "It's fine." The trio followed her to the abandoned sheltered stop. Ryuji still didn't look impressed.
"How did you find this?" Kasumi asked.
"Oh, just by wandering around," Hisako answered as she washed her feet in a puddle. Coni licked on her toes as if to help out. His owner giggled.
"Thanks boy," she said.
"Freak," Ryuji muttered. Hisako pretended that she didn't hear him.
"Be nice," Haruko whispered to her brother.
"But she is a freak with the way she treats that dog like he's a human being," he muttered. "He's just a dumb dog."
"He's just a dumb human, isn't he?" Hisako as she played with Coni's ear. The little dog panted at her words.
"Yes, he is. Yes, he is," she said. Ryuji snorted.
"My," Kasumi cut in. "You don't have a new relationship with Hisako-chan."
"What of it?" he asked. The woman just shrugged.
"Why is that?" she asked. The boy sighed and rolled his eyes. Well, he might as well say it. It looks like they're going to be here all night at this rate. He sat down on the pavement.
"Okay, I'll say it," Ryuji said. "Two years ago, Coni had a 'brother' as she claimed. To make a long story short, I accidentally hit the dog with my bike. It wasn't a big deal."
"Liar!" the younger girl cried. "He had to hobble on three legs for weeks."
"But he's still alive, isn't he?!?" the boy snapped.
"That's not the point!" Hisako shouted. "Hachi almost got put down because of you! Coni hates you and I hate you!"
"He's just a stupid dog!" he yelled. Coni growled at him. Hisako hugged on the puppy.
"Don't listen to him boy," she whispered. "He's just an idiot anyway!" Ryuji was about to charge over to her, but Haruko grabbed him the shoulder. He looked up to see her shaking her head at him.
"But sis!" he wailed.
"Let it go," she said.
"But..." the boy argued.
"Let it go!" Haruko said again. Ryuji pouted at her.
"Fine," he grumbled. Then, his stomach growled. *Sweat drop on the boy's head*
"I'm hungry," he said with a nervous laugh.
"That's okay," Kasumi said patiently. "I managed to take us a little bit of food to tide us over until we get to the next village." Ryuji's eyes lit up with joy.
"You are a saint Kasumi-san!" he said. The woman warrior gave him a little smile.
"It's always better to plan ahead," she said. Then, she counted up everyone among them. "Hm, there are four of us here."
"Five!" Hisako corrected.
"Oh right," Kasumi said. Ryuji gave her a puzzled look.
"Five?" he asked. "How?"
"There's you, me, Haruko-chan, Hisako-chan," Kasumi counted up.
"And Coni!" Hisako counted. Ryuji turned to the younger girl.
"Why should the dog get anything?" he asked. "He's a hunting dog. He should go hunt for his own food." Hisako frowned at him.
"Maybe you should go hunt for your own food!" she snapped.
"You've spoiled that dog since you were born," he said.
"I have not!" she cried.
"Yes you have!" Ryuji snapped.
"Easy," Kasumi cut in. "There is enough for all of us tonight. Come here and eat." Everyone took a seat as Kasumi unpacked her bag from around her waist. She pulled out a small container of rice balls.
"I'm sorry they're a bit cold at the moment," she said. "But here you are." She divided up the rice balls for everyone to eat. Hisako split hers in half and gave some to Coni. He ate up quickly.
"Good boy," she said as she pet him on the head. He happily panted. Ryuji rolled his eyes. Stupid, he thought. Haruko squeezed his shoulder. Ryuji cringed in pain.
"Behave yourself," Haruko whispered. Ryuji only sneered at her. Whatever, he thought. Everyone ate up in silence.
"How is it?" Kasumi asked after she finished hers. Everyone just nodded.
"Good," Ryuji said. "This is good."
"Coni and I love it!" Hisako cheered.
"Hm," Haruko said. "This is as good as the ones I make." She looked at Kasumi as a new rival in the kitchen.
"Did you make these yourself?" she asked.
"Yes," Kasumi admitted. "They aren't my best to tell the truth."
"I see..." Haruko replied. She began to see fire in her head. Ryuji quickly held her wrist.
"Calm down," he said with a smile. Haruko snorted at him.
"Whatever," she muttered.
"Behave," her brother whispered. She only hissed at him. After everyone ate, they all went to bed in the rainy night while Kasumi and Haruko stayed up to keep watch. In comes the time for reflection.
Chapter Eleven: Bus Stop in the Rain