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"Asuka!" someone yelled before the boy could speak. "I told you not to come down here!" The crew turned to see an old lady standing in the doorway frowning. She looked as if she had just finished cooking a meal with her apron on and a big wooden spoon in her hand. Her black and grey hair was pinned back in a tight bun. Asuka fell to his knees at her feet.
"I'm so sorry, grandma!" he yelled. The old lady looked over at Ryuji and them.
"And who are these people?" she asked. Asuka looked behind him.
"I just thought they could help them with Kameko," he said.
"How?" she challenged.
"I don't know," he said. "Maybe take her to the Cove or something."
"That's enough out of you!" the old lady snapped.
"But grandma..."
"The Cove is just a myth! Forget about it!"
"But what if it's real?"
"It's not! So let it go!"
Kasumi stepped forward. "Excuse me, miss," she said. The old lady glared at her.
"What?!?" she snapped.
"Just what exactly is wrong with your granddaughter?" the vagabond asked. There was a tense moment of silence. The old lady dropped her shoulders and sighed.
"Come inside and we'll talk," she replied. "I made too much food again." Everyone headed into the house.
The air conditioning blew over their heads in the kitchen. The crew sat around the table waiting for the food. Asuka looked at his hands. The old lady came with a big pot of stewed curry rice.
"I am so sorry about this," she said. "My grandson is just so desperate to help his sister from this mess."
"What exactly happened to her?" Haruko asked. The old lady lowered her head.
"She has been chosen as the House of Souls," she replied in a quiet voice. Hisako and Ryuji got her a puzzled look.
"House of Souls?" Ryuji asked. Kasumi pressed her lips together.
"A person's body houses multiple souls," she explained. He gave her a strange face.
"How?" he asked.
"The cause is not really explained," Asuka mumbled. "It just happens every forty years."
"So, why is it so bad?" Hisako asked as she patted Coni sleeping next her.
"The souls are so overwhelming that they drive the host to insanity," the grandma explained. "All of those voices in their heads. The body doesn't eat or sleep. Prone to self-harm." The younger ones sat in painful silence.
"Nightmare," Ryuji said.
"Yes," Kasumi replied.
"This is why I keep saying take her to the Cove!" Asuka suggested. His grandma's eyes turned cold towards.
"Not another word!" she barked.
"Not another word!"
The grandson lowered his head. "Alright." His grandmother calmed down some.
"I am so sorry about that," she said. "But, Asuka-chan seems so hung on this "Cove" myth."
"But it's not a myth!" the boy cried. Grandma drew in a deep breath.
"One more!" she barked. He sat back down and closed his mouth. His grandma breathed out as she sat back.
"I am so sorry for all this," she said. Kasumi gave her a nod of understanding. The rest of dinner was quiet.
Chapter Sixteen: Kameko's Past