Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ Cove's Mystery ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
What is this Cove that everyone wants so much? Many stories surround it. New ones keep piling on top of the old ones every year. It isn't certain which ones is the truth or a myth. It doesn't help that people keep adding on details as the story gets passed around from generation to generation. Nobody even knows when the Cove first came about. The stories don't know how to end or stay consistent. Its location doesn't seem to stay in one place very long. There aren’t many animals around the land where it rests. The vegetation around the Cove is rather lush and full. Many wonder why no has tried to live there?
Where did this Cove first come from? Many answers try to be number one to this question. Some make sense while others sound silly. For years, many people thought the Cove was God himself. There are a good number who still believe that. The younger generation isn't too sure anymore. They try to seek the science behind it. Because of this, the elders frown upon them. Religion and science just fuel the curiosity about the Cove. Curiosity leads to the quest of finding the truth.
So, the various quests to find the Cove began. The numbers keep increasing as each year passes. The travelers keep getting younger and younger as well. The youngest so far has been a ten-year-old boy. The problem is that these travelers don't know where they are going and lack the exact directions to get to their destination. They even lose track of how long they have been traveling. They could go on for years and not know where they are going or how to stop. Nobody has come back to tell about the Cove. There are many speculations about where those travelers are now. Some believe that they are all dead. The really hopeful believe that they have found the Cove and never left. However, there is evidence of new villages formed along the way of the quest. Some of these villages flourished while others just became ghost towns in the end.
But, where exactly is this "Cove?" No description of it even comes close to do it any justice. In fact after a while, it all starts to sound the same. Many say it's Heaven on earth. A good number of young people say it's a beautiful beach. The elders say that the Cove is a beautiful forest that never gets dark. Even a few say that it's a floating castle in the sky. So far, none of these answers are filling to hear. Some of the elders and youth even question if the Cove even exists in the first place. Those are the ones who want physical proof to sway them. But how can that be possible if those that went out to seek the Cove have yet to come back?
So why do they do this? There is no fame or glory in this. Money is definitely out of the question. Treasure doesn't play into this quest either. The only things that are certain are the thrill of adventure and fulfilling the hunger for curiosity. Still, the lack of rewards involved doesn’t stop people going out to unlock the mystery of the Cove. In fact, there are new sets of travelers gearing up for the search as the people in their villages speak.
Chapter Twenty-Six: Cove's Mystery: