Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ Dining Hall Pondering ( Chapter 41 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The next morning brought silent pondering. Ryuji eyed Kasumi as she sat across from him at the table.
I don't know how to reach her. I step closer, she back away. However, I just can't leave her alone. He turned to Haruko sitting next to him.
"Hey nee-chan," he said. She glanced up at him from her rice.
"Yeah?" the older girl asked.
"Doesn't Kasumi seem rather distant to you?" he asked in a whisper.
"How do you mean?" Haruko asked. Ryuji shrugged as he tried to put his thoughts into words.
"Well," he began. When that thought failed him, he tried another one that crossed his mind. "I just want to help her," he admitted. "I don't really know how, though." Haruko turned to him with a patient smile on her face.
"You already are helping her out," she said.
"Huh?" her younger brother asked. "How?"
"You're there for her already, right?" Haruko asked.
"I guess..." Ryuji answered.
"Then, you're helping her out already," Haruko summed up. Her brother shook her head.
"It still doesn't feel like enough," he mumbled. He stared down into his noodles. Kasumi...
It's been quiet in my head this morning. This is one of those rare moments I get to myself. However, I wonder how long that will last today. I'm still not used to their whispering and it still freaks me out. I hope we can find the Cove soon so that I can be normal. She looked up and noticed Hisako and Conni walking over to the table.
"Hey," the other girl said. "Sleep well?" Kameko pressed her lips together as she nodded.
"Mind if we sit down?" Hisako asked. The other girl shook her head.
"Thanks," the animal said. She bowed her head and took a seat next to Kameko. Conni sat at her feet. Kameko glanced down at her own plate. Not a single bite of food had been touched so far.
"You're not hungry?" Hisako asked. Kameko looked up at her, puzzled at first before she shook her head. The animal girl tilted her head at her.
"You don't talk much, do you?" she asked.
"Not really," Kameko muttered.
"Oh," Hisako replied. She reached dog to pet Conni. The other girl looked down at her plate as she remembered when first inherited the house of souls.
Chapter Forty-Two: Dining Hall Pondering: