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"Please take me with you?" she begged.
"No!" Shasha shouted.
"Please?" she begged again.
"Go away!" Shasha yelled.
"Please? I hate it here!" she cried. "Take me with you!" Shasha whipped around with rage written in her expression.
"Look!" she barked. "Just go away and leave us!" What's going on here? Let's back up, shall we?
-Six Hours Earlier-
Her name is Hong Sayako. She was once a princess in the cities. Now at twenty-three, she found herself working as a maid in the Water Hole. Every day started out the same: get up, get dressed, clean rooms and garbage, meals, shower, and go to bed. Every night made her cry.
"This isn't right!" she complained. "I'm the proud heiress of the Hone family! I'm not a maid!" Her coworkers didn't take her seriously. Some didn't even believe her.
"Yo, princess!" the manager yelled. "Clean this guest's room!" She groaned aloud.
"Yes, sir," she muttered. Sayako turned and walked down the hall. Today would start out as another boring work day. Please let something interesting lead me away from this place. Sayako came to room 208 and knocked on the door.
"Mr. Charlie!" she called. "I'm coming in to clean your room." No answer came from the other side. Sayako rolled her eyes and knocked again. "Mr. Charlie! I'm coming in, okay?" She reached into her pocket and pulled out her key. "I'm coming in now!" The maid unlocked the door and went inside. The smell of decomp made her jump backwards. "What the hell?" she muttered to herself. Sayako had to push herself inside to work.
"Why is it so dark in here?" she muttered to herself. Sayako reached over for the light switch. She found the old man sitting up in bed with his eyes wide open. The maid tilted her head.
"Mr. Charlie?" she asked. "Mr. Charlie?" Sayako slowly walked closer. "Hello?" she asked. "Hello? The woman reached out for a pulse. The color drained from her face. "Oh no," she muttered. "Uh... uh..." Sayako looked around the room. She noticed the dead man's watch and emerald rings on the dresser. They looked so pretty since yesterday. The dead man won't miss them anyway. Sayako glanced around before she stuffed them down her dress.
"Help!" she yelled. "Somebody help!" The maid stood in the hallway and waited. The workers took the old man's body away quietly.
By morning, Sayako came down to the dining hall for breakfast. Once again, she wished for an escape. Please, take me away from here! Suddenly, a piece of a legend caught her ear. The cove? Sayako leaned in at the next table for a listen. She found Shasha doing all of the talking with her friend, Emmit.
"What do you think is at this Cove?" she asked. Her friend shrugged at her. Shasha took a moment to think.
"Maybe there's treasure there," she said. The girl made a face. "Seems a little dull, huh?" she asked. Emmit shook his head. Sayako stopped listening after treasure. She remembered the stories about this so-called "Cove." Right then, the maid saw her ticket out and a plan was born.
So Now...
Shasha glared at her. "You won't let up, will you?" Sayako grinned as she shook her head. The younger girl sighed.
"Will you shut up if I say yes?" she asked. The maid pouted as she nodded her head. Shasha groaned aloud.
"What do you think, Emmit?" she asked. Her friend shrugged and shook his head. The girl sighed out loud.
"Can't be helped, I guess," she said. Sayako looked at her with big, happy eyes.
"Oh thank you!" she cried, bowing at the younger girl's feet. Shasha rolled her eyes again. Just shoot me!
Chapter Forty-Seven: Baggage III: