Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ Let's Go! ( Chapter 45 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"We all set?" Ryuji asked.
"Yep!" Hisako answered. Conni barked in reply. The other girls nodded.
"Okay then," the boy said. "Let's go!"
"But go where?" Hisako asked.
"Does it matter?" he asked.
"Well, yeah," the animal girl said, shrugging. "I don't want to get lost in the forest and die." Ryuji glared at her before turning his attention to Kasumi.
"So, where should we go now?" he asked. The woman tried to remember the legend in her head.
"We have to go through the forest before we reach the sea," she said. The rest of the party gather around her with their jaws dropped.
"The ocean?!" they cried.
"Yes," she said, nodding. Excitement rushed through the rest of the party.
"Wow!" Hisako said. "I've never been to the ocean before!"
"I only saw it in books," Haruko said.
"That's where the cove is said to be," Kasumi said.
"No way," Ryuji said with a gasp. "Let's get going, then!" However, Hisako looked over Haruko's shoulder.
"Sound good to you?" she asked her new friend.Kameko looked up at her with big surprised eyes.
You know she's lying to you, right?
Yeah, they are just going to abandon you like everyone else.
You're better off staying here all alone with us.
Kameko forced herself to smile. Shut up. "Of course!" she said aloud. Hisako jumped up and down, cheering while Conni barked and wagged his tail. Ryuji clapped his hands above his head.
"Right, let's get going now!" he announced. The boy turned and began his march. The girls all followed behind to humor him.
Meanwhile, Shasha and Emmit had a little problem getting started on their own journey.
Chapter Forty-Six: Let's Go!: