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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
There was once a girl called Wi Akimi. Everyone in her village feared her. Her body housed a dark power. Death reeked from her pores. It is rumored that she killed her parents in their sleep. Because of this, the remaining family is isolated on their house on top of the hill. That house itself screamed of despair. No plants grew around it and no animals came near it. Not a single sound could be heard from outside.
Akimi naturally became a bitter girl. Nobody could ever remember the last time she smiled. Even her older brother and sister feared her. However, they couldn't leave her. Only they cancel out her power. Without them, Akimi would kill any and everything within inches of her. They try to pretend that everything is nice and normal, but their baby sister already knows otherwise. I hate them all, she thought on a daily basis.
Nobody knows what caused this to happen. They can't explain this power that she has. Because of it, they don't know how to get rid of it either. It was said that her parents were trying to put an end to the ruin surrounding their youngest daughter. Akimi, however, has given up hope. "I'm just end up killing more people anyway," she muttered one night after dinner.
"Don't silly," her sister, Anna, tried to tell her. "We'll find a way to fix you." Her sister shot an icy glare at her that made her draw her mouth closed.
"Why did you have to lie to her like that?" Sanya, their older brother, asked hours later outside their baby sister's bedroom door. "You know we can't do anything for her!"
"I just thought if we give her a little hope, maybe she'd cheer up," Anna said, shuffling her feet.
"And what if there isn't a way?" Sanya asked in a hiss. "What then?" Anna lowered her eyes to the floor.
"I... I don't know," she mumbled.
"Great," her brother muttered. "So you're giving her false hopes about being normal."
"I'm sorry," his sister muttered.
"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to," Sanya whispered harshly. In her room, Akimi frowned to herself in her futon. I hate them all, she thought, turning over under the sheets.
However, there came a change in the summer.
"The Cove?" Anna asked.
"Yeah," Sanya said. "Apparently, we can go there to fix her and disappear." His sister narrowed her eyes at him.
"I thought we weren't raising her hopes," she said. "Everyone knows that the Cove is nothing, but a myth."
"I'm tired of this house," her brother complained. "Don't you hate the way they stare at us every time we go into town?"
"Well, yes, but..." his sister replied.
"So, let's get out of here!" Sanya pushed. "I don't want to end up dying in this hellhole village!" Anna bit on her lower lip as she nervously look away.
"Uh..." she began to say.
"Let's go," a small voice spoke up. Brother and sister saw Akimi standing in the doorway, eyeing them. Anna walked over to her little sister.
"Akimi-chan," she said like caring mother. Her sister narrowed her eyes at her.
"I hate this place," the younger girl said. "Take me out of here." No one dared to argue with her. Before the sun rose the next morning, the three siblings packed up and headed out in search of the Cove.
Chapter Forty-Nine: Darkness Child: