Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Cove ❯ You are Not Alone ( Chapter 69 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Kameko felt a pair of hands embrace from behind. She turned to see Hisako smiling at her. The older girl blinked.

"Hisako?" she asked. The girl looked up with a smile. Kameko blinked for a moment.

"Did you want something?" she asked. Hisako shook her head.

"Get off of her," Ryuji said up ahead.

"No," the girl said. Kameko had a nervous look on her face.

"Why?" she asked. Hisako giggled.

"You looked sad," she said. Kameko couldn't think of anything to say at first.

"She's right," Kasumi said. Kameko, Ryuji, and Hisako looked up. Kasumi was turned to face them.

"We are all here for you," she said. "Don't forget that." Kameko stood at a loss for words.

"Uh... okay..." she said at last.

"I mean it," Kasumi said. Haruko turned her head.

"Where do we go next?" she asked.

"That, I do not know," Kasumi said.

"Nee-san!" Ryuji hissed. His sister shrugged.

"Hey, I just have to know," she said. "We need a plan if we're going to be attacked by that weird guy."

"She's right," Kasumi said.

"Kasumi..." Ryuji said.

"No, listen!" she said. She forced herself to calm down with heavy breathing. Kasumi let her head drop back before she spoke.

"Karasu isn't going to give up until he has more power," she said. "We... No, I have to stop him!" Haruko reached out and touched her on the shoulder. The other woman about jumped. Harulo gave her an empathic smile.

"We'll help you," she said.

"But..." Kasumi said.

"We will help you," Haruko said again. "It's okay. You aren't alone anymore. You have us now." Kasumi drew her mouth closed. My own words used against me. Haruko drewa back her hand.

"So tell me," she said. "Which way should we go next?" Kasumi looked at all of the eyes on her. She shrugged.

"Straight forward, I guess," she said.

"Right!" Haruko said. She turned to the rest of the party.

"Okay! Let's go, everybody! I personally want to get out of these woods," she said. Haruko turned and started marching forward. Ryuji rolled his eyes.

"Always has to be the one taking control," he muttered to himself as he followed behind. Kameko gently shoved Hisako off before moving on. The younger girl whistled for her dog. Coni came running towards her. Kasumi stood for a moment letting it sank in. They were all going to revisit this issue again soon. Her friends were going to have to tell her more than once. Somehow, she was okay with this.

"Kasumi!" Ryuji yelled at her. The woman quickly looked up.

"Coming!" she shouted. She ran to catch up with the rest of the group. Kasumi pushed aside her mission from her head. For now, she would enjoy being with her friends.

Chapter Seventy-Two: You are Not Alone: