Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 1: Meeting Momo ( Chapter 1 )

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So, to unlock Momo in the game, you have to buy a goldfish, then drop it outside. My friend Payton Jones and I were running the goldfish booth during homecoming. Hey, why not have a little real life Huniepop fun? Try and “unlock” Momo in the real world! I thought. I took one of the goldfish that was already in a bowl. “Hey, Payton, be right back. I gotta go...do something real quick,” I said. “Okay, fine,” she said, rolling her eyes. I walked out back with the fish. Then opened the cap. Now just one more step to prove to myself that Huniepop is JUST a game! I said. The last step was to walk away. I started back to the building. I got up the steps when I heard a squeaky voice say, “Umm...excuse me!” No way! It’s just a game! I thought. I spun around as fast as I could. “Did you drop these fishies here? If you don’t want them, can I have ‘em?” Sure enough, there was Momo, a 15 year old girl with a tail. She was also full anime--100% animated--in the real world! Holy...what the...huh?! I couldn’t even think straight. I just now realized that she asked me a question. “Huh? Oh, yeah, sure,” I said, kinda still in a trance. “Um, excuse me!” she said again, “Did you drop these fishies here? If you don’t want them, can I have ‘em?” I just remembered that there were only certain phrases she responded to in Huniepop, since she was a video game character. “Knock yourself out.” I said. “YES! Thank you! I’ll love them forever and ever!” she said. Even though I already knew the answer, I asked this next question anyway, since it was one of the three questions you’re forced to ask her in the game: “Is that a tail back there?” I asked, referencing...behind her. “Mmmhmm! It is!” she said, smiling and nodding, “I have these furry ears, too! I’m Momo! I’m a kitty!” She giggled. “But, well, I don’t have a master. I don’t being a stray kitty. It’s no fun.” I memorized the three key phrases to say here, too. Hey, I memorize pretty much anything I see or hear once that is cool to me. “What? You’re too adorable to be a stray,” I said. Oh my god, I still can’t believe this is happening! Oh no...I know what she’s gonna say next… I thought. “You think so?!” she said excitedly. “Wait! I just got a idea! You can be my master! You’re super duper nice! You’ll take good care of me, yeah?” She looked at me, eagerly awaiting an answer. Oh, what was the word-for-word phrase for this one?! I thought, but could not remember. So I pulled out my phone and went to a YouTube video about her. That helped me find what to say. “Aww...how could I say no to that face?” I asked. “Really?!” she asked excitedly, “Thank you, thank you! I’ll be the best kitty in the whole world, I promise! I can’t believe this! My own master!” Then she disappeared into thin air. “Wait, what happened?” I said out loud. 5 seconds later, she reappeared, completely un-animated. “Thank you for saving me, master!” she yelled, hugging me. Her voice was the same, but she looked...well, height and weight-wise, she looked like Shaylee. Except she had red hair...and a tail...and cat ears oh the top of her head. “Saving you from wha...aaa...aaaCHHOO!” I am extremely allergic to cats. Ironic, right? She stopped hugging me. “Saving you from what?” I asked. “From Huniepop, silly!” she said, sounding like a 10 year old, “As soon as I found a master in the real world, I was free from the game! Free to come here, to the real world permanently!” “How’d you get out to begin with?” I asked. Momo whimpered, putting her tail between her legs. “This big, scary, white glove runs the game,” she said, clearly terrified. “No way!” I yelled, “Master Hand went Turbo?” “Mmhmm,” said Momo, nodding. “We’re only allowed out of the game one day of the month. But if we find a boyfriend--or, me, find a master-- we get to permanently leave the game.” Her tail perked up. “And you just got me out of the game!” she said, hugging me again. I sneezed again. Again, Momo let go. This time she looked sad. “Are you allergic to Momo?” she asked. “No, no, no...just cats in general,” I admitted. Momo looked like she was about to cry. “I don’t wanna hurt you...I’ll just go back into the game…” she said, walking away and slowly animating. “No, no! Stay! Nothing a little Benadryl can’t fix!” I said. She smiled, turned back around and was un-animated again. “Yay!” she yelled. “Wanna come into the building?” I asked her, remembering I still had a job today at homecoming. “Yes, of course!” she said excitedly. “Here’s my address,” I said, writing it down, “because I can’t be busy with you right now. I have a job to do. Tonight, come to this address.” “Is this your address, Master?” she asked. “You know it,” I said, smiling slightly. “YAY!” she yelled. “See ya later, master!” “Goodbye, Momo, see ya later,” I said, walking back into the building. She followed. Homecoming was pretty fun, but I couldn’t focus because I actually saw my favorite video game character in real life! And supposedly that Master Hand went Turbo! Maybe it was just a cosplayer, I thought. No, it had to be the real Momo! She was animated! Otherwise, if it wasn’t the real Momo, I just gave a stranger my address! My mom came to pick up me and Emma around 3 P.M. I went up to Momo. “See ya later,” I said. She pulled out the address slip from her pocket. “Can’t wait, Master!” she said, running back to Payton and the fish booth.