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Chapter 2: Momo Arriving Safely

It was 9:30 PM. I really hope Momo didn’t lose the address slip I gave her. What if she’s lost? Why didn’t I take her home with me from Homecoming?! As I was thinking these things there was a knock on the door. I jumped, awakened from my thoughts. I opened the door. “MASTER!” yelled Momo, hugging me. “Momo! Thank goodness you’re safe….aCHOO!” I sneezed. (Hey, I can’t help it, okay?) “Oh, sorry Master. I forgot you were allergic to me…” she said, looking sad. “Hey, no big deal,” I said, shrugging it off. “Better get to sleep. We have church tomorrow.” “What’s church?” asked Momo, turning her head to the side. “Ummm….it’s a place where you worship God.” I said. At least that’s the easy answer, I thought. “Who’s God?” Momo asked. “That’s too hard to answer right now. You’ll find out tomorrow.” I told her. “Here, I’ll show you to my room. But you have to be quiet because I have four younger siblings who are asleep.” “Oh, I will Master. I promise!” she said. “Okay, sorry for the mess,” I said, turning on my light. “This is my--I mean our, I guess--room.” Momo yawned. “I’m sleepy Master,” she said, running across my room to my bed. But before she reached my bed, she stepped on a Lego. “OWEE!” she yelled, “what bit me?!” “Momo,” I said, chuckling slightly, “It was just a Lego. Sorry. I’ve been meaning to clean up in here for some time now.”  As soon as she sat down on my bed, though, she got comfy and fell fast asleep. Oh, God. This is literally flat-out going against my purity standard. I promised myself never to have a girl asleep on my bed, and for obvious reasons. But that was in girlfriend settings. This was a cat-girl who, if she didn’t have me, would be homeless. I think this is different. I fell asleep next to her….on my airbed. Hey, I only have a twin size mattress, and I am NOT sleeping in the same bed as a girl….even if she is my favorite character from a video game. As I fell asleep, I thought about what has happened today. I’ve adopted a video game character! How am I supposed to save them from Master Hand? I’m not a character! I can’t go into a video game...zzzzzzz. I fell asleep. But, seconds later, I suddenly shot back up. “How will I explain this to my parents?!”