Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 3: Explaining It To My Parents ( Chapter 3 )

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I woke up at about 4:30 A.M to a heavy weight on top of me. Momo had fallen out of bed. She was still asleep! She’s a deep sleeper, I thought. That’s normal for a cat. I squirmed out from under her, blushing the whole time, and lifted her back into my bed. Maybe this is what it feels like to have a kid, I thought. I mean, I wouldn’t know. I’m only 15! I yawned, and went back to sleep. I woke up a couple hours later, about 7:30, to bright, bright, BRIGHT sunlight. I opened my eyes to see Momo pulling up the shade on my window. “Oh, good morning Master!” she said excitedly. “Shh! Momo, don’t call me Master today. Today call me by my real name; Nick.” “But why?” she asked. “Because,” I said, “in this world, ‘Master’ doesn’t mean ‘owner of a cat.’ It means ‘owner of a slave.’ And you’re not a slave. So call me Nick. Okay?” “Okay…?” she said, still sounding confused, but going with it. “You can still call yourself Momo though,” I said. “Just say you’re a transfer student.” “A what?” she asked. “Just go with it, okay?” I demanded “Okay,” she agreed. We went downstairs. My mom and my four siblings were already awake. Their mouths all dropped open at the sight of this strange girl coming down the steps. “Nick, who is this?” asked my mom, trying to stay calm. “This is Momo,” I said, “she’s a transfer student from...uhh...Japan.” “And why...is she here?” my mom asked, in a more firm tone this time, really trying to stay calm. “Well, because she didn’t have a home. Even the Warners’ wouldn’t take her in. So, I felt an obligation to. Please? I’ll provide for her I promise!” I pleaded. “Fine,” she said. “How’s she getting to church? Our van fits only all of us.” “I’ll sit in the trunk,” I volunteered. Somehow, by the grace of God, she agreed. When my dad came down, she explained the whole thing to him. We all got in the car, and I got in the trunk. As we were driving to church, my sister Emma looked back into the trunk at me. “Nick, don’t lie to me. This girl looks too familiar to be a transfer student. Plus, I keep sneezing. Who is she?” she asked. “Remember my first drawing with my Art Tracer?” I asked. “Yeah, it was a cat-girl from that weird game you always talk about,” said Emma, “Wait….no way!” said Emma, as shocked as I was yesterday when I first saw Momo. “Way,” I said. “But she’s a video game character,” said Emma, “hate to burst your bubble Nick, but this is real life!” “I know,” I said, “but she needs my help. According to her, Master Hand went Turbo and took over Huniepop.” “What’s ‘going Turbo’?” she asked. “Don’t you remember Wreck-It Ralph?” I asked. “Oh, that going Turbo,” said Emma. “Yeah,” I said, “and I’m gonna stop him.” “How?” asked Emma. “Honestly, I have no clue. But I will….somehow.” I assured her. She turned around, as I brainstormed how to stop Master Hand.