Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 4: Momo At Church ( Chapter 4 )

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We made it to church. “Okay, let’s go up to youth group,” I said. “Follow me.” Momo, too busy looking around, simply followed without saying a word. We walked in, and immediately everyone looked towards the door, as we do every time someone walks in. “Hey, Nick! Who’s your friend?” asked Sandy, my youth pastor. “This is Momo,” I said, “she’s a transfer student from Japan.” “Well, nice to meet you, Momo!” said Sandy. “Are you a Christian?” “What’s that?” asked Momo. Sandy looked overdramatically (to be funny) shocked. “Nick, you haven’t told her about Christianity yet?” he asked. “Sorry, she just came yesterday!” I said, “so I thought, better to find out from the youth pastor, right?” “Fair enough. Nice to meet you, Momo,” said Sandy. “Hi,” said Momo, looking down, clearly shy. I led her to a seat, and sat down next to her, and we continued our study on the book of Nahum.

Once the lesson was over, I took Momo down to the sanctuary, keeping her from pulling stuff off the wall the entire way. “Momo, stop!” I said, “this stuff is supposed to stay there!” Once again, Momo was too busy looking around to answer, so she just nodded.

The sermon was on something in 1 Corinthians….I think. I couldn’t focus because I was keeping Momo from shredding the Bible. “Momo, this an important book. I know you’re a cat, but try not to scratch it up, okay?” “Okay,” she said., really trying to sit still. I handed her a piece of paper and colored pencils. “Here. Draw something,” I said. She took to the drawing, and I focused in on the sermon.

After it was over, Momo showed me her drawing. It was me and her. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it. “Do you like it, Master?” asked Momo, “I made it for you!” “Momo, I love it!” I said, hugging her, forgetting about my allergy. When I let go, I blocked the sneeze by holding my nose. The rest of Sunday was fairly uneventful. I showed Momo my Wii U. “What is it?” she asked. I told her, and then we played Super Smash Bros. Brawl on classic mode. Once we got to the end, well, what is at the end of Classic Mode? Master Hand, of course! Except when we got to the end, a heard a loud, high-pitched cackling. It was Crazy Hand! You never fight Crazy alone in Brawl, except in Boss Battle mode. What’s going on? I thought. Oh yeah, Master Hand left, I thought. On Saturday, I will get him back to Smash!