Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 5: Before School ( Chapter 5 )

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My alarm went off. It’s 5:45 A.M. Hey, I have to wake up really early to get to school on time “Hey, sleepyhead!” said Momo. “Morning, Momo,” I said, stretching and turning off the blaring alarm coming from my Nook. Before long, I was up and at ‘em. “Hey, Momo,” I said. She looked up from the Wii U she was on again and looked at me. “Yes, Master?” she asked. “First, remember what I said yesterday? Only call me ‘master’ at home. Not out of the house. Okay?” “Okay, okay!” she said, “and the second thing?” “Well, you’re gonna have to change your clothes. You’re coming to school with me, and my school has uniforms.” I said. “Okay, what do I wear, Master?” “This,” I said, handing her one of my uniforms. “Okay!” said Momo, “I’ll try it on right now!” With that, she took off her Japanese kimono dress, and was just standing there in only her purple bra and underwear. “Momo!” I yelled, my face redder than Grant when he’s ran. “Yes, Master?” she asked completely innocently, not knowing the embarrassment she’s causing me right now. “Ummm….could you….maybe….get changed...in private next time?” I asked, trying to keep my eyes elsewhere. I mean, what did I expect? I thought No matter how innocent she seems, she’s still from a sexual-themed video game!  And I’m fighting for sexual purity, so this is harder than ever to look away from! “But why?” she asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. “I’ll explain it later. Just, please. For me?” I asked, my eyes still looking around the whole room to not look at Momo. “Okay,” she said. She then got into the BCS uniform, and I stopped blushing. We made it to the middle school, after Emma and I were helping Momo across the street at every block. Then Steve (our bus driver) came to pick us up to take us to BCS. Momo and I got on last. Somehow, Steve didn’t even notice Momo getting on. When we sat down, my friends Johnny Good and Jeliyah Cifredo looked up. “Hi!” said Jeliyah, “What’s your name?” “Momo…” she said shyly. “You mean like from Huniepop?” said Johnny, turning around in his seat. “Umm...I need to talk to you guys,” I said, taking them out of Momo’s hearing range. “Who is that?!” they asked at the same time. So, I told them what I told Emma….everything I knew. From homecoming, to Master Hand going Turbo. “Wow,” said Jeliyah, “So, she’s a real video game character, huh?” “You guys can’t tell anyone!” I said, “The less people that know, the better!”

On the way to school, I got onto the game and talked to Kyu. “Kyu, you’re a fairy. Can you make Momo invisible?” I asked. “Sure, I can. What’s in it for me?” she asked tauntingly. “How about a saviour from Master Hand?” I said. “How do you know about that?!” she screamed. “Momo told me everything. I’m coming in to save you all on Saturday. But I need to get through the whole school week with her,” I said, motioning to Momo. “Please, Kyu?” I was basically begging her at this point. “Fine!” she said, “Any specifics involved?” “Yep,” I said, “keep her visible to kids and teens. Just not adults. Except my parents and my youth leaders.” Kyu closed her eyes, muttered something, then opened them again. “Done,” she said. “Now no adults except those that you said can see her, hear her, or see or hear anything she does. So, say...she knocks something over? It’ll be just like it fell on it’s own.”


“Thanks!” I yelled. We arrived at school. “Gotta go,” I said. “See ya Saturday in person, Kyu!” “Lata!” she said. I closed my Chromebook, then turned to Momo. “Momo, you’re now invisible to adults. Don’t take advantage of that,” I said in a warning tone. “Oh, okay, Master!” said Momo, “I won’t!” And with that, we got off the bus.