Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 6: Momo At School ( Chapter 6 )

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I could tell Kyu’s spell worked because when we got off the bus, we walked into school, and Mrs. Seville, who was holding the door, didn’t say anything about this girl with a tail walking into the building. Amelia, Sarah and Gwen noticed her when she walked in, but they didn’t say a thing to her. I brought her to my homeroom. Sam and Isaiah were in there on their Chromebooks. “Nick, who’s your friend?” asked Isaiah. “This is Momo,” I said. “She’s a…uhhh…” I said. I can’t use that same lie that she’s an exchange student. They’ll know she’s not. Oh, I got it! “She’s an old friend. She ran away from home, and I took her in for now,” I said, “Also, do you guys believe in magic?” “Of course!” said Isaiah, being super sarcastic, “I have a magical pony!” “Isaiah, knock it off,” I said. “Come on, Nick,” said Sam, “this is high school. Magic is for 4th graders.” “Maybe…” I said, “but this girl has an amazing magic spell on her!” “Ha!” yelled Isaiah, bursting out laughing. “Yeah, and I have invisible wings!” “I’m serious!” I yelled. Just then, Mrs. Klase, our homeroom teacher, walked in. “Watch, I’ll prove it,” I said, taking Momo up to Mrs. Klase’s desk. “Hey, Mrs. Klase,” I said, “just testing your vision. Is there anyone standing next to me?” “Well, if you must know, my vision is fine. No one is next to you,” she said, loud enough for them to hear. “Thank you,” I said. I walked back to Sam and Isaiah, whose mouths were hanging open. “Told ya,” I said smugly, “the spell she’s on is that no adults can see or hear her.” “You could’ve put Mrs. Klase up to it!” said Isaiah accusingly. “Nope,” I said, “watch when no teachers notice her today. Then you’ll believe me.” “It’s a bet!” said Isaiah, “there’s no way you put all the teachers up to this!”

I won the “bet”, even though it wasn’t really a bet. Not one teacher noticed Momo, as I expected. Isaiah was speechless. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful...except for band. Momo, dancing to Let It Snow!, knocked over the Sherlock Holmes clock prop from the play two years ago, as Johnny blared a high note to try to be funny. Mr. Rappoldt turned around to pick up the prop. “This is what your blaring does, Johnny!” he said. “What?!” yelled Johnny. Mr. R. is hilarious. He’s always teasing, or “yelling at” Johnny and Nate. It was an uneventful day at home, too. Momo wanted to play more Smash Bros. Brawl, so I let her play that while I did my homework. Soon, she made some kind of whimpering noise, and hid under my blanket. “What’s goin’ on?” I asked, walking over there. I pressed play. I heard the high-pitched cackling again. Oh, I thought, Crazy Hand. “Don’t worry,” I said, rubbing her head, “Smash Brawl doesn’t have the technology to come into the real world.” “But what about Ultimate?” she asked. “Oh, yeah….probably,” I said, “but I don’t have a Nintendo Switch to run the game, so we’re safe.” She hugged me. “Thanks, Master,” she said. Oh God. Purity standard broken again! I thought. I also promised myself to not hug a girl on a bed, again for obvious reasons. “Okay,” I said, breaking the hug, “let’s get out of Classic Mode. Play some normal brawling.” “Okay,” she said. We played for about 3 hours, smashing each other up over and over again. Afterwards, almost the second I turned it off, Momo fell asleep on my arm. I slowly moved it, and laid her down on my bed. As I laid down on the air bed, she shot up. “Master, why won’t you sleep in the same bed as me?” she asked. Umm...how do I explain sexual purity to a character from a sexual video game?! I thought. It seemed impossible, but I might as well try. “Well, because I’m afraid I’ll be...tempted to do...things...I...don’t wanna do...ya know?” I said, fumbling for words and blushing redder than Bob The Tomato. “Oh,” said Momo, “Okay. I get that. Night night, Master!” “Night Momo,” I said, still blushing at her calling me “Master”. One day down until I get to save the rest of them. I thought. I fell asleep brainstorming.