Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 7: Going Into Huniepop ( Chapter 7 )

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(Okay, 4th wall break time. Sorry for skipping the rest of the school week, but it was pretty uneventful to the main storyline. Nothing really worth noting happened. So, back into the story.)

Momo and I slept in until about 9:30 A.M. When I woke up, it was actually sunny. Huh? That’s rare for December, I thought. Momo peeked out from the side over the bed and looked at me. “Morning!” “Momo, today’s the day,” I said, “we’re going in to save your friends.” “I’m ready!” said Momo, standing up straight and saluting me like an army soldier. I giggled. “Okay, then let’s call Kyu,” I said, pulling out my Chromebook. But first, I left a note on my bed saying: “Gone to Ethan’s house w/ Momo. Be back by 5 P.M.” I loaded up Huniepop. There was a new file in there. It said Urgent: Nick Vargas. “What the…?” I said, clicking into the new file. Inside, it read, Nick, no matter what you do, you will NOT stop me! Good luck to you and your cat...you’ll need it!! >:O -M.H. “Oh, it’s ON now!” I said, loading up the game, and going to Kyu. “What up, playa?” she said. “Kyu, I’m--I mean, Momo and I--are ready to come in there and save you guys,” I said. “Venus!” called Kyu. “Yes?” called a voice from off-screen. “I need your help with this spell!” “Which is…?” asked Venus, still off-screen. “Bringing a human--maybe someone who’ll defeat Master Hand--into the game!” said Kyu. Just then, Venus appeared on screen. They both closed their eyes and muttered something I didn’t understand. Momo held my hand. “Brace yourself,” she said. Then, instantaneously, I was in a park, with a bright sunset on me. My knees buckled out from under me, and I fell. I looked up, and I saw a sign. The sign read Dawnwood Park: Evening. I’m here! I thought, I’m in my favorite computer game! Suddenly, Momo squeezed my hand. Hard. “Ouch!” I said, looking up at her, “Momo, what the…” I stopped mid-sentence. Right there in front of us was a giant floating black humanoid with a purple, pixelated face. It was Master Giant, Master Hand’s most powerful Master Core form. That form is only unlocked on Difficulty Level 7.5 of Classic Mode, and not even in Brawl! He came in Smash Wii U! “Well, well,” said Master Giant in a deep, gravelly voice, “look who decided to show up. Oh, and look who’s back. Had enough of the soul-sucking real world, eh, Momo?” “You can shut up!” I yelled, trying to sound tough, “cuz you’re not gonna be in this game much longer.” “Ha! Oh yeah? And who’s gonna stop me?!” he yelled, coming down to my level and getting two inches from my face. I didn’t flinch. “I will,” I said. “I’ll bet you this. I’m a puzzle master! If I win an Alpha Mode date with Venus, which is next to impossible, then you let the girls go and go back to Smash.” “Okay, deal! And if--no, when--you lose, I send you back to your world, I stay in this game, and I get to keep Miss Cute Little Kitty here,” he said, gesturing to Momo. “Master?” Momo said, scared out of her mind. I looked at her. “For the girls,” I said softly. “D-deal,” I said, my voice shaking. “Good luck!” he said tauntingly, “you’ll need it!”

He took me to the Corkscrew Carnival. Then he set Venus and a puzzle grid down in front of me. “Good luck,” he said tauntingly again. “You can do this,” said Venus quietly, “I believe in you.” “QUIET!” yelled Master Giant. I looked at the puzzle grid. I had forty moves to get 30,000 points! The first 10 were spent collecting extra moves. Then I moved about halfway up the loading bar in the next thirty moves. The final ten were spent getting combos. Then, on my final move, the worst thing that could’ve happened happened: with a combo, I accidentally matched 3 Broken Heart tokens. I saw the loading bar slide backwards as the screen flashed Failure in purple. “Oh, look at that,” snorted Master Giant, “the puzzle master couldn’t finish the puzzle. You lose. Time to go...and say goodbye to Momo.” He turned back into just a hand. He started to get his hand (since that’s all he was now) into a snapping position. “WAIT!” I yelled. He stopped his snapping motion. “Now what?!” he yelled. “One more chance,” I pleaded, “and since you’re from Smash Bros, how about a good old-fashioned, end of Classic Mode, ‘player vs. Master Hand’ showdown?” “Hmmm...this should be interesting. Alright. Same stakes for the winner and loser. But no human has ever versed me. There’s nothing Smash about you. So I’ll give you one character for actual attacks, and another for your Final Smash. Three stock. Choose your fighters!” Hmmm...so many to choose from. I thought.  Who am I greatest with? Oh! I know! “I choose Kirby for attacks and the Mii Gunner’s Final Smash,” I said, “I also get some girls from this game as helping teammates.” “Fine,” said Master Hand, “ but that’s the LAST CHANGE! Choose three Huniepop girls, and they’ll be your helper fighters.” “Hmmm….I choose….Momo, Audrey, and Lola.” I said. “Done!” said Master Hand, snapping his fingers, as Master Hand, those three girls and I vanished from sight.