Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Huniepop In The Real World ❯ Chapter 8: The Final Showdown ( Chapter 8 )

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We all reappeared on Final Destination. I reappeared first. It was the Final Destination from Brawl, which is just a flat platform with a galaxy in the background. It was way bigger than it looked on screen. From what I can tell, it was about 12 feet long, which makes sense thinking about it from the out-of-game perspective. Just then, Audrey, Lola and Momo appeared. “What’s going on?” asked Lola. “Yeah, like, seriously. What did you do, Nick?!” asked Audrey, rude as always. “Well, we’re gonna save Huniepop from Master Hand by fighting him,” I said. “What?!” they all three yelled. “Hey, it was his final offer, okay?” I said, “I got to pick three teammates to help me. And I chose you three.” “But why us?” asked Lola. “Because your moves are based on who you are,” I explained, “So, Lola, since you’re a flight attendant, you’ll have airplane and flying powers. Momo, you’re a cat. Scratch him up! And Audrey...well, you’re normal verbal abuse will do some damage. Just make it meaner!” “With pleasure,” said Audrey, cracking her neck. Just then, we heard a loud cackling. We turned around to see Master Hand, flying in towards us. He had 250 HP. “Let’s make this quick,” he said, “I’ve got a meeting with Nintendo at 4.” “Oh, don’t worry,” I said, “it’ll be quick.” And with that, the battle began!

The first attack Master Hand threw was the Dizzying Snap. He directed it at Lola, but she backflipped out of the way just in time. “How’d I do that?” she asked. “This is Smash Bros,” I said, “and you’re not from Smash. You can do whatever you want! So, ATTACK!” With that, Momo ran up and scratched him, Lola flew a plane into him, Audrey started cussing him out, and I landed a Kirby brick attack. He easily lost 80 HP. His next attack was the Floating Tiles, where every yellow tile floated up to death. “Don’t stand on the yellow!” I instructed them. We were quick to dodge them. Then, Momo went up and bit him, Lola threw some engine parts of a plane at him, Audrey screamed at him once again, and I did Kirby’s Up-B attack, which is the “Ee-yah-ee!” sword attack. Easily, he lost another 90 HP. That meant he was already down to 80 HP left. His next attack was the Finger Rocket. He flew away from our sight. “Where’d he go?” asked Momo. “On three, jump,” I said. “1...2…” I heard the rocket noise super close. “3!” I yelled, and we all dodged the rocket. And then Momo scratched and bit him, Lola flew another plane into him that crashed and the plane parts hit him, too, Audrey cussed him out meaner than ever before, and I did a Kirby mallet attack. He lost another 70 HP. “Ten more HP to go!” I told them. “ENOUGH!! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!!” yelled Master Hand, as he pulled an attack I’d never seen before. He lifted Momo up by her tail and started dragging her up. I caught her hands. She screamed. “I won’t let you go!” I assured her. The struggle was getting harder and harder. “Just give up, Nick!” yelled Master Hand, “you’ll never beat me!” My feet left the ground a couple inches in the struggle. Just then, the Final Smash Ball floated into my view. The Mii Gunner’s Final Smash, I thought. “Momo, I’m gonna have to let you go for a few seconds,” I said. “WHAT?!” she yelled. “You can trust me,” I said calmly. “Okay…” she said. I let her hands go, and immediately Master Hand started dragging her up again! “MASTER!!” she screamed. I got the Smash Ball, then closed my eyes. I thought about everything that’s happened these past few days. I had met my favorite video game character! I had been in two video games today! Was I about to let her die and her friends continue to suffer? Nope! I opened my eyes, and a rage erupted from deep inside me. With a lion-like roar, I jumped all the way up to Master Hand. You...let...her...GO!!!” I yelled, as I launched my Final Smash. I charged it up over my head, then fired three huge laser beams, with an enormous one in the middle, right into Master Hand. Momo screamed, thinking she would be hurt, too, but we’re on a team, and in Smash Bros, it’s impossible to hurt your teammates. The beams went right through her. All three beams hit Master Hand, as his HP ran down to zero. He hit the floor of the stage, motionless. “How….?” he muttered. “We won, Master Hand,” I said, “now free the girls and stay in Smash!” “FINE!” he yelled, and snapped his fingers, and once again, we all vanished.