Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Life Behind The Mask ❯ Introduction: Life's Not Perfect ( Prologue )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

   Jacob Halo was an “entitled child,” as his father would frequently point out to him. His family was quite wealthy from his dad owning his own company, but the father never took the time to give attention to his eldest son. Of course, Jacob went to a private school, servants ironed his clothes and made his food. Jacob was grateful for everything that he’s ever received, but he just wished for his fathers attention. 


Jacob’s father owned several entertainment companies. Jacob grew up with a younger brother Lucas, and Lucas was the favorite, anyone can tell. Whenever Lucas would do something wrong, he’d blame it on Jacob, causing poor Jacob to receive a severe punishment. Jacob didn’t mind the abuse, he was always just so very delighted to see his father, no matter the cause. Lucas on the other hand, was a sunshine, getting every bit of attention. He was the ideal perfect son. 


Despite the young age of twelve, Lucas was an incredibly smart boy. He’s never gotten a grade less than an A-. As for Jacob, he is a C+ student. His grades lowered as their mother passed. His father also doesn’t let him work for the excuse that Jacob is in fact, colorblind. Their mother was always brought up in conversations, and the son’s father would always simply say  “She’s out shopping with my assistant, don’t worry about her.” The family had to be perfect to keep up the reputation. Jacob wasn’t allowed out, ruled by his father, so he stays inside all day and reads sci-fi in the mansion, dreaming of the world he could make once he turns 18.