Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Life Behind The Mask ❯ Chapter One: Life's Problems ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“F-Father, may I go to th-the library?” Jacob asked with a slight stutter, like he normally does, knocking once at his father’s office door, waiting for a response behind the wooden barrier. “Yes, whatever, Jacob. If you pass your brother, let him know I need him at my office for our daily tea, okay?” Jacob’s father responded, his voice strict and harsh. “Yes Father, of course I will.” Jacob finally said before walking away, a small and unhappy smile on his face. As he was walking to the library, he passed his younger brother Lucas’s room, knocking once. 

“Who is it?” the young male replied to the knock. “It’s J-jacob, F-F-Father wanted y-you..” Jacob huffed out, He didn’t have enough time to react as the door slammed open, pushing him to the ground. “Oh, It’s me again? When will you get a chance?” Lucas replied, a snarky but mocking tone in his voice. Jacob just smiled at his brother, getting up and wiping his medium jet black hair from his eye, “Y-yeah, but on-only time will t-tell.” Jacob got up and watched after his brother, signing and making his way to the library. 

As soon as Jacob entered the library, he was greeted by their librarian, Lindie. 


Lindie was one of the nicest people in Jacob’s life, she didn’t treat him like he was a mistake. The sad part is, she was extremely old and ill, but insisted on working so she can keep that smile on Jacob’s face, knowing she was the only one left to put it there. “Hey there, Jacob!” Lindie called out. “I-I’m fine, w-what about you?” Jacob was able to stutter out. “Ah, I’m the usual. I’m getting old, ya know? But I still got it in me!” Lindie smiled as she did a little boogie, spinning around. “S-seems like it!” Jacob laughed at her joke. God, he was so scared for the day she’d end up in the hospital. Little did he know, it wouldn’t be long until the day reached..