Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Life Behind The Mask ❯ Chapter 2: She'll Be Missed ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

  Jacob was sitting at a far back table, reading Percy Jackson when he heard a loud feminine screech. He’d ran over to see his only friend on the floor, spasming. “L-LINDIE!!” Jacob screamed, picking up her phone and dialing 9-1-1 “H-hello? My f-friend is-is on the floor-” He started crying. “I-I think she’s dying!” The police recognized his stuttering from many interviews he’s been in “Is this Jacob Halo?” The voice on the other line asked. “Yes, p-please hurry h-here..” “We’ll be there as quickly as possible, please stay calm. We’ll get your friend safe!” Jacob hung up and kept crying, falling to the ground and holding Lindie's hand, soon after hearing sirens.

Jacob rode with the ambulance as Mr. Halo and Lucas drove there. “This is your fault, Jacob!” Mr. Halo screamed as soon as they got inside the room. “Pardon me, sir, but it’s actually not. She is very old and had a heart attack.” The doctor said “Please don’t blame this innocent man” She finished off. “Yeah yeah, don’t interrupt father, okay?” Lucas said as he balled his fist up. Jacob was sitting in a chair, holding Lindie’s hand, using his other hand to wipe the tears and couldn’t stop flowing. “J-jacob..?” An old femine voice said. Jacob’s head rose in happiness. “L-lindie!” Jacob squealed. “I-I won’t make it...But that’s okay…” Lindie said, a small smile on her pale face. “Wh- what!! Of course y-you’ll make it, you ha-have the heart of a bull!” Jacob replied, trying to keep a smile on his face. “Not a-anymore, Ja-ja-jacob'' She replied, having a hard time pronouncing his name. “...p-please..” Jacob responded, trying to keep himself together. “It’s m-my time to g-go...k-keep on smiling...f-for me..” Lindie said, her pale face had the biggest smile she can make. Jacob put on a big silly smile, saying his goodbye’s. He knew this would be the last he’d ever see of her.


 He got up and walked out of the room, greeted by the face of his angry father. “Can’t believe you put lindie in the Hospital!” his father exaggerated. Jacob frowned, feeling the normal pain that he feels when his father yells at him. “Whatever, you’re walking home. Come on, Lucas.” His father yelled. “Don’t yell at me!” Lucas growled. “Right, sorry son.” They both walked out, leaving Jacob alone, and sad.