Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Life Behind The Mask ❯ Chapter 3: What's This ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

   Jacob has finally gotten home, and was greeted by the top hat of the guards. His father made sure the guards, female and male would have a very big punishment if they took one look at any of the Halo sons. He walked inside to see the face of his Father, Mr. Halo. He always had a sad smile on his face after he got done doing something to Jacob such as yelling or beating. Mr. Halo does it by choice, but that’s because that’s how he was brought up. His younger brother was always the favorite and treated him the same way. So he didn’t know much better. Mr. Halo nodded his head at Jacob. “Was he here to make sure I got back safe?” Jacob thought, but ignored it and walked past his Father. As soon as Jacob had walked into his room, he took out a picture of Lindie and him at a book club, they were talking about the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” and they were holding a book well looking at the camera. He found a frame and put the picture inside, placing it on the bed next to him. “Alright, Lindie. You stay there, don’t move, heh…” He said, not stuttering since he wasn’t talking to anyone. 

He sat down on his bed and pulled out his phone, scrolling through pictures. One picture was of  Jacob holding a newborn Lucas, but with the help of his father, since he was only 2. “Father was smiling..” Jacob said, smiling at the rare sight. Ever since Lucas was the age of 4, Mr. Halo hasn’t smiled, he’s always kept a hard cold face on. Something burned inside of Jacob when he looked at the picture of  Lucas, but he ignored it and turned his phone off.   “I should go look through some stuff of Lindie’s...I want something of her with me..” Jacob thought as he grabbed a flashlight and ran to the attic. 

“Her box should be somewhere..HERE!” Jacob squealed as he picked up a big box titled with “Lindie’s Privacy. NO BRATS ALLOWED!” he giggled at her joking ways. She somehow makes him laugh, even when she’s in the hospital. He opened the box, looking through pictures of  Lindie when she was younger and smiling at the black and white pictures. “She was adorable,” Jacob said and smiled, putting down the picture and looking through more stuff. He had found a letter from her brother, and other stuff. Something caught his eye, though. It was a...mask?