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Sweet Alexis

Alexis, or Lexie as she as known, looks normal on the outside. You met her back in the Euphoria series. Remember? She was part of the first generation. Anyway, she's a sweet woman and looks like a normal person. But inside her mind, twenty-seven personalities reign free there. They all know about her, but she doesn't know about them.

Let's meet each one.


There is Lexie herself. She's the main personality of her “tribe”. She has long black hair and wears black-framed glasses. Her brown eyes tell everyone that she is a shy and warm person. Lexie is quiet in her nice and casual dress suits. She doesn't talk much and isn't good with drugs or alcohol. Just the smell of cigarette smoke and beer makes her throw up. Lexie worked as a receptionist at battered women's safe house in Tokyo. She really loves her boyfriend, Lucas, and would never try to cheat on her.

She doesn't know who else lives in her head.


This is Niki. She is the dominant personality in the tribe. She keeps the other personalities in line. Niki has to in order to keep too much mess going awry. She has long wavy blonde hair and 20/20 vision. Her violet eyes are filled with lust. Niki acts all flirty in her tight, revealing clothes. Because of her seductive nature, she works as a sex worker and stripper. Many clients find her easy to talk to and relaxed nature. Niki finds being straight edge sexy and has respect for Lexie's body. She loves Lucas, but he will not love her. In his words, “he does not date sluts”. Her make-up painted face hides her loneliness.


This is Jessica. She is the worst of the tribe. Don't let the straight blonde hair and brown eyes fool you. She is violence personified. Jessica is described as a sociopath with no remorse. The slightest thing will piss her off. She will say everything with her 20/20 vision. Jessica is always dressed in jeans, t-shirts, and her leather jacket. She works as an assassin who targets abusive men. With her heavy smoking and drinking, Jessica cannot be controlled.


This is Jane. She's always depressed. When is there ever a day she is not crying? She keeps her long black hair in messy braids. Jane looks like a hot mess with her teary brown eyes and grey sweats. How can she be so miserable at the age of eighteen? Her 20/20 vision is all that she has going for her. Jane has cut herself off from the human race. She has no job. She just sits around the apartment and gets high all day. Jane has tried to end her own life at times. If Lucas or Shuichi weren't there, she would've succeeded.


This is Tori. Eighteen years old with the most beautiful green eyes ever seen. Long red hair to match. Her contacts can't take away from her eyes. She dresses in causal clothes and sports her purity ring with pride. What is the one thing Tori loves most? Her religion, of course. She takes that stuff really seriously. Like Niki, Tori lives the straight edge life with pride. Just because she's a good Christian girl doesn't mean that she will submit to any man. Tori is not afraid to speak her mind. She knows how to take care of herself. She will not let anyone push her around and make decisions for her.


This is Megan. She's like Niki's total opposite. She has embraced her sexually in a destructive way. It's not hard for her to get a date. Her long straight strawberry blonde hair and tight revealing clothes draw the attention of many men. She has the skills to pull them towards her. One look into her red eyes and they are hooked. Too bad her 20/20 vision can't see that she's attracting the wrong type of man. Her relationships are quick to turn sour and lead to a quick break up. What goes wrong? Most men do not enjoy Megan's pouts of drama and angry fits. Her smoking, drinking, and heavy uses of cocaine do not help her case either. She loves too Lucas, but he will not love her either. Again in his words, “he does not date sluts”.


This is Sharon. Here comes another hot mess. She's beautiful with her short blonde hair and lovely brown eyes. But, she can't see that even with 20/20 vision. Sharon is plagued with insecurity. Always worrying and lost in her own sadness. Nothing seems to calm her nerves at all. Expensive clothes cannot hide that drama that follows her around. She works as a waitress in a maid café but spends every moment after the meal with her face in the toilet. The sight of men can make her have a panic attack. Sharon does not need to abuse any substance in her life. She's too busy trying to impress everyone she meets.


This is Jenna. Ah, little Jenna. She's so cute with her pink and blonde hair in pigtails. She's the baby of the tribe. Seven years old and acts like any child should. Jenna looks at the world with big pink eyes of 20/20 vision. Jenna's too pure for this world. She doesn't have to worry about the adult world waiting for her. She doesn't even know what drugs are. She's always smiling and happy. Jenna is always asking many questions. Her Lolita clothes are always drawing attention from many men. Her happy, trusting nature could be an invitation for disasters and trouble. She can't take care of herself yet. She frightens easily and hides behind Lucas. Jenna might be a sweet and cute kid but be careful. Her unpredictable mood swings make her more dangerous than the adults.


This is Samantha. Typical teenaged girl with short black hair and brown eyes. She dresses in goth clothes with the all black. Just like most of the other personalities, she has 20/20 vision. Samantha questions God and the world around her. This strong-willed activist will fight for what is right in the world. You will find her working at the local animal shelter. She doesn't like the rules set by adults. Samantha can take care of herself. She doesn't need to be around other people to be happy. She doesn't need drugs to be happy. But the truth is, Samantha comes across as rude when she pushes her beliefs on others. Because of this, you will want to slap her every time she opens her mouth.


This is Allie. This girl loves to party. She looks nice with her jeans and t-shirt. She doesn't go much with her short blonde hair. Her green eyes don't need glasses or contacts. Allie is hyped up, but so laid-back that she would fall off the wagon known as life. Allie has no job. She's lazy and gets high on a daily basis.


This is Pixie. She's a cute, hopeless romantic. Her short pink pigtails look like little cupid wings. Her sweet brown eyes don't need glasses or contacts. Decked up in pink and goth attire, Pixie is always looking for love. Her easy-going nature can get her a date with no problems. She doesn't do drugs, smoke, or drink, but she will go out and party sometimes. You can find Pixie working as a clerk at a clothing store. Her heart belongs to Lucas.


This is Jake. He is one of two guys in the tribe. He quiet and keeps to himself. He's a nice guy who is good with his hands. He's pretty handy around the house. Jake is pretty attractive with short brown hair and brown eyes. Jake wears baggy jeans and t-shirts and has 20/20 vision. He's content with how life is going. He is never with any girls because he is hiding in the closet. Jake's only love is Lucas.


This is Brad. He is the other guy in the tribe. He loves the ladies. He has no trouble getting dates. He's beautiful with his short blonde hair and deep brown eyes. His muscles make the ladies all swoon. He dresses like the part of a jock and has 20/20 vision. Brad had loads of money and is very popular. Despite this, he has some ugly sides to him. He's quite an egotistical jerk. Money made him a total snob. When you get to know him long enough, you will see how rude Brad is. Plus, he's quite homophobic. He's always bashing Jake because of it. Brad smokes, drinks, and parties on a daily basis. Lucas is his rival.


This is Chloe. Seventeen years old and already a gang leader. You can see them roaming the streets, looking for a fight. This girl loves to fight. She smokes, drinks and parties. She is obsessed with rap. Chloe is pretty cute with her long brown hair and brown eyes. She wears pink sweats and has 20/20 vision. But, her looks are the only thing pleasant about her. Chloe is rather rude and egotistical. Her gang members find her too controlling, but they are too scared to complain. She tough and only talks in street slang. People find her too loud, but she didn't care. Chloe doesn't know how to shut up either. She thinks Megan is a useless slut.


This is Libby. She can give Sharon a run for her money. Everything has to be perfect for her. She will spend days cleaning every room around her. She's so up-tight about it that she looks like she's about to blow. People call her OCD because of it. Even her appearance has to be in top shape. Her long purple hair is never out of place. Her glasses covering her grey eyes were just as expensive as her clothes. Libby is straight-edge because cigarette, alcohol, and drugs digest her. When things don't go her way, she will fall into stress mode. Libby has to control everything around her. It doesn't take long for anyone to see what a snob she was. She's so bossy that it annoys everyone. Her need for perfection makes her come off as selfish. Because of this, she despises Chloe.


This is Susan. Her bipolar disorder makes things hectic around her. She has long brown hair and bright blue eyes. She wears jeans and t-shirts and has 20/20 vision. Susan lives life on the wild side. Oversexed and using heavy drugs, she dances on her destructive path with the music blaring around her. She has no job and is completely needy.


This is Brandi. She is the other gay person in the tribe. She's really attractive with her long red-brown and sparkling brown eyes. Brandi dresses like a hippie and has 20/20 vision. You will know her as the free-spirited hair stylist downtown. She doesn't need drugs or alcohol to have a good time. Ladies love her for being bold and speaking her mind. She isn't scared to flirt with anyone she finds attractive.

So many people in Lexie's head. Lucas has so much to deal with. And this is just the beginning.

Welcome to the Tribe