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Toxic House
The following is a journal record of what happened on September 27th, 2072:
7:00 a.m.: Doctor Kitty walked up to the secured doors of Miami Poco Hospital and neatly placed her key card into the slot. This took a few minutes to read the card. “Hand print, please to confirm identity!” The doctor firmly placed her small rosy hand upon the coal dark screen. A heat-sensitive light ran under it. The light always tickled her hand when it scanned her. Finally, the green light above her head lit up. “Identity confirmed,” the computer said. “You may enter.” Then, the heavy steel doors slid open. A gust of cold air greeted the doctor. Dr. Kitty shuttered in delight about another day at work. Then, she happily trotted inside the hospital. The door slid shut behind her.
7:15 a.m.: Miami Poco Hospital was busy as usual. Nurses and doctors were rushing with their work as usual. Dr. Kitty walked over to the wall-eating electric surgery board and looked at it. Only two interesting cases were open today, Marsha Paige and Evan Daniels. Marsha has a rare type other cancer that had spread from her liver to the rest of her organs. She has been to many specialty hospitals to get it removed. The different treatments she's been on have weakened the disease and made it easier to kill. Forty-five-year-old Evan Daniels had strange muscle-eating disease. He too had been from hospital to hospital to deal with in. Both sounded like exciting cases. The doctor signed her name to seven-year-old Marsha Paige. She wanted to help that little girl live a normal life. It was lucky the doctors had the best and latest tools to remove it before the disease spread to her brain. But sadly, there would be another problem.
8:00 a.m.: Dr. Kitty makes it to the OR. Marsha is always lying on the table. She is already unconscious. The girl looks like a little angel sleeping. So innocent and peaceful. “Don't worry, dear,” the doctor thinks as she looks at Marsha. “I'll take good care of you!” Two of her colleagues, Dr. Shore and Dr. Diggs, greet her. The three exchange words of greeting, suit up in high-tech spotless scrubs, and begin work. So far everything looked normal.
9:15 a.m.: So far, the operation is going well. But then, some complications arise. One by one, the doctors feel nauseous. Dr. Kitty masks her covered mouth and runs out of the OR. Some of the other doctors aren't so lucky. The few trapped collapse to the ground and die. Something was deadly wrong.
9:42 a.m.: Most of the high-tech hospital is in a state. Doctors are rushing in to help Marsha survive. Most are dropping like flies. Some were really sick. Dr. Kitty got on at mini laptop and began to research the cause. Time is against her.
10:02 a.m.: A small glimpse of hope peeks out its tiny head. The doctors had all put Marsha on too many meds. The nature and artificial advanced chemicals had mixed in her blood. Her blood had become poison to everyone that breathed it. Something had to be done and fast! Everyone's lives depended on it.
10:37 a.m.: The whole hospital is locked up. The gas is turned off because Marsha's blood could suck in the gas become flammable. Electricity is shut off as well for extra safety measures. Other patients and Ors are secured tightly in case the poison spreads to them. Water is the only thing allowed to run. The surviving doctors are taken to the clinic to recover. The top doctors are working hard to keep everyone safe and work on Marsha. The chief of surgery calls for back up.
11:00 a.m.: The poison center arrives just in time. Most of the doctors still alive are treated immediately. The poison blood slowly gets worse. If it keeps up it will not only kill the poison, but its host as well. The remaining well doctors suit up in better and stronger suits to finish the job before its too late. Anything could go.
12:00 p.m.: Minutes feel like hours. The work gets more challenging by the second. The doctors working on Marsha have to pause for air to keep working. Sweat, tears, and blood go into this little girl. The recovering doctors are placed in the downstairs clinic. It is the only place that is safe to run gas and electricity. Everybody hopes for a better outcome.
1:27 p.m.: Poison is finally secured and contained. Everybody can rest now. The only up side to this that poison wiped out all of the remaining cancer. Marsha is placed on high-tech monitors to keep watch over the poison flowing in the little angel's veins. Anything could go in just one night. Dr. Kitty sits back on the chair. She needs a drink!
The End