Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Vacation Girl ❯ Volume One, Chapter Five: Dog Walk ( Chapter 5 )

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Dog Walk
Fumio knocked on Sui-Topii's bedroom door the next morning.
“Sui-Topii-chan,” he said. “Come on! I want to talk to you!” Silence on the other side. Fumio sighed.
“Look, I'm sorry,” he said. “You upset everyone yesterday. We were so worried about you. I'm not mad anymore.” The door creaked open. Little red-brown eyes peeked out.
“You're not mad?” she asked. Her brother shook his head.
“No,” he said. “I got over it.” Sui-Topii said nothing.
“Just,” her brother said. “Don't wander off again, okay?” The little girl opened the door. She looked at him with big eyes. The little girl nodded.
“Okay,” Sui-Topii said. Then, the doorbell rang. The siblings looked up.
“Who is that?” Fumio asked. He walked all the way to the front door.
“Who's there?” the boy asked as he looked out the peephole.
“It's me,” a girl said. Fumio's heart jumped in his chest.
“F-Fergi!” he stammered. The freshman opened the door. His crush stood on the other side.
“Sup?” she asked.
“Uh…” Fumio said. His cheeks flushed bright red.
“Fergi-sis!” Sui-Topii yelled as she raced to her. The freshman girl smiled.
“Hello Sui-Topii-chan,” she said. The little girl ran over laughing at her. Fergi gave her a big hug. Fumio blinked.
“So, what brings you by?” he asked. His crush looked up at him.
“Hm? Oh, I need a huge favor,” she said. Fergi rose to her feet. “My grandma fell this morning and was rushed to the hospital. I don't have time to walk my dog. So could you please…” she began to ask. Fumio's eyes widened. What? Is she… Wow! Oh wow! Hello opportunity!
If I do this, then Fergi will…
“I'll do it!” he said in a flash. Fergi's eyes lit up wide.
“Really? You mean it?” she asked. He nodded without thinking.
“Yeah!” Fumio cheered. Sui-Topii giggled. Fergi quickly bowed.
“Oh thank you!” she said. Fumio smiled.
“Sure,” he said. “It'll be nice to see Kiba again.”
Kiba was Fergi's five-month-old Akita puppy. This little puppy was like a child to her. She would go to pieces if something were to happen to him. Here's the thing…
Fumio pushed open Fergi's door. Kiba jumped right on him. *Sweat drop on Fumio's head* Hyper as usual, I see, he thought.
“Doggie!” Sui-Topii cheered. Kiba raced over and jumped on her. The child tumbled over, laughing. Fumio smiled and shook his head as Kiba licked her face.
“Okay!” the freshman said. “Let's go time to walk!” Kiba looked up and raced over to him. He jumped up on him, panting. Fumio chuckled nervously. That dog needs a depressant!, he thought.
Either way, black sparkle leash on and out the door. Fumio had the route mapped out in his head. Down the street, down the hill, turn right to the park, go down the next street, and straight to the pet store. Go back home. Fumio nodded.
The walk started off simple. Brother and sister walked the neighbor's dog down the street. Silence sat between them. Sui-Topii playfully petted the dog. Fumio's heart began to sink. Five days and he had acted like he didn't want her here. That's not fair to her, Fumio thought. It's not her fault. Plus, she wanted to see him so badly. Fumio sighed.
“Hey Sui-Topii,” he said. The little girl looked up.
“Hm?” she asked.
Her brother paused for a moment. “You want ice cream later?”
Sui-Topii looked up with big eyes. “Really?”
Fumio nodded. “Sure, anything you like. You need it after all because of me.”
“Okay!” she said. Her brother began to smile.
“Great,” Fumio said. His sister giggled. He took her by the hand and led her and Kiba into the park. The freshman felt better already.
Friday Morning