Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Vacation Girl ❯ Volume Two, Chapter Nine: Kiddie Park ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Kiddie Park


Fumio's dorm leader knocked on his door. She smiled when he opened it a crack.

“Yes?” Fumio asked.

“How are you?” the dorm leader asked.

He blinked at her. “Fine why?”

She slid her hand through the crack. Fumio saw two golden tickets.

“What are those?” he asked.

“Tickets for that new Kiddie Park that opened last weekend.”

Fumio raised an eyebrow at her. “Why are you giving me these?”

“I just figured you would like to take your sister out today.”

He gave her a blank stare. “But I don't think I can afford it…”

“It's okay,” she said. “The tickers allow for free rides. It's only for today too. So, take it or leave it.”



Fumio sighed and lowered his head. “Fine.”

The dorm leader broke into a huge smile. “Have a good time!”


So many kids ran around the place. Fumio chuckled nervously to himself. I feel so old here. Tiny hands tugged on his shorts. He looked down to see Sui-Topii smiling at him.

“Play with me!” she cheered. Fumio sighed as he patted her on the head.

“Okay,” he said. She dragged him further into the park. The bright colors around them only made it worse.

“Wait!” he shouted. “Where are we going?”

“The train!” Sui-Topii shouted.

“Slow down!” her brother yelled. Her laughter drowned point, Fumio had to give up. She's just a kid, he thought. Let her have fun. They filed into line for the Dinosaur Train. Fumio's height made him look like a tree among the children. Uh… Where are the adults? His eyes scanned the area for any “big” people to hang out with while his sister got on the train. At last, Fumio spotted three mothers sitting on the bench outside the queue. Finally! Fumio crept out of the line and approached the bench.

“Hey ladies,” he greeted them. The moms looked up and spotted Fumio.

“Hey there!” one of them greeted him.

“May I join you?” he asked.

“Sure,” the second woman said.

“Thanks.” Fumio sits on the bench as the ladies moved aside. The third one with short dark purple hair eyed him.

“Are you here with your brother?” she asked.

“Sister,” Fumio said.

“Oh,” the brunette second woman said. “How old is she?”

“Five,” he said.

“Ah,” the ladies replied. They watched the children board the train at the first of the line.

“Which one's your sister?” the leader asked.

“The one in the dark blue sailor outfit and pigtails,” Fumio answered. He pointed her out in the middle of the line. The mothers spotted her out.

“Oh,” the leader said. “She's really cute.”

“Thank you,” he said.

“Is she staying with you for the summer?” Purple asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “Our parents dropped her off with me while they go off on a second honeymoon.”

“That's really sweet,” the leader told him. Fumio shook his head.

“Not really,” he said. “I can't afford for her to keep her here. I still have band debts to pay off. Plus…” Fumio buried his head in his hands. “I don't think I really can care for her properly.” The leader patted him on the hand. He looked up to see a smile on her face.

“Is she happy?” she asked.

“Well, yeah,” he said.

“Is she healthy?” the second mother asked.

“Yes,” Fumio answered.

“Is she loved?” the third mother asked.

“Yes,” the freshman replied. The lead mom patted them on the shoulder.

“I say you're doing fine,” she said. He opened his mouth to speak.

“You'll do fine,” the leader said. “Trust me.” Meanwhile, Sui-Topii boarded the Dinosaur Train. Fumio waved as she went by. Maybe I'll get her some cotton candy later, he thought.

They stayed out until closing time.

Tuesday Evening