Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ VIRUS ❯ The Land of Eternal Darkness ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]



By: Melissa Norvell

Chapter 1: The Land of Eternal Darkness


The watermelon-haired girl slowly got up and stood awkwardly. Her knees were slightly bent as she slowly and cautiously walked over towards the angel with curious eyes. Slowly and vigilantly, she walked with one foot in front of the other. The angel's form had a thick layer of condensation on it. It was as if he'd been nailed to that wooden cross for a long time- preserved, unaged and undead. He could bleed but not die. He could starve but not go hungry. The only thing that seemed to keep him alive was the illumination from the light above. One of the crystalline droplets slid off of a silver feather on his wing and free fell towards the foliage below. It made a splash on one of the green petals and dispersed into smaller droplets.

The girl's dark green eyes followed the droplets as they fell to the ground. "Um…Excuse me?" She then glanced up at the black-haired angel. 'Is he alive?' The girl thought for a moment as she peered at his face. He was very handsome and had a long and beautiful face with shoulder length, ebony black hair that stuck to his features as he hung in silence. This urethral male was so beautiful and yet…his eye held an immense amount of suffering and sorrow within it. It was as if the weight of the world had been bearing down on his form for eons. "Are you okay?" She asked.

The angel simply looked at her without a word.

"You must be hurting," the pink-haired girl looked sympathetic. "Let me help you down," she began to walk towards his hanging form and when she had gotten only a few feet away, she reached out with a delicate hand to attempt to touch him.

An attempt was all that she could get in.

As soon as she tried, her hand got caught in the wall of an invisible force field of some sort. Angry white lightening surged over her body. It danced chaotically over her pale skin and she let out a high-pitched scream of anguish. Try as she might, the wavy-haired female could not get her hand free. The field continued to shock her for a minute more and then it let her go with a jolt sending her form flying back a good five feet. The girl landed on her back as her body bounced on the wet ground. Her green eyes tried to stay open, but she gave way to unconsciousness.

Moments later, she reawakened and slowly pulled herself off of the ground. She rested with her hands behind her, leaning on them as she made a disgruntled noise. Her body felt fuzzy and a few stabbing pains shot through her. That shock had quite a bit of bite to it and she still felt the aftermath. She didn't know how long she'd been out and no time seemed to pass in this place. Her eyes concentrated on the angel before her as she stood up to attempt to approach him again.

Slowly she made her second attempt. The wavy-haired one didn't quite know where the force field was so she had been more conscious than before.

She soon found it by going head on into it. Again, the girl was shocked but this time she had been able to pull back in time. She took a couple of steps backwards. The previous pain had combined with the new and created a numbing sensation. Part of her was glad of it, and that she couldn't feel the pain from the combined run-ins. Another part dreaded the aftermath of such a shock.

'What is that?' She thought, and a look of concern crossed over her features. If she ran into the field, did it also hurt the angel? "I'm sorry! Are you alright?" The wavy-haired one half-way expected an answer.

She didn't get one.

"Can't you hear me? What's your name?" She tried again but received no answer. "I really want to help you. Won't you please tell me how I can get you down?" She really wanted to help him but she didn't know how if he couldn't tell her anything.

'I am the very thing that holds this world together. To remove me from this cross will mean genocide,' the booming voice seemed to echo around. It was loud and deep, yet young in many ways. She felt strange as her eyes wildly darted around to find the source of this voice. The angel had not moved his lips, so it couldn't have possibly been him…Could it?

It almost seemed as if God himself had spoken to her.

"Genocide?" The girl had no idea how serious this all was. Furthermore, she hadn't seen any people around. What exactly does the voice mean by genocide?

'Go, leave me or you shall suffer a worse fate.' It warned her.

"Where do I go?" The watermelon-haired girl still had not been sure of where the voice came from but she had been nearly certain that the angel was speaking to her in some sort of telepathy, even though the voice seemed much larger than that but she remembered that angels were merely souls and did not have to move their mouths to communicate.

'Go straight ahead and you shall find all that you were sent here to seek.'

"Wait! I was…sent here by someone?" She blinked in confusion. This only escaladed things. Whoever it was, no doubt knew her. She felt lost in this new place. For that moment in time, it felt as if she and the angel were the only two people in existence.

'Run past me.' The angel looked straight at her, as if he were speaking to her with his mouth. His face was stern, almost as if it were a command.

"Wait! Who sent me here…and why?" She at least wanted some answers before she had been sent into the unknown.

'The answers you seek are not with me. Go ahead, into the dark abyss to find the answers that you seek,' the voice instructed.

"I feel like I'm in a dream," the girl walked a few steps past the angel and stared into the darkness ahead of her. 'What do I do? Do I go in there? What if I walk in there and get killed? No way! I've seen too many horror movies to want to go into the unknown! I mean, I can't even see in there. What makes him think that I want to walk into a place where I can't see my own hand in front of my face?'

As her thoughts ended, everything around her began to shake violently. The ground had trembled so much that she nearly fell in an attempt to keep her footing. The girl found herself in a panic and took off running towards the darkness with shaky, uneven steps. She nearly fell multiple times as she ran through the earthquake.

Above her, within the darkness, something was heard that echoed through the sky like thunder in a violent storm. It sounded very familiar. It was much like someone had brought down a large, heavy gate. As she looked up, she saw something large and black being brought down from the heavens and thinking quickly, she rolled underneath of it before the large object had a chance to crush her tiny form.

Over and over again she rolled until after about three or four times, she finally came to a halt. The female slowly looked up to see that a giant, cast-iron gate had been dropped from the sky. She could hardly believe what had happened and wondered where the gate had even come from. Had it been hanging there in the sky all alone, concealed within the darkness?

It was a beautiful object with long, thick bars and the design of a rose bush in the center. Even though the bars were spaced far enough apart to where she could get through, she knew better than to try and go back through. The green-eyed girl knew that something was up. Her escape wouldn't be that easy. No doubt there was some sort of catch, like that invisible force field.

She glanced up into the darkness. The iron bars seemed as if they stretched all the way to the heavens and disappeared into the abyss of the skies above.

Feeling despair wash over her, she sat down with her knees bent up and arms around them. She hugged her legs close to her face and rested the side of her face on them. Her short, plaid skirt hung down, revealing the white of her panties but she didn't care. There was no one around so who would see her flash them?

"I want out of here. This is like a bad dream. I don't know who sent me here or what for but they probably did it to torture me. What did I do? What did I do wrong? I just try to be like a normal woman with a normal life," the girl's worried face gazed into the darkness once more as she thought aloud. "I don't want to go in there. I don't want to die either. I feel like I'm going to be eaten by a monster…or put in a cage with one to be fed to it."

'I'm scared.'

The girl remained in her seated position, her butt inches from touching the ground. She didn't want to move. She was afraid of going into the darkness for fear that something terrible lay within. Moments seemed to turn into hours and after that, she lost track of time itself. She could no longer tell how much time had passed. "Well, I'm not getting anywhere like this," the girl finally convinced herself to face her fears.

She stood up straight as a look of fierce determination crossed her features. "Might as well face my destruction or whatever awaits me," the girl had been convinced that this was the end for her. The look of bravery was only false compared to the feelings that loomed above her heart. As she slowly walked into the darkness and glanced around, she soon found a cluster of stars that hung in the middle of the sky.

These stars were large and of two colors- a silvery blue and a bright gold. Aside from the light that surrounded the hanging angel, these were the only lights that she'd seen in this dark abyss. She had been momentarily entranced by them as she stared harder and concentrated more on the bunched up bright stars.

A small smile curved on her pink lips. "The stars are so pretty in the sky. They are also oddly bright," she noted as she continued to stare. "They are also all in one place. Wow…"

The girl continued to walk. She didn't know of her destination or how to get anywhere but she had no choice now but to purge herself into the black of night and try to find an answer as to who had done this to her and why.

"I can't see anything," the sound of her voice was her best company at the moment. It gave her some comfort to hear herself, it was better than the silence. 'There's no sign of anything around and all I see is darkness. I don't even know where I am going or if my next step will be on solid ground. I always wonder if I'll fall into darkness. I have no idea where I am going.'

"How am I supposed to find any answers in here?" The girl inquired to herself. Still, she saw nothing and she wondered if anyone or anything would show up to give her a sign.

A top of the cast iron gate, a man stood erect. He seemed young and bore clothes that were similar to Japanese traditional ninja clothes. His had feudal armor with giant tufts of dark grey feathers. Beneath that was a white shirt with a grey rim that crossed over in the front. This shirt was sleeveless and his bare, well-muscled arms sported black wristbands and talon-like fingernails. He also wore black pants and possessed large, vulture-like wings.

His face was long and young, his eyes slanted with long, dark lashes and hair that barely touched his shoulders with black bans to his mid-cheek. A smirk crossed his youthful face.

"She's here. Now Queen Ambaralla's plans can be put into action. She'll be happy to find this out," the mysterious man spoke and had then concealed himself in a swirl of deep grey smoke and disappeared from his position.


The fast-moving streams of smoke soon dissipated to reveal the long-haired man, who was now bowing with the tip of his sword buried in the ground. He knelt on one knee with his head lowered in submission. The room around him looked like a darkened throne-room of sorts and, seated upon a massive black throne with a reflective surface, made from obsidian and black velvet was a small girl holding a tall mirror with a golden, wave-pattern around the frame. This girl had long white hair with a pink tint to it. Her hair was thick and stopped at her hips. She was a petite creature and looked to be only twelve in age. She wore a simple white dress, which looked like a loose-hanging night gown more than an actual dress. Her eyes were round but did not hold innocence as a normal child's did. Instead they held a distance and sorrow within their red coloration that tended to make people intrigued by her inner workings. Her eyes were framed by thick, full black long lashes that shifted with her gaze to the bird-like man before her.

"What is it, Kagato?" She questioned in a dull, lifeless voice.

"Queen Ambaralla, Rosario has arrived. We can now put our plans into action," Kagato reported.

This piece of information brought a small smile to the queen's pink lips. "Thank you, Kagato. I've been waiting for this day. Haven't you?" She asked the large, rectangular mirror as her ghost-like fingertips lightly stroked over the wave-like impressions. She seemed to want to know the mirror's opinion as well; it was almost as if she were speaking to it…or rather, to something inside of it…


Deep within the shroud of absolute darkness, a human-like being's head emerged. This being had long, white, thick hair with a tuft of bangs that stuck from one side in many points. He seemed to be very beautiful, in a long, white hakama with poofy pants that gathered at the bottom. The arms of his hakama were longer than his arms and concealed his hands within their depths. Only half of his face could be seen. His bangs were long, but parted slightly which revealed most of his features. The tip of the longest piece hung to his chin. Then there were several short pieces on the side that were the same length and the rest was long. It reached well to the bottom of his butt.

Half of his face was that of a beautiful man with long, thick black lashes. He was noble in appearance with pale, ivory skin. His eye had long since been closed to the world.

On the other half of his face, was a golden mask. This mask possessed a widened mouth which curved up devilishly and possessed pointed teeth. Painted above the grotesque mouth was an eye that was wide with many lashes on the top and bottom and a swirling pattern for a pupil. Above that was an eyebrow and on the far corner was a blue, round jewel that was framed in gold. Protruding from that gold was a ring that shot around the man's head to keep the mask on his face.

He furrowed his uncovered brow in concern. "She's here…Now things will finally be put into motion," his young yet crestfallen voice spoke to seemingly no one, "the first stage has already been initiated. The beginning of the end will soon befall us."


Rosario had been walking for what seemed like an eternity. Her feet were tired and she seemed to be getting nowhere. The watermelon-haired girl stopped and sighed. "I've been walking for a while and I haven't seen anyone yet. My legs are tired," she commented as she continued to walk.

Her only company had been the lights of the sky. She walked in silence for a while until she felt something with abruptness soak her form. It was as if someone had dumped a mass quantity of some sort of liquid on her. It was warm and thick on her skin.

Rosario glanced down to see what this substance could be and made a startling discovery.

It was blood.

She held out her hands as her green eyes widened. She took a few small, shaky breaths as she looked at her hands in horror. Her heart raced so much that it literally slammed against her sternum.

"What's…" Rosario questioned as she looked to the sky as a few splattered of the blood hit the ground beside of her with a splattering noise. Her green eyes darted to the ground beside of her but the blood was barely visible. "This is really creepy. Is this…blood?" She glanced back at her hands. "Where is this coming from? Those lights?" She glanced back up at the unusual stars. "Are the stars bleeding?"

'I'm scared.' Rosario's features saddened as she hugged herself tightly. 'I have a bad feeling about all of this. Why is there so much blood? Where did it all come from? I want to get out of here. I want to run.'

Rosario felt the adrenalin and fleeting fear in her heart as she took off wildly through the darkness. She didn't know where she was running but she didn't care. Nothing seemed safe here and she wanted to get away. She wanted to get away from the blood and the feelings of dread that she had felt. Rosario was frenzied and felt panicked. This world was full of unknown beauty and horror. It was as if she had been trapped in a dark fantasy.

She ran as the blood fell all around her. She could feel it as it hit the ground and splattered on her legs. 'I've got to get out of here! I'm going to go crazy in this place!' Rosario ran faster still as her wild panic grew worse. The girl didn't know where she was going, or if the next step she took would be her last.

'I don't want to die! I don't want to die!' Widened green eyes darted around her and could see nothing but pitch black. "What kind of place is this? Why aren't there any people here? Where is the light? Is it night or is it always dark here? I don't know where I am. I know nothing about this place. Please, Please let me out of here!" She shouted in dismay.

She suddenly felt her step grow light and her body suddenly became weightless. There was no longer solid land beneath her feet and she started to plummet. The girl gasped and let out a 'huh' before it registered in her mind. She could do nothing but watch the waves of her watermelon tresses flow in front of her face.

Her thoughts ran wild. 'Where am I falling to? Am I disappearing? Where did I fall from in the first place? Am I going to die? When will I hit the ground?'

The frightened girl closed her eyes only to see a bright blue sky.

A sky that had been lightly littered with puffy white clouds, those clouds that had a look of ones after a rainstorm with slightly grey linings. They peered down to a bridge below that was moderately populated with people. The ground was wet with the passing rainstorm and the air smelled fresh and clean. A top of the stone railing stood a young girl who appeared to be no more than fourteen in age. She had long, pink hair that looked the same as Rosario's. She wore white, collared shirt with the front two buttons undone, loose white socks, black loafers and a short, navy blue fuku. On her stomach was a large patch of bright red blood. The girl appeared to be wounded and scuffed up. Her dull eyes peered down at the rushing waters below.

Her face was twisted in sorrow, so much that it looked as if she might cry at any moment. The water below reflected in her large, green eyes. A few of the passerby's stopped to look at her and wondered why she'd been standing there.

Suddenly, the girl threw herself from the edge of the bridge. A young couple ran over to try and grab her but it was no use. The girl had jumped too far out and they could not grab her in time. She had fallen into the unforgiving waters below. The people called out for someone to help them above and she heard their faint voices before she had been submerged in water.

'Who? Who is this? Why is she throwing herself off of a bridge like that? Why is she bleeding? Is she dying? Is she trying to commit suicide?' Rosario wondered as she tried to decipher the images that ran through her head.

The girl's body floated underwater as her rolling waves surrounded her. She glanced up through the clear fluids and her eyelids fell heavy upon seeing the blurred images above. She felt herself give way as her eyes slowly closed. Before she had a chance to completely slip into darkness, a strong hand pulled her free from the water. The pink-haired girl let out a gasp as she surfaced to see a man with white hair and the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Her half-lidded green eyes were filled with happiness towards the individual. His eyes were a deep blue and so clear that they reflected the girl's image within them. This was the only thing that surfaced in Rosario's memory. All other features were darkened.

'Who is he? His eyes are so beautiful,' Rosario watched as the pink-haired girl weakly smiled up at the man, who picked her up bride and groom style. The two walked off down the white-brick road and Rosario wondered where these images had come from. She hadn't remembered anything about this man or this little girl. Who were they, and why did the girl have her looks?

'What is the meaning of all of these images? Who are all of these people? Why can't I remember anything else? I try as hard as I can but I can't remember any of my childhood…no parents…no family at all…no friends…not even my own reflection as a child…what happened? Where are all of my memories?'

Rosario had wondered before she fell into a pool of something wet. Her body made a splash as it was submerged in the thick liquid. She could faintly see the blood from her form in a small cloud of red above her as she sank deeper and deeper into the water's abyss.


A lone girl walked beside of the water's edge. She looked to be about fourteen with dark tan skin and short, white hair. Her round, deep blue eyes looked down the shoreline as she walked slowly. The waters rushed in and out, bathing her white shoes. A single, large light that resembled moonlight reflected on the water's surface.

"What a beautiful sight. The lake sure is calm. There's hardly any wind too," the tan girl smiled and she lazily strolled on. The gold piece around her head shone in the moonlight as well as two long, dangling rods in front of her face. She blinked and noticed that something had been lying on the shoreline. It was white and pink in coloration. She ran over to the object and stopped a few feet away from it when she had noticed what it was.

"It's a girl!" She exclaimed in a young voice as she threw her hands over her mouth. 'I wonder what she's doing here.'

To Be Continued…