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By: Melissa Norvell

Chapter 10: Sin


Rosario glanced around the room with inquisitive eyes, as if she were searching endlessly for something that seemed out of place. The girl didn't find the desired object that she had been searching for and released a noise of bewilderment.


"Is something wrong?" Pippin noticed the perplexed expression on her comrade's face. She wondered what the girl was so confused about. Did this not look like a hotel room from Japan? Maybe she wasn't used to things still.

"Why aren't there any clocks in here? Don't you guys think it's strange?" She glanced towards the other members of her group for confirmation. Everyone but Seishira and Bunmei looked at her as if they didn't know what she was even talking about. It was as if they were speaking different languages.

Rosario had wanted to check the time, since the darkness was eternal in Versailles; maybe they had an a.m. and a p.m. If that was the case, then she'd know whether or not it was night or day there, but she couldn't find anything that told her anything close to the time. There weren't even any calendars to specify the month and day. It could either be summer or winter for all they knew.

"There are no ways to keep track of time in Versailles," Seishira informed the group of how the land operated. She knew that they would find it strange, but she would deal with the questions when they came to her.

"What? No calendars? No watches? Nothing?" Rosario could hardly believe it when it came from the mage's mouth. There were truly no ways to tell time? That meant that no one had any idea of how long they had even been down there. Days could feel like years, or vice versa.

"There's no way to calculate any kind of time," she repeated, engraving the principal into the girl's mind. It was just something that they would have to deal with. It was nothing that anyone could help.

"When we first met, I told you that I didn't know how long I've been here. That's why. There's no way of keeping track. It's like time never passes here. Everything is constant," Bunmei had been in Versailles longer than Rosario, but he never knew how much longer he had even existed there. It was a pressing thought that he had always wondered about.

Just how many years had gone by? He had long since forgotten.

"What kind of place is this?" Rosario asked in dismay. It seemed in the land of Versailles, there were things that were both beautiful and deadly…things that were unknown and things that were mysterious. It was truly a land of wonder, whether it was a whimsical wonder or a frightening one.

"It's a friggin' nightmare," to Bunmei it was nothing more than a glorified version of hell where everyone wandered around in their own delusions. It was far from a whimsical or dream like in any way whatsoever.

"Does Oscillo have things to tell time with?" Pippin questioned. Surely there had to be some way to telling time there. It couldn't just be a timeless place. That was impossible.

"They are the only ones who know how many days and years have passed. There is one large device that works like a sundial in Oscillo. It's the only time-telling device in the two lands," Seishira explained. The place was not completely timeless, but the world of Versailles seemed to be eternal.

"Why wouldn't they want us to know what time it is? That makes no sense," Rosario stated. Time was a minor thing and nothing could stop it from passing, so what was the importance of keeping it hidden from everyone?

"It really doesn't. I don't see why hiding the time from us would be important," Pazusu hadn't even really thought about it, but he never knew what a clock even looked like. The only thing that he knew was that he had grown up in Versailles but the number of years he spent there was unknown even by him. He knew that he was young, but he didn't know how young. The more Rosario brought up matters like that, the more he had realized how little he knew about both the world of Versailles and himself.

"Maybe because she's trying to protect us from something." Whatever it was, Rosario was unsure of at the moment but she knew that there had to be some reason for it. There had to be some valid reason that Queen Ambaralla would keep the time from them.

"Yeah, reality," Bunmei sighed.

"Well, this place is like a fairytale. I mean a queen, a castle, and weird worlds," the purple-haired swordsman thought about it. It was as if they were all living in a storybook of some kind, where the truly reality of the situation was only explained to the reader and the characters inside of the book only moved accordingly, unaware of their unspoken but predetermined fate.

"It has a weird author," his sister placed a finger to her chin in contemplation. The queen and the sage that helped create this place must have had such strange imaginations.

"More like twisted," Bunmei shot.

"This place feels creepy," the swordsman glanced around the room. Everything was perfect and looked untouched by time and the way that the small amount of light was cast through the window made him feel uneasy. Pazusu hoped that they didn't have to stay at this place for long. "It's eerily silent and everything is just still, kind of like it's haunted." Even the air was dead in that room.

"We should try to get some sleep. We'll have a long journey ahead of us," the mage informed. Now that they were at a stopping point, it would be good for them to sleep a bit. They had been through several fights with no rest and they needed to take care of their bodies by replenishing their energy and healing the wounds that they had acquired.

"Alright," the pink-haired girl got up and retreated back to her room, saying her good night to her allies. Everyone else told her good night, minus Bunmei as they all went to their beds to get some rest.

Seishira walked a couple of steps behind everyone else, and noticed that Bunmei was still seated there at the kotatsu table. She looked over her shoulder and brushed some of her snow-white hair from her sights.

"Are you going to sleep?" The mage asked.

"I want to stay up a little while longer." The was still not over seeing such a huge execution field and the entire time that they had been in Majestica, his mind was plagued with the events of the day he had witnessed a massacre and had no clue why it had happened. A part of him blamed himself and felt at fault, and a part of him wanted to believe desperately that it wasn't his fault. The conflicting emotions waged war on his senses and he found it near impossible to sleep at that moment in time. What was he seeing, and why was he seeing it? Who were those people, and had he been there? His mind was assaulted by questions that he could give little answers to.

"Alright, good night Bunmei," the white-haired woman figured that he would go to sleep when he wanted. There was no use in trying to force him to sleep when he clearly had no desire to, and being as stubborn as he was there was no use in trying to conform him now.

"Good night."


Green eyes slowly opened as the girl stared out of her window at the blackened sky. It was strange for her to wake to darkness and something in her body wanted to simply go back to sleep, but she knew that no matter how many times she woke up, it would still look the same. Rosario lay in bed for a couple of minutes, before she finally pulled herself up out of bed and walked into the shower, shedding her clothes and stepping in as she turned the hot water on and began to bathe. The steam of the hot water felt good on her skin, even if it stung her wounds, at least she would be clean. Rosario hadn't remembered how long it had been since she was able to take a bath. She closed her eyes and relaxed. It could possibly be one of the only opportunities that she would have to be in a state of peace in a while and she wanted to cherish every moment of it.

Seishira had been awake a few minutes before Rosario and had managed to wash up and get dressed. The sorceress strolled over to the kotatsu table where Pazusu, Pippin and Bunmei were all seated. Bunmei was sipping on coffee and barely seemed awake. The brother and sister duo seemed as chipper as songbirds.

They all said their respective good mornings, except Bunmei, who simply agreed with a groggy 'yeah' in response as he took another sip of his coffee.

Seishira glanced around a second time. She saw that they were missing one member of their team. "Where's Rosario?"

"In the shower," Bunmei told her but just as he had finished the sentence, the said girl strolled into the room with a towel over her head, trying to finish drying her pink waves. "Never mind," the assassin corrected himself as he looked in her direction.

"Good morning everyone," Rosario took a seat beside of the assassin and finished drying her hair. "So, I guess we're exploring Majestica today?"

"Is that what you'd like to do?" Seishira's question made the girl have second thoughts. What if they had different plans? She didn't think about what they had wanted to do and it made her seem like she was trying to play leader, even though she didn't mean it like that.

"I don't know. What do you guys think?" The girl glanced around the table at everyone. Rosario wondered what they all had in mind.

"It couldn't hurt," Pazusu agreed. "I mean, we could gather some information at least." He had been in the middle on whether or not the queen was good or evil and it would be a nice thing to be reminded of her good qualities, instead of always hearing about the bad from Bunmei.

"Yeah, I want to see why they like her so much," Pippin nodded. It sounded like a good idea to gather information for her. She had always wondered about the good things that Ambaralla possessed and where better to get it, than in a village of people who undoubtedly love her.

This way, she could have more than one opinion about the mysterious queen.

"Oh, you want to get brainwashed," Bunmei blew their plan to pieces with a single assault.

"If we see why people like her, then we can have more on both sides," Pippin thought that it would be great in helping them determine whether or not she truly was evil.

"That's right," Rosario wanted to know the truth as well. Bunmei didn't like her, but the school girl wanted to know for herself whether or not Queen Ambaralla truly was evil.

"While you're at it, you can investigate the Sin Rebellion and see his side," the assassin informed them. If they were going to collect information, then they needed to do it from both sides not just the side that liked her.

"It sounds like something you'd be interested in," Seishira looked over to the spiky-haired man. Bunmei instantly knew that she was volunteering him for something and frowned at her words.

"I am. I want to know exactly what happened to him, because something seems up about this place," he had suspicions the entire time they had been there and if nothing else, before they left the assassin wanted some closure to the mysteries that surrounded Majestica.

There were many parts of the legend that didn't make any sense at all. No doubt there were missing pieces of information. Nothing went untold without minor adjustments through retelling. Messages became obscure when they floated through the masses.

The assassin knew this all too well through his own myths and legends.

"Then it will be a mystery to us all," Pippin smiled. To her, solving that mystery would be great fun, and hopefully they would all learn something from it.

"Then let's get ready to head out," her brother agreed. If nothing else, they'd be at least a little closer to accomplishing their goal of finding out if Queen Ambaralla was good or evil.

"Let's go in teams," Seishira advised. "Rosario, you and Pippin can search for the citizen's good reasons to like the queen. I shall assist you. Bunmei and Pazusu, you two can ask around or do some investigation on the Sin story. This way we have a wide array of opinions that might eventually help us out in figuring out answers."

"Right," everyone agreed except Bunmei, who didn't seem too thrilled about everyone's new little game. To him, it was a waste of time and a pain in the ass.


Bunmei and Pazusu made their way down the narrow hallways of the inn. Pazusu seemed to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about the whole experience, while the assassin had serious second thoughts. He trudged around with his hands in his pockets and a deep-set frown plastered on his face.

"I don't feel like playing detective," Bunmei grumbled in irritation.

"Where do we even start?" The swordsman asked. It sounded fun, but they needed leads first. He wondered if they should just go around asking about Sin and see what people said about him.

"Who knows?" The assassin was uninterested. "We should probably ask around. Maybe someone knows."

"Hey, that's a good idea-" Pazusu had actually been thinking the same thing. Then, he felt something bony hit his shoulder and turned around to see that he had bumped what looked like a young man with dark hair that was pulled back into a ponytail.

The man turned and looked at him with dead eyes and a stone cold frown. To someone as light-hearted as Pazusu, it was quite chilling to be stared at in that manner. Soon, he became nervous and smiled a little. "Whoops! Narrow hallway! Really sorry about that."

"It's not a problem. I didn't see you either," the monotone voice shot from the figure's pale lips.

"Hey, do you know anything about a guy named Sin?" The swordsman He figured that he might as well ask the two strange people, since they were the first ones that they had literally bumped into.

The black-haired male's eyes were downcast. He said nothing in response to his questions. Pazusu felt a little strange. He didn't think the question was all that harmful, but apparently it was offensive or something to this man.

"Why are you asking?" A deep, mature woman's voice cut through him as he turned to see that the loop-haired, ninjaesque woman seemed more offended then her male companion. She wore leg warmers that were fuzzy and netting from head to toe with a skirt and bra being the only things that covered her areas.

"We're trying to settle a dispute on Queen Ambaralla," the rush of nervous and half giggled answers poured from the tanned man's mouth. "Some of the people in our group think that she's good and some think that she's evil. So we're trying to take a poll."

"I thought you were supposed to keep your mouth shut," Bunmei crossed his arms and closed his eyes. If that swordsman started something, then he would kick his ass right along with the other two yahoos who stood in the hallway.

"Oh really?" The dark-haired man turned towards them, his voice held the slightest hint of amusement to it.

"So, what do you two think?" The woman wanted to know their opinions first. When they answered their own question, then she would know what to tell them.

"I don't know."

"I hate her."

"You didn't have to think twice about that one," the male looked over to Bunmei, who answered the question without the slightest hesitation. It was apparent that at least one of them was set in their ways.

"No, and nothing will convince me either," Bunmei wanted to be crystal clear on that.

"They've tried, and nothing works," Pazusu added that it was nearly impossible to even sway his opinion.

"You know, people seriously are going against the masses here. I wouldn't go telling everyone you meet that," the woman advised. There was only danger in their way if they even as much as thought about speaking against the will of those who adored her.

"I goofed," the swordsman placed a hand behind his head and smiled wide. He felt like a jackass in the highest degree.

"Stupid, you did the very thing that Seishira told you not to do. Don't you listen?" Honestly, what kind of people was on his so called 'team' anyway? They were going to get the assassin assassinated himself one day.

"So, you want to know about Sin, huh?" The female warrior wondered what their intentions were on learning about Sin and what exactly she should tell them on the matter. The woman had an extensive knowledge of the entire legend- both falsehoods and truths, but if they were associated with that queen in any positive way, then she would only divulge the misconceptions.

"I can tell you about him," the mysterious male spoke up and his sidekick's face lit up with shock.

"What?" She couldn't believe that he had offered to tell them. He usually didn't say anything to anyone regarding the subject.

"You must be the legendary swordsman, Pazusu," his dark blue sights gazed at the tanned swordsman. His tone seemed like a question, but it was more like he was telling him that he was beyond the shadow of a doubt.

"Yeah, how do you know that?" Pazusu asked. Of course, there were many ways that one could find out, but he wanted to know specifics.

"I didn't think I'd see you hanging around someone who goes against everything you existed for," he commented on his assumed partnership with the Black Rose Assassin.

"It's a weird story-" The swordsman started to explain, but was cut off.

"What do you think of Queen Ambaralla? You've worked for her," the dark-haired man was keen on what position he served. Pazusu was surprised that he had such extensive knowledge about both he and the queen. It kind of made him uneasy, as did most people who did their research in frighteningly accurate ways.

"I've never even seen her, and the orders always came from the roses but to be truthful, I don't know what to think of her. I'm skeptical."

"You have reason to be," the mysterious male replied.

"I take it that you hate her too?" Pazusu had a feeling that he knew what the answer was.

"We're trying to find a way to get to the Castle in the Sky so we can get out revenge," the loopy-haired ninja informed them of their current mission, as well as why they were in Majestica to begin with.

They had their own set of goals to follow and they would not rest until they made sure that the queen was dead.

"We're doing the same…Well, maybe not the revenge part," the swordsman told them, or at least he wasn't doing it for the revenge factor. He simply wanted the truth. The truth to why he was there and the truth to the intentions of the queen.

"I want revenge. I'm here for her head," Bunmei smirked. It would be his greatest assassination ever. The thought of that queen's head rolling on the ground in crimson splattered glory made his pleasure rise to new heights.

"As am," the dark-haired young man nodded with a smile.

"That's one of the reasons that we've returned here," the ninja told them. It was not the only time that they had been to Majestica.

"You were here before?" The swordsman was shocked to know that. If that were so, these two people would have tons of information on Majestica and possibly the Sin story as well.

"We were here during the time of the rebellion," the mysterious male added.

"But after we were defeated, we were forced to leave. Actually, we nearly died," his female companion added. It was a very unpleasant experience for her and she didn't want to think too hard about the past. It would only bring about a side of her that she wasn't fond of showing anyone.

"There are rumors going around that we're dead, but I assure that they aren't true."

"Wait…" Just then, it hit Pazusu like a bag of bricks in the face. Shock came over him as he found the frightening revelation. "The only rumors that I know are about that Sin guy…You can't be him…Can you?" His purple eyes widened as chills went up his spine. It would do more than explain why this man was so creepy looking and acting in general, but what about the woman who traveled with him? Who the hell was she and what did she have to do with the rebellion?

"What? You're alive?" Bunmei even seemed a little shocked by that information. He didn't think that Sin would dare to show his face in a place full of people that hated him, not to mention come back a second time for whatever reason he had.

Sin was definitely an interesting fellow, if this was indeed him.

"Don't say it so loud. If anyone knows, there will be hell to pay," the ninja scolded the two men. They were trying to keep things a secret and the two of them really didn't want any information leaking out about their return if they could help it.

"If we're going to talk about this, then let's go back to our room. You'll be safe there. Besides, I want to know more about you," Bunmei suggested. He knew what it was like to be out in the open around people and that was definitely the last thing he wanted for himself, so he could only guess how exposed Sin must have felt.

The both of them nodded as the newly assembled group headed back towards their room.

Once they were in the room, Bunmei shut the door behind him and walked casually over to the three, who were standing in a semi-circle a short distance from the kotatsu table on the right hand side of the room.

"You're the Sin?” Pazusu still could not believe what he had heard. There was no way that he'd ever convince himself that the very man who caused the mayhem in Majestica was in the room with him.

Sin was not at all like he had imagined him. He was quite young, appearing somewhere in his late teens, but he was very distinguished, with slanted, dark blue eyes and pitch black, long hair that went to his mid-shoulder blade and had slight curl to it. He was dressed in a long, black cape with a golden embroidered edge and clothes of a dark blue and white that resembled those of a prince.

Sin was a very beautiful man with many bishounen qualities and even someone like Pazusu couldn't help but admire him for his good looks.

"Yes, and this is my sister, Kumoigi Sol," he politely gestured to the loopy-haired ninja, who bowed.

"Nice to meet you."

"Hey, I've heard of you." This was the second shock to Pazusu's system for that day. He couldn't believe that he knew of both of them, and not to mention that they were related! They surely must come from a family with freak of nature written in their gene pool. "You're the strongest female ninja. You're supposed to be so physically strong that they had to put you in the men's division at the last martial arts tournament."

"I'm pretty sure I'm not the strongest but yes, that's true,” Kumoigi replied nonchalantly, as if she didn't see the importance in the subject at all. Actually, she didn't truly like it when people brought that up about her. It made her seem like some kind of Amazon warrior or something.

"That's impressive." As if it wasn't enough, the assassin had to comment on it too.


"I'm surprised you came back, considering what happened to you," the swordsman wouldn't have come back after all of that hell. He wouldn't even as much as THINK on coming back.

"That's what made me come back here. At the very least, I plan on getting rid of that execution field. No one should have to be persecuted for their opinions," Sin was passionate about it, despite his tone of voice. If nothing else, he would rid that place of its grotesque field of hanging posts. That in itself would be a fine accomplishment.

"You tried to convince them to rebel. What did you think was going to happen?" Pazusu was looking at the situation realistically. Sin couldn't act like Mr. Righteous after what he did. He was undoubtedly defeated and he caused many people to die with his opinion. Surely this guy was at least partially in reality.

"I only stated my opinion. I didn't cause anything," the black-haired man was very truthful about his answer. But then again, things still didn't make any sense.

"You didn't?" Pazusu was still a little skeptical on it.

"I told a few individuals that asked me how I felt about her and I foolishly told them. Before I knew it, I had the entire town after me. They proclaimed to have received a divine message sent by Queen Ambaralla to execute me. It split the town and they waged war: the ones who religiously followed her and the ones who hated and doubted her. You can only guess who won," He explained part of the deadly rebellion that he was rumored to lead.

"Obviously, but what happened to you?" Bunmei was more concerned with Sin's suffering then anything. Whatever hell he went through was more than proof that Ambaralla was pure evil. It's already notable that she didn't even question Sin's objective, or even the fact that he may not have started the war in the first place. The queen blindly punished him for something he may or may not have done. How typically tyrannical of her.

"I was tortured…in many unimaginable ways and before they could manage to cut my head off with a guillotine, Kumoigi saved my life," Sin stared at seemingly nothing to his right as he looked as if he were struggling to even remember the nightmare that he went through.

"It was hard to bring him out of it," Kumoigi remembered their painful past. "It took months of solitary confinement and a lot of rehabilitation."

"I couldn't speak and basic functions were hard to comprehend," Sin explained what had happened and even now it was easy to tell that he still had a hard time grasping some of the simpler things to explain. "I was mad with paranoia. I had to be strapped to a chair or I'd flip out and hurt myself, or someone else."

"Wow, what did they do to you?" Whatever it was, Pazusu wanted no part of it. He would definitely watch who he told anything about Queen Ambaralla.

"Probably everything you can think of and then some. I don't really remember half of it." It was sad that even Sin himself wondered at times what all had taken place that day. Chunks of his memory had seemed to be completely erased or devoid of any information regarding his torture. At times, he was happy that he didn't know and at other times, he wondered what they did to him.

"No wonder Seishira told us to keep quiet." It was definitely something that the swordsman would take into consideration, now more than ever. The last thing he wanted to do was be as emotionally screwed up as Sin was. The guy didn't even seem human.

"I'm thankful to be alive, although I can't say I'll ever match my former self," the rebellious man knew that it was a far cry from who he was today. He wanted the lighter side of himself back. He longed to be something that could function well in society but deep down, he also knew that it was a near impossible task.

"You are my soul reason to not say anything. Damn you had it rough," Pazusu was in awe that this guy was even alive, although he was undoubtedly emotionally dead.

But still, the fact that he survived such a think when he was put under that much torment was incredible.

"I've had it bad from what I remember but I wouldn't know the extent of your suffering," Bunmei commented. In many ways, he felt sorry for the young man. They shared similar pains, but he wasn't sure how he'd react if something like that had happened to him.

The Black Rose Assassin had been punished and tortured many times, but nothing to that extent. A part of him sympathized with the young man and his struggle to stay alive in the hellhole that was Versailles.

They were both fugitives, but for entirely different reasons, and their basic goal was the same- get revenge on that bitch of a queen who had damned them both with such eternal suffering.

"You could possibly be the only one who understands it. Out of anyone in Versailles, you know what it is to be hated and persecuted for your choices in life."

"Ironic that you compare yourself to a killer," Bunmei stated. After he'd nearly been killed by those who were just as he was.

"I guarantee you my hands are far from clean," Sin informed. Just because he was a victim, didn't mean that he wasn't at one time, a killer.

"But you kill in self defense and I kill because I'm paid to," the assassin smirked. "Well, half of the time, anyway."

"I've only killed in self defense or because I was ordered to," Pazusu couldn't identify with either one of them. In many ways, Sin and Bunmei easily related to each other, and just when he thought that no one understood the assassin- he found someone who actually could.

"Were you ever instructed to kill someone you didn't want to kill?" Sin wondered how the Queen treated her Master Swordsman.


"Not really, I could care less," Bunmei answered in a half-hearted manner. Taking a life was his job and an everyday occurrence. He couldn't go getting teary eyed just because someone was killed. The spiky-haired man's disregard for life made him come off as cold, but he didn't care much about that either.

"I've never killed one who didn't deserve it," Kumoigi would leave it up to them to make their opinions on that subject. “So, is it just the two of you, or are there more people here?" The ninja questioned as she glanced around the room. There didn't seem to be anyone else in the room, but that didn't mean that there weren't people who were once in there but had stepped out for a moment.

"There's a bunch of females; his sister," the spiky-haired man jerked a thumb towards his companion, "a mage named Seishira and a girl with pink haired named Rosario."

"A random individual? Why? Sin found it a little odd that Rosario stuck out so much. To him, she was some random person in a group of fighters and people that were closely associated with members of the group.

Bunmei shrugged. "Just kind of turned out that way, to be honest."

"We all want to get to the castle in the sky. We want to go back to our homes," Pazusu informed them of their purpose for traveling together as they were.

"I do want to find out what this place is about and I want to see if my theories are correct," Bunmei stated a part of his personal goal. He had many ongoing theories about the lands and testing each one for its falsehoods and truths was a side hobby of his.

"I have a few of those myself," Kumoigi was interested in seeing of the two of them shared any theories together. In a way, it would be fun to travel with that group of people, if nothing else, to share ideas on their own personal theories about Versailles, Oscillo and Queen Ambaralla.

"Here I thought we were the only ones wondering about this place," the swordsman was glad that they weren't the only ones who wondered about the place they stayed in.

"To be honest, I think that everyone has wondered about it at least once. They are probably afraid to ask Queen Ambaralla. Hm?" Navy blue eyes slowly turned to the direction of the door as Sin and the bad of three watched as the three women walked in.

They looked as if they had a safe trip and all of them were unharmed. Rosario and Pippin wore bright, smiling faces and Seishira was her usual calm self. The group didn't even notice Sin and Kumoigi standing there as they spoke amongst themselves about their adventures that day regarding the citizen's opinions.

"Hey, we found a lot of opinions on Queen…Ambaralla…Who is that?" Pippin blinked unsurely and pointed towards the two figures.

It wasn't every day she walked in to see a woman dressed in a short-skirted ninja outfit with a long cape and crazy loops in her hair and a man who looked like a dark prince standing in the doorway.

"I was wondering the same thing," Kumoigi stated as her ice blue eyes landed on the strange girl and her two female comrades.

Upon seeing who they were, Seishira's eyes went slightly wide with disbelief as she stopped still in her place. 'It's…'

"What's going on?" Rosario asked, looking a little confused. She wondered why the mage had reacted like that, and even if she knew the two of them.

"Hey, you'll never guess who we found," Pazusu chimed, seeming proud of his discovery.

"What better person to tell you an opinion then Sin himself," Bunmei smirked a little as he gestured his hand towards the dark-headed male and his companion.

"I knew you were familiar…You truly are Sin…" Seishira could hardly believe that he was even still alive. The man that she thought had been dead all of the time was alive and standing before her. But the only question that lay unanswered in her mind was - what was he doing back in Majestica, the very town that nearly killed him?

Was he out of his mind?

What was he thinking?

"Surprised to see me?" Sin looked the sorceress dead in the eyes, the eyes of a woman who were just as devoid of emotion as his own and of the same shade of dark blue.

He thought just as much of her shock, and if it had effected someone like the white-haired woman that much, then he could only imagine the twisted faces on those in Majestica who had thought him dead this entire time.

Truly, his revenge would be sweet.

To Be Continued