Other Fan Fiction ❯ 2003 ❯ I-II ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The night was thick and heavy. The scent of boiled cabbage flowed outside. Winston was walking home. His life seemed a waste. But not to him. He loved Big Brother. Then, Winston saw someone standing in the road. He thought nothing of it at first. But then, she turned. She had a pale white ghost face with thick red lips and piercing blue eyes. The girl had on a black jacket, black jeans, and black boots. Her black hair was pinned up neatly. What Winston found striking was the girl had no scarlet sash around her waist. She clearly wasn’t from London. But who was she? Then, the girl held out her arms with her fists clinched tight. She parted her lips and mumbled something. What it was, Winston could hear her. If was like watching a TV on mute without a remote. Then, gunshots rang out and the girl fell to the ground in cold blood. Winston raced to her and held her tight. The girl mumbled something inaudible again. And then, she died. Winston awoke in a cold sweat. This was the fifth time he had this nightmare. What did it mean? Then, he just bushed it off as if it wad just dust. Dreams were a thought-crime and useless. But that soon would change…  
The tube roared through the clear morning. A young woman of nineteen years sat in silence. Her face and hands were snow white. Her lips were a deep red. Her black long coat seemed to swallow the rest of her body whole. Aside from her black attire, the girl’s piercing blue eyes made everyone take a closer look at her. The girls at her boarding school called her a vampire because she was so pale and always wore black. The girl’s destination was Oceania. Her boyfriend of four years finally proposed to her three weeks ago. She didn’t want to have the wedding until she met her father and by chance invited him to the wedding. She got a hint from her mother that he lived Oceania. The girl looked at her engagement ring. It was a red diamond on a silver band. Her loved worked for two summers to buy it for her. She decided to take good care of her ring. The tube stopped and more people got on. An old man sat beside the young woman. He was dressed in a nice suit with a white tie. He smelt of cheap mothballs. The old man looked his new companion up and down. “Oh, what’s a little thing like you doing all alone?” he asked. The girl turned and answered, “I’m going to meet my father for the first time.” The old man seemed happy. “That’s great!” he exclaimed. “Where does he live?” “Oceania.” the girl said bravely. The old man fell silent. “He won’t claim you…” he said in a low voice. The girl kept the glow in her pale face. “What do you mean?” she asked. Her fellow passenger looked pale.“They won’t let him claim you.” the old man went on. “Nobody can claim anyone in Oceania. You’re wasting you time…” “Willa.” the girl said. “You’re wasting your time, Willa.” the old man went on. “If you are not careful, they will get inside of you.” The rest of the trip was in icy silence.

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