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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

by ~bulma-th-babe

Title: Anticipation
Author:  geniusinmotion
Theme: 141 Cinnamon
Rating: PG
Length: 170 words
Summary: Inspired by  hitlikehammers series of drabbles, where you take the first line of a book every ten pages. Currently the book is Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. Quote will be in bold with the story to follow.

Pg. 10 "The experience proved the opposite."

Tony Stark had been sure that he was in complete control.

He'd faced countless enemies in battle, taken down overzealous board members with no more than a glare or carefully constructed bit of whit, he'd faced off against military generals hell bent on getting their way, all without breaking a sweat. All in a day's work.

Dinner had been perfect. Friendly conversation and a bit of banter over some of the best pasta on the west coast, the best wine money could buy. And all it took was one kiss to derail him.

He lay on his bed watching the now closed door of the bathroom, still felling the touch of Pepper's hand on his face, the warmth of her lips. He could still taste the spiciness of her cinnamon gum from her kiss.

One kiss and a whisper of "I'll be right back" was enough to leave him shaken and anxious to see what else the night had to offer.