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The Silver Tribe don't have a lot of experience handling emotions and it shows.


Emotion 01: Pride (Phaetho)

Phaetho was too proud to accept that the people of the Iron Tribe, whom he still saw as inferior despite not being their enemy anymore, could do something that he could not, however unimportant it may be. Hence why when he was in a rendezvous mission in Old Universe, he simply couldn't refuse the challenge Age proposed to participate in a game called soccer, in which teleporting was not allowed.

The game began and Phaetho promptly fell flat on his back when he attempted to kick the ball, thanks to the creative design of his pants. Running was obsolete anyway.

End of Emotion 01

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Emotion 02: Tension (PromexRom)

Prome was quite stressed. Her tribe had begun to investigate emotions and tried to use them as a way to better understand the Iron and Golden tribes. They would become overwhelmed because of their inexperience and run crying to her, sometimes quite literally, to beg that she would help them.

She would, then they would continue their lives, only to once again be overwhelmed due to their own lack of attempts to suppress emotions, instead endeavoring to find a balance that was difficult to obtain. Prome was starting to feel overwhelmed herself, but she tried not to show it.

After a particularly difficult 'therapy' session involving three girls who suffered the same symptoms and thus decided to visit her together, Prome got up from her throne at the Silver Tribe base in New Universe and went for a walk to try to clear her mind.

However, she was so distracted that she walked right into Rom, who noticed the disturbance in her aura and demanded to know what troubled her. "It's because you are so full of emotions, isn't it? You've been absorbing the emotions of our tribe, while they do nothing but produce more in a useless effort to understand the Iron Tribe, they are poisoning you!" Rom had refused to accept help from Prome and was frustrated to find that, aside from frustration, he had a multitude of other uncomfortable growing emotions, which made his frustration increase and caused him a vast confusion.

In an outburst that Rom himself would never recognize as such, he took Prome by the shoulders and shook her, finally stopping and staring into her eyes with an icy glare, his face only inches away from hers. Then she lost it, the bottled up tension finally snapped within Prome and she wrapped her arms around Rom pulling him into a kiss, an action that was completely alien to him.

After she was done, she let him go and easily got loose from his weakened grip. She stepped around him and continued walking. Rom remained frozen in place, overwhelmed by the feelings Prome poured into him and puzzled by the strange method in which she did.

End of Emotion 02

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