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High atop the Himalayas a golden jet flies by askew. The Gold family, a devoted husband and wife with their golden haired darling doll of a daughter, the richest couple in the entire world are discussing business blithely unaware of the teetering plane. Things then start falling and turbulence occurs. Jack and Carol Gold caress their only child Goldie. Goldie is on the verge of tears. And then the plane drops two hundred feet in two seconds -- SCREAMS, engine whines and every loose object slams to the ceiling -- Jack grips the armrests as the plane shudders violently and then the inevitable occurs, the jet crashes into a snowy ravine. Taking everyone but little Goldie.

The child of woe is now the child of wealth. Fortune favors fallacy. Abundance beyond the dreams of avarice. The rich heiress is now a poor orphan. Goldie is surrounded by repugnant reporters. Like Goldilocks and the terrifying Bears. A goldfish in a sea of barracudas. The awful experience will forever haunt her, so she closes her eyes and escapes into dreamland. Every girl dreams of becoming a princess, but Goldie was raised like a princess and without the responsibilities. What good is a kingdom if you have no one to share it with. But the little cherubic kewpie doll would blossom into a tantalizing life-size mannequin. Every princess deserves a prince. A Barbie needs her Ken.

Flash forward to twenty year old Goldie living in the lap of luxury. Shopping, Dining, Traveling the world in style. All with the purpose of trying to run away from that harrowing plane crash nightmare. So she does what any girl with an overflowing, neverending pot of gold would do. Spend, spend, spend! Goldie is lounging about in her 100 stories up, long rooftop infinity pool when her hanger-on girlfriends show her an unflattering photo of herself in 'The Gold Street Journal.' "Oh my god! Why would they do that? I'm gonna take care of this."

Goldie exits dramatically from her self driving "Goldster" with a harrumph and sashays her way into The Gold Street Journal. Demanding to see the editor in chief. She comes face to face with said editor Sam Gritt. "What is the meaning of this?" Throws down the newspaper article about her. "My ace reporter Jack Travis actually wrote that. I mean it's not exactly front page news but newsworthy none the less." "You do realize that I own this rag and I can easily terminate you!" "You could but I highly doubt it." "Why's that?" "Because I was a very close friend of your parents." "So what?" "Your mother and I were having a torrid affair." "What! That's insane, no one would ever believe you." "I have proof, video in fact!" "Your disgusting!" "If you fire me, my only recourse is to release said footage publicly." "AH!" Goldie storms off in a huff in search of Jack.

Jack Travis was on the phone with his feet up on his desk, chatting away when Goldie shows up. Goldie slams the receiver down. "What gives you the right to trash someone without knowing all the facts?" "Oh great! Then you finally agree to do an interview?" "NO!" Goldie ignores the fact that Jack just so happens to be devastatingly handsome and quite the strapping lad. Not to mention the eponymous name. J: Yours is just a side story I doubt everyone saw it. Not everyone reads the newspapers nowadays. G: It's online too! J: My bad! I guess I've just been a very naughty boy. Besides, if everyone did indeed read it, my phone would be off the hook. Jack's phone starts ringing. J: Excuse me... Well, I'd love to stay and chat but my next big scoop is adjoining on the agenda so I'm off. G: I'm going with. J: No your not! G: I'm your boss, you can't tell me what to do. J: Technically, you own the newspaper but I work for Sam, he's my boss not you. G: You are getting on my nerves. J: Thank you. Goldie follows Jack outside. Jack hails for a cab. G: Don't you own a car? J: Not everyone can afford a self driving one. Goldie whistles and her Goldster magically appears. "Get in!" She grabs Jack and shoves him inside. J: You know, you are really bossy, it kinda turns me on. G: EW! Where we off to? 

Soon Goldie is following Jack around like a lost puppy. But not before showing him her ridiculously huge mansion (the kind you only see in cartoons) and her Cocker Spaniel, Nugget. Goldie's dinner table is so long, that passing something takes about half a minute. Jack just quips that "the food's already cold."

As it turns out GSJ editor Sam Gritt lied about having an affair with Goldie's mom, it was all for self-preservation. But soon Goldie warms up to him and treats him like her second dad. Sam tells Jack where to go and Goldie follows suit. The dynamic duo go around the world stopping evildoers. Examples of which are Goldie and Jack go sightseeing in India, then have to save the world from a snake-worshiping cult when an escapee literally runs into them. Or how about Jack and Goldie investigating a series of bizarre crimes, all of which involve a strange medallion. They would go out and investigate all manner of mysteries and elaborate crimes.

Goldie had people hired to make gadgets she could use, though it was more to get a scoop than save the world (which it could still do). Goldie is the "world's richest girl." Which means she can apparently afford hover bikes, indoor weather machines, and even a space shuttle and a space mansion. All coated in gold, of course. Her vast fortune afforded her practically whatever she needed (private jets, boats, fast cars etc.) and she also had access to any number of advanced technologies and gadgets that her family's various companies and affiliates could invent. Goldie could have just sat down and let other people run her paper. Instead, she runs around and does her own reporting. She basically admits she does this for fun. She can afford to dress expensively while going on adventures. Goldie Gold isn't stingy or greedy, despite her wealth.

The big revelation was that the crash that killed her parents were not in fact an accident. They were deliberately trying to take down those goody two shoes. The evil board members of Goldie's parents company were part of a secret organization to keep the balance in check. Ergo make the rich even richer and make the poor suffer.

Goldie and Jack while working in close proximity to each other on a regular basis, would begin developing feelings for one another, but were too afraid to just spell it out. So Goldie took initiative and asked Jack out on a date. And pretty soon they were inseparable, joined at the hip. Goldie wanted to know for sure if Jack truly loved her and not just for her exorbitant wealth. So she faked having all her credit frozen. She got to stay with Jack in his tiny flat and finally got to live a normal life. Jack paid for everything and took good care of her. But all Goldie pondered was, "What if he's only doing this because he knows I'll get all my money back?" She was conflicted. On one of their assignments Goldie couldn't resist asking Jack. G: Do you love me? J: I, ah. I don't know. I'm not quite sure. G: Would it be easier if I didn't have all the money in the world? J: Your just not like everybody else. I've never met anyone like you before. I wish I could tell you that everything's gonna be okay but... I really don't know what the future holds. I'm just being real. What if you get tired of me? What if I get bored? Can't we just slow things down and see where it goes from there. G: Of course, that sounds reasonable. But Jack could see the disappointment in her eyes. J: Goldie I'm sorry! I stammered earlier. To answer your question. I do love you. I've never told any girl that before. Sometimes it just feels like reflex to others. But they don't actually mean it. I genuinely love you! But I don't know how things would work out, if you could just buy anything you want. G: I can't help it that I'm incredibly loaded. And I wouldn't be foolish enough to just give everything away. My parents worked so hard to give me this life. And I wish to make them proud of me by actually doing some good in the world. I used to squander my wealth cause I didn't want to deal with the loss of my folks. I was simply just running away from my problems instead of facing it head on. But then I met you and I had a whole new perspective. Can we at least be friends? J: I think we're beyond that. Come here! And they finally fall into each other's arms like star-crossed lovers do. Sealed with a kiss. Waiting to exhale.


(Goldie Gold and Action Jack was such a product of it's time. As someone who grew up on Dynasty. I lived for the superficial excess that dominated the 1980s. And Goldie was no exception. It was obviously a play on the Harvey Comics character Richie Rich but also borrows elements from Dashiell Hammett detective series "The Thin Man" as well as Sidney Sheldon's contemporary equivalent crime drama "Hart to Hart". The show ran for a single series of 13 episodes then faded into relative obscurity. As a side note, Jack Kirby did the character designs. Richie Rich was obvs more popular and even spawned live action movies. I've always wondered how a Goldie Gold live action flick would look like, where the two romantic leads actually end up together. You would never see that in a Saturday morning cartoon. Oh well!)