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Mate of Starchild and Demon
By StarbearerTM
Disclaimer: I don't own KISS, they are real persons. This is a work of Fiction, and is written for
entertainment of KISS fans everywhere. It means no harm to KISS or its members. Other characters are my inventions or from ideas suggested by KISS Girltalk members. This is dedicated to all you gals and guys on the list. Thanks to Shandi and Christine for some good ideas.
Out of the bar area they walked, to join the other people who were glancing around. Men grabbed guns, and some of the women dragged their children towards the stairs to shoe them to safety. Paul strode confidently towards the front door, and pulled the chemist along with him. She struggled to keep up with his long legged stride. Past Eric and the men covering the door with their guns he moved, grabbing at the steel bar that held the door fast shut to the outside world.
"Are you nuts?" Jeff, one of the armed men shouted. "It's almost sunset!"
"Let me in dammit!" someone roared through the steel. The sounds of howls and shouting came from just outside. Paul grabbed the steel bar, trying to shift it, though it took three men to move it normally. Tamara grabbed the bar with him, adding her own strength to try and help.
"It sounds like Gene," said Cinnamon as she moved over to help them.
"Get away you're nuts! You can't just…"
"It is him, dammit!" Paul shouted.
"Oh screw it, open the damn thing! Roger, Steve, get some guns ready!" Eric shouted as he grabbed a pistol. Tamara reached for the gun at her side when she was moved out of the way by two men, who shifted the bar and pushed it aside. Eric aimed a revolver at the door as they saw sheets of flame bellowing and painting the world in an eerie red hue.
"Fire," said Cinnamon, as she struggled to look around the shoulder of one of the burlier KISS Army guys, a man named Jeff who was short but strong, holding a shotgun on the mutants that tore and snapped at a figure in gleaming armor. The movement of wings was seen, and Paul pushed past with a shout.
"Gene!" he cried. Tamara moved out after him, despite the men trying to pull her back and fired a shot. Then with a few more shots and cries of surprise, they tugged a tall figure into the room, and slammed the door behind it. Paul dragged Tamara and Cinnamon out of the way before the door shut prematurely in their need to keep out the snarling snapping sauroids.
"Took you damn long enough, shit!" Gene growled as he flexed his wings, and everyone gasped in fear and surprise.
"Stay back," Eric told everyone. "So, you wandered over… what took you so long?"
"Traffic was hell," Gene growled, his eyes flashing red in the small space. He was eight feet tall, encased in gleaming metal and spikes, caping long black wings around his shoulders like a gargoyle or count Dracula. Cinnamon moved out from the circle of people that gasped and pointed at the God of Thunder as Paul pushed past the 'guards' with Eric. They were trying to keep Tamara and Cinnamon away, half-scared Gene would carry them off with the look of hunger in his eyes. As soon as he'd spotted the many women gasping and staring his long tongue had flicked out and licked his lips hungrily.
"Damn," Cinnamon gasped, her heart pounding as she pulled hard against Eric. "Let me go!"
"I have something for you, Paul," said Gene as he reached amongst his armor and tossed a gleaming object towards Paul. It trailed with a purple arc as it landed in Paul's outstretched hands, and cast its lavender glow and a low humming around the whole chamber.
"What's the racket?" Bruce asked as he rushed downstairs, zipping his pants as Lori followed, pulling the halves of a robe around her. His eyes widened at the sight of people pushing against the armed men who were holding them back from swarming all over Gene. All eyes were riveted as the man called Paul cupped the glowing object, his curls and features silhouetted by the ever-brightening source. The humming intensified to a droning, and a strange chiming at the surface of everyone's minds. They could not look away as Paul held the Star Talisman to his heart, and threw his head back, closing his eyes. Purple chikara wreathed him and erupted all over his body like a wave of purple liquid fire. A blinding flash seared everyone's eyes and they saw a gleaming afterimage when it dimmed to reveal the figure towering over them on silver platform boots. Stars gleamed on his arms, and down his legs as the Star Child turned, his dark eyes glowing purple with their own light as the Demon's did. His hair seemed to lengthen, and his lips were ruby red, twisted in an amused grin as Bruce and Eric regarded them.
"So, you believe now?" Paul snorted, shaking his head sadly.
"You were telling the truth," Eric muttered.
"Uh huh, whatever," said Gene. "Look, are you going to listen or not?"
"I guess we are," Bruce said quietly. "But just because we are who we aren't doesn't mean any one of us can just take charge. I was elected by the fans to be the Chairman… of this community…"
"And I'm the vice chair," Eric said as he held Tamara back. She pushed angrily against him as Ruby and Jeff held Cinnamon.
"Let me go dammit!" Cinnamon snapped.
"Everyone calm down," Paul said in a resonant voice that reverberated with ethereal crystal. People stood transfixed, calm and quiet as his purple glow bathed them all.
"Stop showing off," said Eric. "And let's get to business…"
"You asked Ace to bring some toys, to prove we can help you," Gene said as he let a huge black chest clatter to the floor with a bang. It almost snapped everyone out of his or her trance.
"Shit," Jeff gasped as Gene swung the lid open. Eric and Jeff released Cinnamon and Tamara, and slowly picked up the gleaming guns within. Lights flashed from the hilts, digital displays beeping.
"Some ray guns for you men. And for the ladies… and kids… medicine," Gene said as he reached in the box and set out several packets with their contents inside. He tossed something to Lori, who caught it and looked up at him.
"A replicator, for simple foods, like coffee, and sugar," said Paul slowly. "It might take time for you to learn to use it… but there is more…"
"And radios so you can all keep in touch," Gene said as the men tossed the guns to one another and gasped over their design. He pulled out another box; black velvet covered, and opened it. A good number of KISS army dog tags and rhinestone and metal studded chokers gleamed.
"Cute," Eric rolled his eyes as he lifted one out.
"So, this is good, and all, but what do you expect us to do?" Bruce asked. "Knowing you, you have some big plan…"
"Ace is studying the source of the mutants, and the radiation," said Gene slowly. "And we're thinking it would be safer when the bursts die down, to relocate you…"
"Not with all those mutants running around," said Eric, glancing up at Gene.
"You have your weapons. We'll take care of our end, and you can take care of your end. We just want everyone to be safe," Paul said slowly.
"Everything has to be your way, Gene?" asked Bruce. "Why did it take you so damn long to find us, huh?"
"Are you nuts, Bruce?" Cinnamon asked as she moved past them. "He's trying to help us, and you're on some macho trip!"
"He has a point," Lori said. "They haven't had a peep till Paul came here…"
"WE couldn't find you at first," Paul explained slowly. "Surely you see we must work together to survive."
"True," Bruce said. "But it's only fair we see that what you offer us is better than what we have. We're safe and comfortable here for now. Why should we leave just because you're not around to see us every day? To order the minions of the KISS army around…"
"Don't listen to them," Cinnamon urged. "They're just jealous…"
"It's not that…" Eric mumbled.
"Then WHAT is your point?" Tamara asked. "Can't you all cut the posturing crap and get down to business?"
"She's right," said Paul.
"What I mean is that you sound like you're VERY comfortable. Why should WE move, when you could move HERE if you're so inclined to have us be one big happy family?" asked Eric.
"We're not going unless we have a reason," Bruce said. Lori nodded, as he slid his arm around her. Paul felt the genuine sense of protectiveness Bruce and Eric had for their KISS army charges. They were right to be resentful from what they had heard of Gene and the luxury that the alternate future Destroyer technology gave them.
"Fine," Gene said. "You sit here. We'll prove to you that you need us as much as we need you. And we'll be listening when you're ready to leave, and when Ace has…"
"Back off," Bruce said slowly. "This is a democracy. You're not the God of Thunder. These people have to decide for themselves. You can't just waltz in here and boss us all around…"
"He's right," said Paul slowly. "It should be a group decision…. Give them time to think over it. Ace still has to work everything out…"
"Gene don't listen to them…" Cinnamon said as she walked boldly up. "They're just pissed that you showed up… and they're not top dogs…"
"Cinnamon, that' snot true," said Eric angrily. "We're worried about the people…"
A collective "Yeah!" went up from the fans. A few started to chant "Gene, Gene, Gene…" while the women moved out of their trance which had worn off to try and get a touch of Paul. He folded his arms as he looked at all the ladies there, sighing as their jealous boyfriends and husbands scowled back, and chanted Gene's name. Others folded their arms and muttered angrily. Bruce pulled out a silver whistle and blew hard to restore order.

Part 5
"Everyone, calm down!" he called. "Look, we're a democracy. We're Americans, right? And we'll FIRST see if they can offer us a better place to live."
"You talk the talk, Gene, now walk the walk. You've got a week to show us what you have in store for the Army," said Eric as he strode up and glanced up at Gene.
"Fair enough," Gene grunted.
"Men," Cinnamon mumbled as she glanced at Tamara.
"And there's another thing," Paul said slowly as he glanced back at Bruce and Eric. The women held their chests and steadied their hearts at the sight of Gene and Paul in their strange regalia and unearthly powers. A light seemed to shimmer from Paul's white star covered face, radiating out with the same odd warmth that was coming from Gene. His red eyes fixed on Cinnamon, and she licked her lips. He waved her over with a gesture of his claw.
"C'mere doll… and lemmie take a good look at you…"
"She's with me," Ruby said as he walked over and put a possessive arm around Cinnamon. She pushed him away and walked right up to Gene.
"Don't listen to him," she snorted. "Are you going to leave us?"
"Not unless you'd like to come along for the ride, doll," Gene rumbled as he licked his lips, looking her up and down. Long legs, a trim body with perky breasts curved under jeans and a halter-top. His claw rose to trace over his portrait on her upper left arm, noting the chikara symbol with two feathers merging with his solo portrait.
"Oh please," mumbled Bruce under his breath.
"There are scientists among you," Gene said as he drew Cinnamon possessively to his side with a massive claw. She slid her hand up and down his armored leg, purring under her breath as she softly kissed the palm of one hand. "We'd like them to come with us for a bit, and learn…"
"We can't spare anyone… even with your gifts," said Bruce.
"Then pick one or two representatives to see what they have, and how they live…" said Tamara as she struggled out of the grip of the nearest two men. "We are a democracy right?"
"The woman's talking sense," said Gene. "You a scientist, girl?"
"I'm a chemist," Tamara said. "And Cinnamon's been learning from me how to be a scientist as well… we could bring what we've learned back…"
"Take me Paul!" cried the women as they pulled against their men who held them back.
"Tamara," said Eric with a withering look. "It's one thing for Cinnamon to go but you…"
"You saying I'm not valuable?" Cinnamon shot back indignantly. "Thanks a lot!"
"Oh let her go," Bruce sighed. "Just bring her back in one piece…"
"C'mon over here, Tammi baby," Paul said as he reached and took her hand.
"But our stuff… my lab…" Tamara got out.
"Don't worry," Paul said as he took her hand in his, and led her toward the door.
"We'll be in touch, if you change your mind…" Gene said.
"One week to show us a better option, or we're staying," Bruce called as Gene swung the door open, and scooped up Cinnamon in his arms.
Cinnamon shrieked with pleasure as Gene held her close, and bellowed a wall of fire to scare away the wild animals that were prowling around the ruined bones of the city. Paul watched as Eric glared at him with a warning look that meant they should bring both women back, or at least take care of them. Paul nodded, and the door clanged shut.
Cinnamon shivered, and Gene spanned his wings as the circle of fire from his throat surrounded them. Crackling flames merrily danced, keeping the gleaming eyes and snapping fangs of the wild creatures of the night at bay. Tamara shivered and pulled her lab coat around her. Paul reached down and picked her up effortlessly, and looked to Gene. His purple gaze shimmered, and a beam of light traced out to flash a blast toward the howling snarls.
"Let's blow this pop stand," Gene mumbled as he spanned his wings. With a mighty heave of his boots grinding against the cracked pavement, he launched himself up into the air. The wind cut across the flames as a sheet of cold air shivered Tamara and whipped her hair around her face. Paul shook his head as he smiled warmly down at his charge.
"Hold on baby," he said softly as he rose slowly into the sky without the drama of Gene's takeoff. Already Gene's black wings beat against the mist laden air, carrying him in ever increasing arcs to gain altitude as Paul soared gracefully up in an aura of violet radiance.
Against Gene's chest he felt the shapely slender body of Cinnamon, who leaned up to press a kiss and breathe on his neck. His growl rumbled with desire, vibrating into her body and awakening the desire in her loins. She licked and sucked on his earlobe, causing Gene to laugh deeply as they headed out over the cracked and jagged boxes of what was once a proud city. Tamara swallowed hard, her ample hips and breasts pressed against Paul's chest, bare under his long Love gun jacket. His grip on her tightened protectively, and she threw her arm around his neck, feeling his warm breath in her face. She glanced up at him with dark eyes filled with sorrow for the city and wonder at him.
"Mmm, you minx," Gene growled as he felt Cinnamon sucking on his earlobe. He traced his long tongue down her neck and she laughed deeply.
"Don't worry, we'll take good care of you…" the Star child promised.
"So you don't want me just for my brain?" Tamara teased with a glint in her eyes.
"Your brain and your lovely looks, baby," Paul smiled. "And well, we BOTH have something the other wants. Why be limited by just one part of the pretty package you are?"
"Mm hmm, and any other reasons?" she asked with a wink. "Why us, because there were others who were technicians and learned ones. Why choose us to come with you out of all the other women you could have had?"
"Because you and Cinnamon believed," said Paul softly as he pressed a shivering soothing kiss to Tamara's cheek. She moaned softly as Paul held her close and followed Gene as he sailed over the city. Into Paul's thoughts he felt the flickering radiance of her bright mind, and the sorrow of her dreaming self that ached like him. She had lost a big family in the disaster, and was alone as he was.
Cinnamon whimpered as Gene slowly rubbed her between her legs through her jeans. He found her sensitive spot, and slid his long tongue into her mouth as he gave her a hot and demanding kiss. Her cries shot through and the wave of lust hit Paul. He groaned and rolled his eyes.
"Gene, wait till we're there, dammit!" Paul shouted.
"Party pooper," Cinnamon mumbled. "Don't listen to him…"
"I love fresh meat," Gene laughed as he nipped her neck lightly and behaved himself for the rest of the flight. Over the zigzagging folds of earth the ruined mansions were speckled, some intact, and others demolished. Tamara clutched Paul's shoulder as he increased his pace to meet Gene's, a trail of purple streaking like a comet's tail behind him for at least one hundred yards or more. The nimbus surrounded the both of them, glowing as if coming from the flesh itself.
"You fly by telekinesis?" Tamara asked slowly.
"Mmm hmm," he said, glad to have the new companionship. He did not want to force things, but he felt the desire burning inside of her, and it mirrored his own. He hoped that Ace would not want to monopolize her for long. They circled about the huge sprawling complex of Gene's mansion, energy rippling as the force barrier kept out the outside world. Gene dove straight towards it, roaring with laughter as Cinnamon shrieked in delight. Tamara gasped and held her breath as Paul chuckled, and streaked after him.
Gene could barely restrain his desire when the shimmering field opened beneath them and she gripped Gene's spiked armored shoulder as he dropped, and then ran a few steps in the courtyard. Cinnamon leaned over and nipped his neck as Gene licked his lips. Still he held her in his arms, and glanced at Paul who landed gracefully with Tamara in his arms. "Excuse me Paul, but I'll be a little while. Gotta take care of some introductions first…"
"So you're leaving ME to talk to Ace, is that it?" asked Paul as he mumbled, rolling his brown eyes. Tamara glanced at Cinnamon who was eagerly rubbing Gene's breastplate with her finger, her eyes hungry as his.
"Looks like it. I wasn't the one who went missing for three days…"
"I don't have to ask about Shannon do I?" asked Paul slowly.
"I'm sure I can fill her in later. But right now I've got to show this lady to the lady's room," Gene winked as he carried Cinnamon inside. Tamara glanced anxiously around the courtyard; scarcely believing she was there. Carefully Paul set her down on her feet, and cast her a reassuring smile.
"See you Tammi… have FUN…" Cinnamon winked as Gene entered. They passed another Demon, Nathan, who rolled his eyes as his father and paramour passed quickly. A few others moved out to meet Paul, including a female demon with long scarlet cape and shimmering gold and amber armor, and a sturdy geologist with red hair cut short around her head.
"Paul!" Jeannie cried as she rushed over. He hugged her tightly, and still kept hold of Tamara's hand. She glanced around at the people that urged Paul inside.
"We were so worried!" said Raina. She noticed Tamara standing there wearing a white lab coat, and looking lost and shy.
"It's good to be back. This is Tamara Atomique, she's a chemist, and one of the others from the bunker where I ended up."
"Ah, another scientist, about time," said Raina MacLaren as she looked at a nervous Tamara. "You're in good company. We need all the heads we can get."
"Are you… Professor MacLaren… the same woman I've seen on those geology programs on the Discovery Channel?" Tamara asked, glancing at Raina in awe.
"Um, why don't you show her where the lab is. Don't worry baby, I'll only be a few minutes," Paul said as he squeezed Tamara's hand and leaned over to give her a soft kiss on her cheek. She flushed red, and looked at the other costumed and white-faced figures that clustered around Paul. A starchild in purple robe rushed out and hugged him tightly, and she felt like an outsider.
"Don't worry, they do that," Raina said as she took Tamara's shoulder. "You're welcome here. C'mon with me. I'll help you know the score. About time you met Ace, and we told you what was going on…"
"I heard it was a comet," Tamara said as Raina led her towards the far wing, and they entered the place that Ace had turned into his own laboratory.
The space man glanced up from his terminal, and his eyes registered the white-coated KISS army soldier, who was shyly glancing around with dark eyes. "Ace, Paul found us a chemist…"
"You said something about a replicator?" Tamara asked slowly.
"It's only a stopgap measure," Ace explained. "Dr. Mac here thinks we gotta start finding ways of processing and growing food. Something like that. And you're one of the lucky people who can help us with refining."
"Such as oil?" asked Tamara. "I was working on some medicines, but my entire lab was left behind."
"I set one up here," said Raina as she took Tamara's hand and led her towards another room, Ace following behind them. Tamara gasped when she saw the lab counters and futuristic equipment that seemed like something out of a SF movie.
"Damn…" she mumbled as she ran a hand through her hair. "Paul said something about me and Cinnamon and some others helping you out, but this is…"
"Jendell's work," Ace laughed loudly, in that annoying but endearing cackle. "And don't worry. It's here."
"What?" Tamara asked. Ace jerked a thumb and suddenly a shelf piled high with her reference books appeared out of nowhere, with several of the flasks filled with her samples.
"Make yourself at home," said Raina. "And we'll let you know what we're working on."
"There is something urgent I must finish," Tamara said softly. "And then maybe we can talk?"
"All right then," said Raina as she showed Tamara where the various supplies were. "When Gene joins us again, we'll introduce you to the others here."
"Right," Tamara nodded. "Thank you…"
Raina and Ace vanished in a flair of silver sparklers, leaving the scientist alone. She closed her eyes, and felt a choking rise in her throat. Slowly she breathed in and out, in and out. A strange darkness covered her, and she sought hard to expunge it from her mind. Quickly she grabbed several vials of chemicals, and began to open the pages of one of her lab reference books. Ace had teleported her lab notebook as well, and she quickly leafed through to the last page for a special project. Her fingers slid over the vial of pills in her pocket, and she saw that only one was left. She dry mouthed the anti depressant, and took the other pill left.
"I will make it yet," she whispered. "If I am to be of any use. They are all depending on me…"
"Lady in waiting, for crying out loud," Paul mumbled as he heard Gene's thoughts. It seemed that they were collecting their own 'harem' of women. For Shannon had poked her head out of the door, wearing Gene's silk robe as he carried Cinnamon towards the bedchamber. Shannon removed the robe, seeing the nude woman in Gene's arms and tossed the robe in their direction. She wore a black halter-top, her white flesh and silvery eyelids shimmering with expectation. Tall black boots encased her legs, with fishnet stockings and a tight brief miniskirt.
"Shannon, meet Cinnamon," gene said as he carried Cinnamon towards the bedchamber. She put on the robe that Shannon had handed her, and nodded as he put her down.
"Nice to meet you," the red head nodded.
"See if you can find her something suitable and sexy to wear. I've gotta go down and do a band meeting," Gene said. "See you later gals…"
"Yes Gene," Cinnamon nodded, and Shannon also did, an understanding passing between them. Paul watched, shaking his head and mumbling.
"Shit Gene, just collect 'em dontcha?" Paul mumbled as Gene joined him, walking down the stairs.
"Hey, the human race has got to survive," Gene shrugged. "Why not sew my seeds?"
"Whatever," Paul mumbled. "Let's cut the crap and meet with Ace and Raina… I've got a lot I need to catch up on…"
"Aren't you going to have some fun? I saw how she was looking at you…" Gene whispered. "She's a pretty broad. Maybe not your usual type… but if you don't want her, I could break her in."
"Shut up," Paul mumbled. "Can't you think of anything but… oh why do I bother?"
"I'm thinking of survival. We need to repopulate the human race. What's wrong with us contributing to the cause?" Gene asked, pragmatically.
"Good point," Paul sighed. "But you ARE bending the rules a bit…"
"Marriage works for some…" Gene said. "And even if I do make a few babies as a result, they won't get any less of my attention then my other children."
Tamara heard them as they walked past her laboratory, and bristled. Breeding stock was she? Well she understood the need for repopulating, but she didn't share their casual need. No, she wanted something more permanent then just being a recipient of one of their babies.
Paul stopped as he sensed the presence. However Tamara suddenly faded from his thoughts, and he frowned, unable to trace the source of the annoyance. Shrugging, he followed Gene as they entered Ace's lab, where Raina and the Space Ace awaited. Slowly they began to fill Paul in on the latest developments as the other members of the community slept.
An hour later, she felt purple shimmering in her thoughts, and felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Still she labored with the formula in the flask before her, knowing that if she stopped, it would be that much the worse for them all if she did not succeed.
Tamara did not look up as a hand sleeved in black and silver stars reached around and held a single red rose. Dewdrops glistened on its petals, and the rose traced over her cheek. Behind her warm breath hit the back of her neck, and a soft voice purred, "A rose for a fair flower… you want to take a break from those little chemicals..."
"That's sweet of you," Tamara smiled, not turning around but taking the rose, and burying her nose in it. A hand rested on her shoulder and slowly massaged. Moaning she let another set of fingers join it and they began to knead her tight, tense muscles. Purple radiance flowed through as she clutched the rose and let his fingers work their magic.
"Relax baby," Paul whispered. "Let me spoil you…"
"I have to finish this formula," she whispered back, glancing over her shoulder at him.
"You can afford a break… when did you last eat, love? Maybe you could join me for a bite to eat…" Paul whispered into her ear.
"Some of us don't have magical powers to do whatever we want," Tamara moved his hands off her shoulders.
"If you want to be with me, then you have to let me spoil you," Paul whispered as he slid his arms around Tamara from behind. She closed her eyes, letting the test tube in her hand drop slowly. Paul's hot lips and tongue pressed to her neck, and she struggled to resist, thinking it was only for one moment of satisfaction and was most likely another vivid daydream.
"This isn't happening to me," she whispered, with a lump in her throat. "You're just humoring me… because I have no lover… right?"
"Oh no..." Paul whispered as he kissed her ear, lifting her hair aside. Reaching around her he stopped her hands which were holding the flask, and slowly reached for them. Tamara decided if he was going to have her, she wanted to be damn sure of what extent he went to.
"You're used to getting what you want, aren't you?" she asked as she moved to the lab counter and poured the contents of the test tube into the flask. Setting it on the stirring plate, she dropped in the white magnetic bar the size of a small paperclip and turned on the magnetic vortexes. A small whirlpool stretched from the rapidly spinning bar up to the top of the stirring liquid.
"Aren't you?" Paul whispered from behind. Tamara put her hands over her ears, hearing the music in his voice, like a chorus of angels.
"You must be a dream... to seek me out," she whispered.
"You cannot block me out that way," said Paul's voice in her thoughts.
"Are you really wanting me, or humoring me?" Tamara said as she closed her eyes, and gathered her thoughts. She felt the crackling of energy behind her as purple chikara reached out and wafted over her body. Was she crazy, thinking she was not worthy of him? He had chosen her out of many other women. Yet he could sense emotions with his superhuman powers, and had he simply picked her because he sensed the depth of her loneliness and the dark despair that drugs and therapy had locked away. There was an angry darkness that clouded her thoughts, relieved only by the medications that modern science could give. She called it the worm in her brain that nipped away at her clear thoughts and cursed her with the absent mindedness of a scientist and intellectual.
"I sense your pain... please won't you let your mind open to me?" Paul's thoughts came.
"Who are you, Deanna Troi?" she asked with a slight laugh. "God I want you more than anything else right now... but I can't help but believe it's out of pity..."
"Never sell yourself short," Paul's voice came. Tamara felt his purple energies swirl around her and turn her to face him.
"Don't even THINK of trying to use those powers on me," she whispered, cold fury gleaming in the dark eyes behind her glasses. "I will NOT be manipulated by ANY one..."
"Who has hurt you?" Paul asked. "Who has made it impossible for you to think yourself worthy of being someone's lover?"
"I don't know..." she whispered as she closed her eyes, and gripped the edge of the lab counter. Something about Paul's powers was knocking at the door to the ugly thoughts that were held in place by every ounce of self-control.
"What is it you fear, Tamara?" Paul asked as his eyes flickered purple, and he saw the tears slip from her eyes.
"My dark side," came her answer as her eyes opened, and he saw himself reflected in the lenses of her glasses. "If I am not smart enough, good enough with the medicines I make, or the analyses I perform, then the human race may perish... I may go mad if I do not make more medicine within seven days. The fact I cannot live a normal life without drugs... that without them Ill tumble into a dark pit because of the chemicals in my brain going out of whack..."
"It's not your fault," Paul whispered as he reached out to touch her. "NOW I know why your mind is shielded. It's the therapy, combined with the medications that suppress your brain chemistry... the very drugs you take to stop your depression and your anxiety... it's only chemicals, but chemicals make feelings... and because you do what you do... you fear...."
"Exactly," she said as she glanced up at him. She pulled a medicine bottle out of her pocket and threw it down, her fists shaking as she dropped to her knees.
"You ran out... this morning, didn't you?" Paul whispered. "And there was no more antidepressant in any of the pharmacies..."
"No," Tamara whispered, feeling the heaving blackness loosening the dam that helped hold back all the negative lies that she had concocted. From a chemical imbalance came the self-recrimination, the doubts as the last of the medication leeched out of her system. Paul suddenly noticed the shimmering was increasing till a dark flood of pain cut into him with the force of a tidal wave. Tamara had only let him see glimpses of her, unlike the thoughts and emotions of all the others he struggled to screen out. Now he reeled as the sheer intensity of the blackness of her depression slammed into him full force. That which therapy had treated was all that held her to sanity as she clenched her fists, and her teeth chattered.
"You are no good, you are a fraud, a failure..." came the voices that chattered in her own words. Paul gasped as his eyes blazed purple, and he felt the full fury of the cacophony. Something else shimmered at the heart of the vortex, resembling the spinning whirlpool in the flask on the counter. Thoughts, images and painful memories surged into his mind all at once, and he felt himself drowning.
"I cannot stop it," Tamara whispered as she saw Paul staggering. He dropped to his knees, his hands falling on her shoulders as he felt himself drowning in the tide.
"You don't have to be sad any longer," he whispered as he cupped her face in his hands.
"I need my pain, it's what makes me strive for excellence... you cannot block it with a panacea..."
she whispered.
"But you can lessen it with love," Paul whispered back. "And there is something else that you have locked away. Something powerful and strong that you've never been aware of... did you know you are almost psychic as I am?"
"I took the medications to stop my blackness... and because... I could feel the emotional vibes of
all around me..." Tamara gasped as she began to feel waves of fear, anger and sadness driving her
"You've developed special powers," Paul said suddenly. "Like me... you're a psi... and you've hidden your potential... but such a specific application..."
"You are not the only one who knows the way of the mind, Paul," came her voice clear and strong in his head, echoing over the bombardment of her thoughts.
"Let me help you," Paul's thoughts flashed near hers.
"Out of pity or concern..." she asked.
"Out of love. I see your faults, and I embrace them," Paul's astral voice chimed over the cacophony.
"Together we can build the wall, and put your emotions to rights... so you need not fear the emotions... and in so doing you will not need the medications."
"There is no way," she whispered.
"I can show you," the Starchild said as he reached within, and his form morphed and changed into the Star Bearer, standing over her with large hands on her shoulders. Purple robes surrounding him as he stood to his full height, and lifted the scientist to stand before him as he towered over her. She pulled off her glasses, bombarded by the sensory input.
"What must I do?" she asked.
"Let your thoughts and mine merge. I won't go anywhere you won't want me to go... Tamara," his voice of many echoed. "Let me help you build a wall."
"Very well," she whispered as she reached out and took his hands, which closed around hers. She felt like a child before him, his purple eyes glowing as they fixed into hers, and the purple shroud surrounded her body with its warmth. Brick by brick they reconstructed a barrier, tall and strong to hold back the torrent. It seemed an eternity to pick up every shattered thought and lock it inside, and mortar the shield together, but they did so.
"You can leave a window open. These feelings will not plague you anymore. And now there is another thing I wish to share with you..." came the Star Bearer's voice in her mind.
"Such power," she whispered as his image seared her mind with unconditional love.
Leaning down he touched ruby red lips to hers. She drank in the tenderness of his kiss, the force of his telekinesis lifting her off her feet. Hugging her chest she shivered as the tendrils of energy bathed her, and she smiled as she felt the invisible fingers tug at her clothing. Reaching out her thoughts she suddenly blocked the power, and he opened his eyes in surprise.
"You blocked me... nobody has done that," he said in astonishment.
"So we are equals," she said.
"Master and slave is not out of sadism, but is a game. You need not fear a game of love," Paul's thoughts echoed back. Her control released as his purple energies undid each button of her coat, and it dropped to the floor of the lab. Three feet above the floor she hung suspended by his powers alone, her dark hair swirling in the chikara like an undersea plant moving in the Gulf Stream. The chikara was liquid energy, bathing her in a soothing tingle that made every nerve-ending burst with its power. His eyes admired her strong sturdy body, built like a mother earth goddess, and his mind stayed only on the courtyard o the structure they had built to contain her dark side. Other structures took shape, and he saw the many layers that were constructed for the parts of her psyche, compartmentalized. One for talent, one for creative raw force, one for science, and other rooms yet unexplored.
She laughed as his power slowly lifted the edge of her T-shirt and slid it off, while another flash of chikara loosed her shoes and let them fall. Articles of clothing were stripped teasingly and seductively away, and she hugged her hand over her chest, and feigned a shy smile. Her eyes sparkled with the desire as his power held her in its thrall, and she knew she had the power to release it but let him hold her still with his mind. The jeans slid off, and then she felt a hot twinge rise from her secret recesses and burst all over her body, tingling her skin. He saw his portrait over her left breast, and the chikara stroked over every inch of her bare skin. The bra and underclothes fell away, and his eyes saw only what she had come into the world with. Laid bare as her thoughts were, she moaned and writhed in the power of his chikara that tingled her loins, breasts, and sensitive neck with its full body kiss. "Damn," she gasped, opening her eyes to behold his warm sexy smile.
"Now, do you believe I want more than your mind or body?" the Star Child laughed in her thoughts.
"Yes, I think I see now," she chuckled back, and he felt a surge of amethyst power suddenly extend from her hand to brush over him, clumsily. A surge of power built in her belly and along all the points of her chakras. They were beginning to open especially the third eye gleaming in the center of her forehead. In a rainbow spectrum they glistened as she felt the Star child's power awakening and touching something in the core of her being.
"Beautiful," Paul whispered as he drew her body to his, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her aura blended with his, and the chakras sparkled into uniform amethyst radiance, between scarlet and deep purple. She pressed a hungry kiss to his lips, devouring them as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. Paul moaned with desire in this secondary transformation, and squeezed her body to his. She his hands caressing her back.
She squeezed along his back and spine with her physical body, kissing him long and hard and deep. When she released his mouth, both of them gasped for breath.
"So sweet," she gasped. "I've always wanted you..."
"You and I need not be lonely now," came Paul's soft voice as the radiance faded to a slow shimmer. He held her in his arms, and returned the hungry kiss, before again releasing her. Again his power supported her. The Star Child was now before her; only one step removed from the man instead of two as he had before, and seemed to diminish in size.
"Here?" she whispered as he lowered her to the ground, and she hugged him tightly, kissing his chest and squeezing his shapely ass in her hands. He moaned and rubbed up against her, feeling his human need match his soul desire.
"No... Somewhere else," he smiled as he reached down and picked her up. Taking her lab coat he
wrapped it around her, and then flew out of the lab with her. Up the stairs they glided, to his
private room. She felt soft velvet under her back as he laid her there, and then covered her with
kisses. She seized him and hungrily answered his need, rubbing her hand down his belly to caress him
gently. So long had it been for her, he wanted it to be special. IT seemed like forever that they tumbled and gave one another their love. Sweating with their exertion, they lay together, simply holding one another.
"Thank you," she whispered, and made to move away.
"You're not going to get away that easily," Paul smiled, his star covered eye winking at her as he pulled her back into the bed with him. She laughed and went into his arms.
Paul traced kisses down Tamara's spine, as he looked down at her in the gray morning light. She lay on her belly, her hands splayed out with her dark cloud of midnight hair around her head. She was beautiful, he thought, both in mind, spirit and body, and he had tasted all three. As intimately as he had wished to share himself with his other lovers, he knew he need not hold back from this one. Still he felt hesitant to form a lasting bond with her, because there was no telling what may happen. Something inside resisted the urge to leave the shimmering piece of stardust in her mind. She smelled roses as she slowly blinked. Her eyes were blurry but she looked up into the white visage, marked with the black star, and a pair of dark eyes that were as dark as hers, filled with love. In her throat she choked, and smiled, knowing she was worthy of that love, because she had opened herself, and he in turn had opened himself. It had been a night of many revelations, and Paul knew that he had never been so open with anyone before. Then again, he had not met another psi of the first order. Baby Kiara would need a mother to help watch over her, when Shandi could not, and he wondered.
No, he wanted something of his own, Paul whispered in his thoughts as he traced his finger down her spine. He hoped Tamara would share his view, for he sensed the shimmering of her thoughts as she awakened. Within the room next door he sensed the twin radiance of Cinnamon and Shannon, whom Gene had taken both of, and smiled as he shook his head. Tamara reached up to finger Paul's cheek as he turned her over, and laid his body over hers. She kissed him softly, and he kissed down her forehead and nose as he smiled at her with one of those rare smiles.
"You don't smile enough Paul," she whispered as she pushed a lock of curly hair from his face.
"Neither do you, my love till now," Paul whispered back.
"So much, and yet I want to be with you," she whispered. "I'm scared and happy… and I can feel you… feel so many things…"
"I will teach you the use of your powers," Paul promised as he gently kissed her. "You are like my son Elliot. He cannot sense thoughts as I can, but he can pick up emotions, and use telekinesis. And your power is of the mind that you can enter dreams as I can, but different in its own way. You can see the structure of matter itself, and bend it to your whim. And there is ANOTHER who has that power, and when I train you, you can train her, should anything happen to me…"
"Don't," Tamara whispered as she looked up at him. "I REFUSE to hear that when we have found one another."
"The women will have their own powers as the families do," Paul whispered.
"I heard it too," Tamara shivered as she glanced up. The sadness in his eyes mirrored hers, and she realized the deep pit in his soul was so much like hers it hurt. The knowing of things people rarely saw and the secrets of the minds that he could not screen out unless he concentrated every single day. Sensing his sadness she reached up her arms and embraced him, to hold him. All needed a mate, or someone to hold them. He let tears roll down his cheeks as he began to release his own sorrow at the loss of his son, only to find he was still here.
"I know you saw things," he whispered.
"I did, and I won't blame you, my love," Tamara whispered "You loved her. I know. And it won't make me love you any less. This New World makes us do things, bend the rules to survive…"
"And we will face it, together," Paul cooed happily as he caressed her. "Now, lesson number one. You probably figured out I have the power to alter matter somewhat… when I willed away my costume. All of us have that power because of the talisman, and those we have contact with take a piece of that energy through contact…"
"Like wild passionate sex?" Tamara winked as Paul leaned up, and she saw he had the Starchild markings as if they were part of his own skin.
"Yes, and I want you to be prepared. I hope you aren't scared, because already you too have changed…" Paul whispered as he raised her up, and she gasped at her reflection in the mirror. Her face was white as his and her eyes dark as she beheld her face. On the left cheek she saw a strange symbol of an atom in black, much like what she had seen in the old movies.
"Good lord," she whispered.
"It tells something about your inner self, your powers," He whispered as he moved behind her, and they saw both of their faces.
"But Shandi and Shannon had no markings…" she said softly.
"True. But that does not mean they have any less power then you simply that they have embraced the power, but their inner selves have not found a form specific to an 'identity'. But in time, who knows," Paul said as he waved his hand over his bare body, and she saw his costume form on his figure as if by magic.
"Molecular manipulation," Tamara whispered. "And you say I can do this…"
"With living matter. You have the carbon atom on your left cheek. Things of carbon you can rearrange more easily, things that are or were once living. But metal…" he whispered. "Try it…
cloth yourself with the air around you…"
"How long with the effect last?" she asked.
"That I do not know," he whispered, fingering her cheek as she held the silk sheet around her. "I read the nature of your power as it was written on your soul, but it was only a name, nothing more…"
"Ah, so there is a limit," she whispered as she closed her eyes, and a cerise, almost blood scarlet energy surrounded her body. It spread from her skin, and then began to alter the structure of the silk upon her body.
"Think of the matter, and shape it to your whim…" he whispered. "I can only do this with my costume. I can levitate objects including myself with my mind power, or form it into a laser. However I cannot manipulate the molecules themselves as you can. All you need do is be able to touch the thing you want to change I'd guess…"
Upon her body she formed clothes in deep purplish red, and Paul inhaled, and then wolf whistled. A bodice laced with silk ribbons covered her chest, still revealing ample cleavage, though it was trimmed in crimson feathers. Her arms were clad in long silk gloves that came up to her mid arms, and her body was encased in a tight spandex form, with a soft silk cloud of material wreathing her waist like a short skirt. The boots were not platform but stiletto heeled to put her height more on a par with his, and she glanced at him, her eyes blinking.
"I can see," she whispered as her eyes glowed and Paul sensed the change in them. "All I had to do was the change the structure of my cornea, and my eyes to regain my sight… but shouldn't Cinnamon have powers too?"
"That's what is strange. Shandi and Shannon when they came among us were carrying the minds of others from another dimension in their bodies. They had powers, but when the souls left, they were normal women. But you and Cinnamon are something different… Cinnamon has powers… and so do you?"
"Like the Fantastic four?" Tamara laughed. "Did we get them from the radiation?"
"I cannot say. But I think the Chikara is altering you. You and Cinnamon had a greater sense of self-identity and were open to 'fantasy' in a way Shannon and Shandi were not. They were grounded and comfortable in this world, and what it had to offer. You and Cinnamon often hid in fantasy and dreamed large as Gene and I did. However Shannon and Shandi because of being around Ace and Peter and Gene are developing their own powers…"
"So, we're becoming like you, and your children?" Tamara surmised.
"Yes," Paul whispered. "Your faces… and your changes…"
Tamara smiled as she laid her hand on Paul's wrist. She slipped a cord of twisted silk around it that she had removed from the edge of the blanket. To Paul's utter amazement it suddenly gleamed under the touch of her gloved hand as gold.
"I suppose it's logical being a chemist," she nodded. "That I'd understand matter in this way."
"Yes…" said Paul slowly. "It does. You are telepathic, but you are ALSO able to have a very narrow telekinesis over molecules on a SMALL scale. Whereas Eliot and I control objects on a large scale. Which means…? Perhaps you can fly, by making your body lighter than air?"
"Or less dense?" Tamara said as she began to float above the floor. "Not levitation, but…"
"But making yourself less dense…" Paul smiled as he pulled her down.
"Something…" she whispered. "Something's not right. I can't sense the thoughts, but the emotion is fear… Cinnamon!"
Paul rushed after her as she suddenly touched the wall in her fear, and it dissolved into air, letting her pass through. Tamara charged into the hall, shouting Cinnamon's name. A cry of fear came from the distant room as a screaming, snarling creature burst out, and stood there, looking at Tamara. Paul rushed behind his paramour, and saw Gene burst out with Shannon close to him.
"Cinnamon, it's me…" Gene whispered as he looked at the creature, which was silky but covered in flame. "You know it's me…"
"Cinnamon…" she gasped as she saw the feline creature, which was something of a cross between a cat and a wolf. A creature of the night… a were…
Tamara saw the werewolf move up to her, and sniff her hand. She rubbed its mane of silky hair, speaking softly to it. Cinnamon rubbed her nose under Tamara's glove, and purred gently, somewhere between a growl and a rumble. Tamara knelt down, and scratched under its chin, and whispered, "It's okay. I changed too. You can change back. Just think of you… how you are… relaxed."
Shannon put down the sword she had formed from flame, and Gene gasped at her, realizing she had summoned the firepower without even thinking of it. Streaks of red up and down her arms were oddly like those he had dreamed about on Lady Kelsey of the fireflash. Shannon gasped as she saw Tamara softly talking to what had been Cinnamon. With a cry of fear Cinnamon morphed and changed, catching hold of Tamara and shivering.
"It's okay, shhh, I'm here," Tamara soothed, hugging her friend tightly as Cinnamon shook. "It's something we can both do."
"Holy shit," Shannon whispered as she looked at Cinnamon's white face, which had patterning that suggested a wolf's markings. She was lovely, but the patches of black scarlet were something like Gene's demon form, only slightly more lupine.
"What happened to me?" Cinnamon shivered.
"Your nature," Tamara whispered.
"What the fuck?" Cinnamon asked as she looked at Tamara, who held her in a comforting hug. "What's happening to us all? How can I change without a full moon?”
"The next stage? From being around the energy of my talisman. Perhaps it triggers the change even though the moon's behind all these clouds," Gene shrugged as Shannon glanced at him, her face demanding an explanation. Jeannie and Elliot down the hall glanced out, looking at Paul who moved behind Tamara. Cinnamon let Gene take her in his arms and hold her close, as Shannon patted her shoulder and sighed.
"Dad we heard…" Jeannie muttered as she stumbled out, and saw Tamara standing there. Elliot's eyes walked up and down the forms of the two women, and he whistled.
"Wow dad, you sure know how to pick em…"
"What the hell was that?" Nathan asked as he rushed up, gun in hand. Had he almost flown up? And Susan was meekly glancing through the doorway at her father, shivering in fear.
"That's what I want to know," Shannon said grimly, glancing up at Gene.
"You mother f…" came a loud shout, accompanied by a sound like thunder. Glancing at one another, they wondered what ELSE could possibly go wrong.
"Stop them!" Shandi screamed as she raced up the stairs. "They'll kill each other…"
"What in HELL?" asked Nathan and then he raced downstairs where she pointed.
"Oh no…" Paul whispered as he looked at Gene in horror. A loud lion's roar split the room and everyone rushed downstairs, or flew rather to see what the commotion was. A black silky panther with white patches pounced at something that vanished in silver sparklers. Nathan and Susan held Shandi back before she could intervene, as Kiara screamed in her crib. Ace materialized, and sent a bolt of white-hot lightening at Peter as he leapt out of the way.
"Stop it now!" Gene roared, pushing Shannon and Cinnamon out of the way.
"Oh shit…" Paul gasped.
"Don't interfere, you pricks, this is between ME and him!" Ace yelled as he suddenly threw up a cone of vibratory force, blocking everyone out.
"My baby!" Shandi screamed as Kiara's baby crib was in the way of the fighting duo.
"I can't break through!" shouted Elliot as he fired a laser at the barrier, and both Jeannie, and her father slammed with kicks.
"Maybe I can," Tamara whispered as she reached and touched the cone of force.
"No…" Paul cried. "You'll hurt yourself…"
"I have to try!" she cried. "That baby…"
"Let me go too," Cinnamon growled.
"Where are Tyler and Mona?" asked Jennie anxiously.
"Tell them to stay put, we have to take care of this. They'd only want to take sides," Jeannie said grimly. "Everyone ELSE get out of here… Susan, take care of our egg…"
"Right…" she said as she rushed away, with Nathan training his gun, and Shannon rushing over to comfort a hysterical Shandi. Jeannie and Shannon held her back as she was dragged upstairs, screaming. Ace and Peter continued their dual, shouting curses at one another.
"You BASTARD, you stole my woman!" Ace roared.
"You prick you ignored her, and she CAME to me!" Peter roared back.
"Stop it!" Paul cried, but his powers could not penetrate the barrier.
"Mona, Tyler, don't come in here!" Elliot relayed telepathically to them. "It will only make it worse…"
"But our fathers!" came Mona's frenzied reply, and Tamara and Paul could also hear the fear and anxiety.
"Your children are more important," Elliot's thought cast came.
Tamara reached her hand out to touch the force cone, seeing it was a rapid movement of the molecules of the air. It sent a bolt of force that threw her back. Grimly she looked at the floor, and nodded slowly to Cinnamon, who morphed into her own shape. She snarled at Ace, shouting, "Pick on someone ELSE, you space turd!"
"Shaddup!" he yelled as he directed his power toward her. Tamara suddenly vanished through the floor, only to reappear behind Ace as he was distracted. Before he could react, she threw a bright phosphor explosion before his face, blinding him temporarily. The power shut off, and everyone could act. Cinnamon and Gene leapt up and pounced on Peter before he could recover, while Paul and Elliot stunned Ace with a blast of their relaxation energies. Ace crumpled and landed in Tamara's arms. She lugged him over, and Paul helped her set him down on the sofa. Another blast from Paul's eyesight cut Peter down, and he lay there, stunned as well.
"What should we do?" asked Elliot.
"Keep them as far apart as possible and find out what the hell was going on," said Gene. "Take Peter back to the Criss area, Jeannie, and Elliot, take Ace to his room."
Kiara screamed and Tamara moved over, picking up the baby and holding her. She whimpered and grabbed Tamara's hair, looking up at the stranger. "Shh now, easy, your mom's upstairs… there now."
"Whew," Jeannie sighed as she lifted Peter. Cinnamon and Gene nodded, and followed them to the Criss compound. Lifting ace between them, Elliot and Paul carried him upstairs to the room he shared with Shandi. They knew that Shannon and Nathan were trying to calm a hysterical Shandi down. Tamara carried the baby up toward the room, and it whimpered as it laid its head on her chest.
"You're Kiara, huh little one?" Tamara whispered as dark eyes looked up at her. "I'll take you to your mommy now…"
"Where's Raina?" Paul asked Elliot.
"I don't know," Elliot said slowly, as they opened the door and lay Ace on the bed.
"Shit, another mystery we don't need," mumbled Paul as he found some handcuffs, and secured Ace to the bed with them. Tamara carried Kiara in her gloved hands and the whimpering baby was at least pacified there. Elliot looked at Tamara, his face filled with concern, but seeing the respect and admiration in his father's eyes, he felt relief.
"Elliot, meet Tamara… Tamara this is my son."
"Hi," Tamara said as she looked at Elliot. Kiara was sleeping now, and she passed the baby to Paul, who laid it in its crib.
"Nice to meet you, but we're kinda hectic," Elliot said as he moved over and kissed her hand. "I'm just GLAD that you and Cinnamon were here to help us."
"So am I… and I have a bad feeling…" Tamara said. The other two Star beings nodded, and looked at one another grimly. Elliot felt mingled relief and greater fear. Relief that his father had found someone at last to heal his lonely heart, and fear at Peter and Ace's sudden fight. This was not good. However he and his father had another star being with them. The tables had tipped in terms of their element. For Kiara had another caretaker. Should anything happen to Shandi. As Tamara carried Kiara down the hall, father and son shared their private concerns.
Shandi wiped her tears as she saw Kiara in the arms of the stranger. She felt trust and strange calmness coming from Tamara. "Here's someone who wants to see you," she cooed as Kiara looked at Shandi, and made a soft whimper. Shandi took Kiara, and held her as Tamara sat on the bed, opposite Shannon.
"It's ok," Shannon said. "Say you don't have kids do you? You're pretty handy with babies."
"Um I have nieces and nephews or had them," Tamara responded as she rested Kiara in Shandi's arms.
"Hey I know you," said Shannon suddenly.
"I remember you two as well," Tamara said as she suddenly recognized their voices. "It's been a while… I thought you might have perished!"
"Tammi!" Shandi cried as she hugged her tightly. "Oh Hunny I was so worried…"
"Me too," said Tamara as she held Shandi tightly. "It's ok… we'll help out."
"What happened with Ace and Peter?" asked Shannon grimly.
"Oh god it's all my fault!" Shandi gasped.
"Tell us now," Tamara said firmly. Shandi wiped her tears and passed the baby to Tamara to hold as she inhaled deeply.
"Well it all started when Ace was ignoring me,” Shandi cleared her throat.