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Title:  Service With a Smile - Welcome to the Fazbear Hotel!
Part:  1/??
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  none
Genre:  AU/Romance/Adventure/Sci-Fi
Rating:  PG-13
Spoilers:  None that I know
Warnings:  Slash~i.e. male x male pairings, swearing, suggestive language and humor
Pairings:  Golden Freddy x Phone Guy
Minor Pairings:  Foxy x Chica, Toy Bonnie x Mangle, Toy Freddy x Toy Chica
Disclaimer:  Here we go...Five Nights at Freddy's and all related characters are the property/creation of Scott Cawthon.   In other words, they aren't mine and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.

Summary:  After being chosen as the new general manager, Paul has one month to prove he's the man for the job.  But with xenophobic customers, jealous employees, a former employer out to sabotage him, and a flirty hotel owner, does the human stand a chance, or will he be sent back home?

Author's Notes:  More fun from my mutinous brain.  An alternate universe wherein the animatronics are living anthropomorphic animals and humans are an endangered species.  Also space travel.  SPAAAAAACE!

Just so you guys know going into this, Paul is my version of Phone Guy.  Additionally, because the bots living creatures, I've given each of the toys different names so things won't get too confusing.  If you can't tell from the character's description, the footnotes will clarify who is who.  As for Spring Bonnie/Springtrap, as his/her gender is now up for debate I had to pick one; so for this story universe Spring will be male.

Flames will be used to keep me warm while I write and will only make me more determined to continue.  (They may also cause me to break out in frequent bouts of maniacal laughter.) Soooo......come at me bro.

I swear to God, I almost called this: Fast Times at the Fazbear Hotel.  Stupid brain, don't make me poke you with a Q-tip.


Stepping out of his home office, Paul (1) breathed a sigh of relief.  That had gone much better than he'd hoped.


The red-head jumped, he'd forgotten that his friends from work had been waiting in his tiny living room to find out how the interview went.

Pushing his black wire-rimmed glasses back up his nose, he broke into a huge smile, his warm brown eyes sparkling in delight.  "I got it!"

"Congratulations!!" they cheered, dragging him out of the hall and into a group hug.

"I knew you could do it!" one of them squealed, hugging him again for good measure.

"It-it's just a trial period, so don't uh, get too excited."

"Don't start doubting yourself now man!"

"You're too talented to waste your life away here."

"Even if you do half the job there that you do here, you'll still knock em dead."

"You guys are right," he gave them a determined smile, "I've got a whole month to show them what I can do."


"What's got you in such a good mood?"

"Just finished talking to our first choice for Rolfe's replacement," Golden Fazbear replied, pulling up his ID screen and showing it to the gold rabbit who had just invaded his office.

"Human huh?"

Golden chuckled, "He's got all the right qualifications and did fantastic through the interview."  That was where all the other applicants had failed.  They'd been arrogant, inflexible, and held an underlying current of disdain for the staff; it made Golden wonder how other hotels managed to function.

Noticing his friend's rather silly grin Spring Lapin (2) gave the bear a suspicious look, "Is this the one that left that message you were gushing over a couple weeks ago?"

"I wasn't gushing," the gold bear defended, "....and yes."

Silver eyes narrowed, "Sure you're not picking him because of that?"

Golden fixed the rabbit with an aqua glare, "You know me better than that.  It's not his fault he's the best qualified and happens to be completely adorable."

Spring rolled his eyes, "You're impossible."

"Don't you have work of your own to do?" the bear asked, annoyed by his friend's attitude.

The rabbit smirked, "I'm in-between cases and the Chief doesn't like me hanging around unless I've got something to do."

Now it was Golden's turn to roll his eyes, "That's because you scare the rookies."

"It's good for 'em."


A few weeks later, the red-haired human found himself walking up to the front desk of the Fazbear Hotel, carrying the entirety of his possessions packed in two suitcases and a duffle bag. 

"Welcome to the Fazbear Hotel!  Do you have a reservation?" a green parrot Tieran greeted him, a cheerful smile on her face.

Shaking his head, he sat his bags down.  "I'm Paul Cawthon, I'm supposed to meet Mr. Fazbear and Mr. Wolfe this afternoon."

"Oh!  You must be the new general manager!"

"Well at least for the next month-"

"If you can impress Rolfe, then you'll be in," a light blue-furred rabbit interrupted.  "Asagi Lapin (3), concierge.  I've called Golden and Rolfe, they'll be down shortly to meet you Mr. Cawthon."

Paul shook his hand, noting that the Tieran was a good 10 centimeters shorter than he was, not counting the ears of course, and had bright green eyes that stood out vividly against his white muzzle.  "Pleased to meet you Mr. Lapin and please, call me Paul."  He always like to be on a first name basis with the key personnel, it had led to him gaining the very friends that had pushed him into applying for this job.

Asagi grinned, already starting to like the human, "I'll do that, but only if you call me Asagi."

"Mr. Cawthon?"  At the sound of his name, the red-head turned to face the gray wolf who had addressed him and the tall, gold-furred bear standing beside him.

"Ah!  Hello, hello!"

Golden felt his heart skip a beat when he heard the man's familiar greeting and fought the urge to smile goofily at the lithe-framed human.

Taking note of his distraction, Rolfe stepped forward and introduced himself, giving the young bear time to recover, "I'm Rolfe Wolfe (4), retiring general manager."

Shaking hands with the gray wolf, Paul smiled "It's great to meet you in person."

Rolfe nodded and stepped back, letting Paul's attention shift to the imposing figure with him.  The gold-furred bear stood 36 centimeters taller than the human and had the large frame typical of bear-Tierans.  However, the warm smile and twinkling aqua eyes assuaged any unease that might have cropped up as the bear extended his large hand.

"Pleasure to meet you in person, Mr. Cawthon," he said, taking the human's much smaller hand in his own.  "I took over for my father last year, so I'm going to let Rolfe do most of the talking as he knows his job best."

"That's all right," Paul's bright smile turned a bit shy as their eyes locked.  "And ah, you can both call me Paul."

"Well then Paul, if you're ready to proceed, we'll begin the tour."  Rolfe nodded towards the front desk.  "Asagi will have your things taken to your dorm."

Nodding, the human started to follow, stopping when he felt a gentle tug on the end of his ponytail.  Turning around, he found the hotel owner wearing a guilty expression, one paw still extended from touching the tempting locks.  Somehow Paul found the look endearing, like catching a child in the act of sneaking a cookie, and found himself giving the bear a gentle smile despite his confusion.

"Ah, Mr. Fazbear?"

"Sorry!  I'm not used to seeing humans with hair that long and in that natural color."  It was a horrible excuse but completely true.  The long, dark-red tresses lacked the scent of dyed hair and glimmered in a way only natural hair could.  When the mid-back length tail had flicked with the movement of Paul's head, Golden's body had acted on its' own and before he knew it, he had gently taken hold of the end.

"I-it's all right, sir."

Shaking his head, the bear smiled at the flustered human, "Call me Golden."



A few hours later, after an extensive tour of the hotel, Paul was left to settle into his dorm room while Golden and Rolfe went to talk in the General Manager's office.

Safely behind closed doors, the old wolf spoke his mind, "I have to say, I'm surprised by your behavior.  It's not like you to act so unprofessional."

Golden hung his head, "I'm sorry.  I don't know what kept coming over me."

Reaching up, the wolf placed a paw on his shoulder.  "Don't worry about it son.  I've known you since you were a cub and there must be something special about this human that's got you acting out of sorts."

"I-I think I want to court him," the bear admitted.

Rolfe's eyes widened in shock, "You've only met him in person today-"

"And spoke with him twice on the holophone, I know."  He shook his head, "Dad said when I met the right one it would be sudden but..." his voice trailed off as a solution came to mind.  "I'm putting his review in your hands."


"I can't make an unbiased decision but I know you will," the bear asserted, a determined glint in his aqua eyes.

"I suppose..."  This wasn't normally how things were done....

"I'll use the time to get to know him."

"If you're that serious about it, then I'll accept the responsibility."

"Thank you."


A chill raced down Paul's back as the feeling of being watched returned.  It was his third day at work and he was currently going through an inspection run with Rolfe.  On his first day they'd spent the majority of the time in the general manager's office going over paperwork and procedures.  Yet each time they left the office, he could feel eyes on him and they weren't the curious eyes of the staff.   No...these eyes were focused and intense.

On his second day, he discovered who the owner of those eyes was.  That day Rolfe had decided they would go through the Employee Housing inspections first, then move on to the hotel and end with the club.  While they were talking with the dorm manager, she suddenly cut herself off mid-sentence and stormed down the hallway, disappearing around the corner.

"What do you think you're doing young man?!"

A loud yelp followed by, "Ow, ow, ow." was heard before she reappeared, dragging Golden around the corner by his ear, berating him for his rude behavior the whole time.  Rolfe had raced down to rescue the bear from the woman's wrath, whispering something in her ear that changed her attitude completely.  Releasing his ear, she gave him a motherly smile and patted him on the cheek then turned and did the same to Paul who had just reached the trio.  Baffled, he'd looked between the two older staff members for some clue but Rolfe had just shook his head and led them away from the visibly embarrassed young owner.

Now that he was feeling those eyes again, he gave the area a quick scan and sure enough, the gold-furred bear was watching from the shadows.  Not knowing why his boss felt the need to lurk behind him while he was working with Rolfe frustrated him, but he tried to ignore it as best he could. 

When the kitchen inspection was complete, the executive chef approached him with some friendly advice.  "Paul, please don't let my brother-in-law creep you out," the perky yellow chicken said.  "I know he's acting kinda weird, but I promise he doesn't have any ill intentions."

A little frustrated from the constant, intense attention he blurted out, "Then why is he watching me from the shadows?!  I've never been observed like this before!"  He was starting to feel like prey.

She gave him a reassuring smile, "I'm sure he'll explain himself soon."

Paul gave her a weak one in return, "I hope so Kingen (5), I really do."

'Me too sweetie,' the chicken thought as the human left to continue inspections, Golden's presence leaving with him.


By accompanying Rolfe around the hotel in his first week, Paul had met all the key staff and learned how things were done at the hotel.  While most things were the same as what he was used to, there were key differences in running a hotel this size over the one he'd worked at before.  Now that his first week was at an end, the human intended to relax and after a good night's sleep, use part of his day off to give his older brother a call.

Paul hadn't been in his dorm for more than a few minutes when he heard a rapid knocking at his door.  Curious, the red-head opened it and was met by an excited Asagi.

"You don't have any plans tonight do you?"

"Uh, no-"

"Good!  You can go out with us tonight!"

Paul blinked, "Us?"

"Me and my brother, Golden and his brothers, Chica, and Kingen of course."

The blue rabbit nearly burst into laughter at Paul's wide-eyed, shocked expression and was prepared for the protest he got in response.  "B-but Golden's the owner!  I d-don't think i-it'd be proper!"

Asagi gave the human a sly grin, "You really have no clue, do you?" he murmured, confusing the brown-eyed man.  Six days here and the human hadn't figured out he had a not-so-secret admirer.  "No one's going to complain.  He's technically the boss of all of us."  Turning Paul around by the shoulders he began pushing him towards the bedroom, "Now go freshen up and change into something nice, but not too fancy and I'll be back to get you in about thirty minutes."

"But I-"

Right before slipping out the door, the green-eyed rabbit added, "Don't worry about eating, we're getting dinner too!"

Bewildered, the human stood there for a moment going over what just happened in his head, a bright smile appearing as the realization struck, he just got invited to a group outing.


Paul couldn't remember the last time he'd had so much fun.  At first he'd felt a bit awkward being the only new person in the group, but with a little cajoling from Asagi, he soon felt at ease.  He even managed to stop tensing up every time Golden looked his way, though he still found himself blushing or stuttering around the bear.

After an excellent dinner, they decided to move to the lounge for drinks and more conversation.  Just as they reached the doorway, a cheerful pair of rhino-Tierans came stumbling out of the bar, laughing and holding each other up.  Without thinking, Golden placed an arm around Paul's shoulder and drew him to his side.  "Can't have you getting crushed," he explained to the blushing human with a smile.  As if the universe wanted to prove his point, one of the rhinos stumbled and fell right where Paul had been standing.

If anyone noticed that Golden didn't take his arm away from Paul until they were seated in the lounge, no one mentioned it.  By this time everyone in their group, except the absent Renard twins and Paul himself, was aware of the bear's interest in the human.

Drinks were ordered and talk resumed, though they all stopped when Paul started coughing.  The small shot-glass worth of Tieran liquor had burned like nothing he had ever experienced and sent him into a brief coughing fit.  Fortunately, the bartender was used to non-Tieran patrons and had left a large glass of water for the man.  Assured Paul wasn't about to keel over on them, they began talking once more with only a little bit of friendly ribbing towards the human member of their group.

About ten minutes later, Golden felt the red-head snuggle up to his side.


"You're warm," the human answered.

Smiling, Golden slipped an arm around his waist, "Better?"


A few minutes later, Bonnie nudged Freddy and grinned.  "Check out your brother and Paul."

Blue eyes widened in surprise at the sight, apparently the human had decided he'd be far more comfortable sitting in Golden's lap than next to him.

Asagi had noticed too and was snickering at the pair, "He's completely trashed."

"Oh dear, I didn't realize he'd be such a lightweight," Chica muttered.  "He's going to have an awful headache tomorrow."

Too out of it to notice the sudden attention, Paul continued running his fingers through the fur on Golden's arm.  The contrast between his tan skin and Golden's bright fur absolutely fascinating to him.

Realizing they had an audience, Golden snorted and secured his grip around Paul's waist.  "You can all shut up.  I'm going to enjoy this now and feel guilty tomorrow."


Once they determined that no, Paul could not walk under his own power, Golden carried the man home and into the employee dorms where he received a scathing glare from the dorm manager that promised a vicious lecture for him in the near future.  Despite her anger that Golden had allowed his intended to get in such a state, she remained quiet for the human's sake and unlocked Paul's dorm since the red-head was in no state to dig his keycard out.

Moving quickly through the small living area and into the bedroom, Golden tried to set Paul down on the bed, but the affectionate red-head seemed to have no intention of letting go.  "All right cuddle-bug, time for bed," the bear said as he tried to set him down again.

"Noooo, m'comfy," Paul protested, burying his face in the bear's chest.  

Golden felt his face heat up as the inebriated human snuggled closer.  He really had to get the man to let go!  After thinking the problem over for a moment, he had the best idea..."Paul, if you don't let go, I'm going to tickle you."

Foggy brown eyes narrowed, "You wouldn't."

Smirking, the bear leaned in until they were nose-to-nose.  "Try me."

"Fiiiiine," the human whined, loosening his grip and eventually letting go when Golden placed him on the bed.  "Meany," he grumbled, pulling at his shirt and getting it stuck halfway over his head.

Chuckling at the red-head's childish behavior, the bear gripped his shirt and pulled it over Paul's head.

Freed from his shirt, he flopped onto his back and set about trying to remove his pants, oblivious to his enraptured audience.

Golden was frozen in place, staring at Paul's bare chest and wondering if the tanned skin was as soft and smooth as it looked.


'This is a test, isn't it?' the bear thought plaintively as he realized that in his drunken state, the poor human couldn't even handle unbuckling his own belt.

Sending a silent prayer to the gods for strength, Golden reached down and helped the struggling man out of his pants, averting his eyes as much as possible.  He could hear the human rustling about behind him as he folded the garment and draped it over the end of the bed.  Turning around he caught a glimpse of the most adorable pair of boxers he'd ever seen just before Paul sloppily covered himself with the blankets.  Comfortable and warm, his sleepy brown eyes tried to focus on the bear, but kept drooping shut before finally staying closed.

Smiling, Golden carefully removed Paul's glasses and set them on the bedside table, "You just keep getting cuter don't you?"


The next morning the gold bear returned to the human's dorm with a care package and a few other supplies in tow.  Once again the dorm manager let him in, warning the young bear to behave himself as she left.  Padding softly to the bedroom, Golden set his supplies outside the door then closed the blinds in case the red-head was light sensitive.

Opening the door and slipping into the darkened bedroom, Golden very, very quietly shut it behind him.  "Paul?"

His voice was so soft the human barely heard it and almost didn't respond.  Almost.

Golden smiled as a tan hand popped out from under the covers to wave in the direction of the door.  "I brought you some water and Chica's hangover cure."

Having felt horribly thirsty since he first woke and willing to try anything to get the pain to ease, the red-head slowly eased his way out from under the blankets and into a sitting position.

"Oh Paul," the bear murmured.  The poor man looked pitiful.  "I'm so sorry," he said, kneeling down on the floor beside the bed.

"Not your fault," the human whispered, with his poor alcohol tolerance he should never have tried more than a taste.

"You need something solid in your stomach first, so let's see if you can keep this down."  Chica had warned the bear that it wouldn't be effective on an empty stomach so handing Paul a water bottle and some soft crackers, Golden waited patiently for the red-head nibble his way through the bland filler.  When he was sure the human wasn't going to lose everything he'd just eaten, he pulled out a thermal mug and handed it over.

Paul blanched at the vibrant green liquid inside and cast a worried glance at the bear.

"I know it looks like one of those weird health drinks, but this actually tastes good."  Golden assured him.  Seeing the human's curious expression he grinned, "We've all needed it at least once.  Chica started working on it while she was studying bartending and used us as guinea pigs for her drinks and her cure."

Taking a cautionary sniff, Paul was surprised by the drink's light, almost floral scent.  Sipping the green concoction, he found it went down easily, the taste mild but appealing.  "Am I supposed to drink it all now?" he asked, taking another sip.

Golden nodded, "It'll leech all the excess alcohol and toxins from your system."

"Thank you," the human whispered, giving the bear a faint smile.

Cupping Paul's face with one large hand he very lightly brushed a thumb across the red-head's now blushing cheek, "You're welcome."  Smiling he pulled away, allowing the human a chance to finish Chica's drink and calm his racing heart.  They sat in a surprisingly comfortable silence until Paul finished and Golden was able to give him a human-sized dose of painkillers and some more water.

As the red-head was dozing off, Golden started to get up when a slender, tan hand shot out from under the blanket and gripped his, stopping him from getting far.  "Stay?"

Golden hummed as though in thought, but internally he was dancing with glee.  His human was comfortable enough around him to look to him for comfort.  "Just let me grab something to sit on, all right?"  The delicate-seeming fingers released their grip, allowing the bear a chance to slip into the living room and grab the large bean bag chair propped in the corner.  Putting it on the floor where he'd been sitting, Golden took his place at the human's bedside, smiling when Paul gripped his hand again.


A few hours later, Paul's eyes blinked sleepily as he tried to figure out what was keeping his hand in place.  He still ached horribly, making it difficult to focus, but at least it no longer felt like he had a ground shuttle taking off in his head.   Finally enough of the fog cleared that he was able to focus on the gold-furred hand and smiling face of Golden Fazbear.

"Feeling better?" he asked, giving the human's hand a comforting squeeze before relinquishing his hold.

Paul nodded.  "I'm sorry for wasting your time Golden," the red-head murmured, a deep blush growing on his face.

"You're never a waste of my time," the bear insisted, enjoying how Paul's blush darkened further.  "Think you'll be all right on your own?"

Another nod.  Golden's concern was overwhelming him, was this how Tierans treated all their friends?

"Well then," standing, he picked up the bean bag chair, "I'll let you get on with your day.  You mentioned calling home?"

"Yeah, I uh, promised my brother I'd keep him updated."

"He's important to you isn't he?" the bear replied, getting a bright smile in return.

"Scott's (6) always been there for me.  He supported me when I pursued my dreams and stood up for me when our dad got upset with me...n-not that anything happened of course..."

That caught Golden's interest.  Unfortunately unless the human confided in him, he had no business prying until they were properly courting.  Resting a paw on the human's back, he gently rubbed Paul's shoulders, "If you need anything or start feeling worse, call me.  I mean it."

The brown eyes that had been gazing up into his aqua ones, cast themselves down shyly.  "Okay."

Reluctantly, Golden removed his hand and stepped away from the human, "I'll see you in the morning."

Alone, Paul waited until he heard the door to his dorm shut before sliding out of bed.  With the pain in his head at a tolerable level, the human pushed aside his confused thoughts and decided his first priority should be a shower.

Stumbling to the bathroom, he stripped off his boxers and as he went to throw them in the hamper, moaned in embarrassment when he saw the familiar teddy bear pattern.  Of course he was wearing these.   He wasn't even going to hope that Golden hadn't seen them the night before, his luck wasn't that good.


The next morning, Paul stood at the front of one of the hotel's largest ballrooms alongside Rolfe and Golden while most of the staff filtered in.  Today was the first day Paul would be on his own and both owner and retiring general manager wanted everyone to know who he was.  After a brief introduction from Golden, Paul greeted the crowd expressing his eagerness to work with such an excellent crew.  A smiling Rolfe had then warned them that while he would be observing Paul on the job, that he would not be available, not even to the human.

The excited red-head noted that Rolfe had not warned them to "take it easy" on him or "treat him as you would treat me".  He hoped it was because the old wolf thought Paul could handle anything they threw at him and trusted his people to still perform at their best.  Having had their say, Rolfe and Paul stepped back for Golden to finish the meeting up.

"Before everyone leaves, I have one final announcement."  Waiting until all eyes were on him, Golden revealed the primary reason for the mass staff meeting, "I will not be the one to decide if Mr. Cawthon becomes our next General Manager.  I am leaving the decision and his final evaluation in the hands of Mr. Wolfe and the senior staff."

Stunned, Paul didn't know what to think of Golden's announcement, he'd known from the beginning that the Fazbear's were hands-on about picking their senior staff so why would the bear relinquish his say in the matter?

Looking around, he could see most of the staff were as surprised as he was, but a few seemed to have been expecting this.  So many questions were swirling around his head that he didn't even realize they were alone until the room quieted and the sound of the doors shutting broke through his daze.

"Ah, Golden?" he called out, waiting until the bear had turned to face him.  "Why?"

Stepping into the human's personal space, Golden bent down far enough to put his mouth by Paul's ear.  "Because I like you."

"Wha-?" Paul felt his heart start racing and his face heat in a blush.  'Why does this keep happening?'

Golden drew back and tucked a loose strand of hair back behind the wide-eyed human's ear.  'So cute,' he thought before answering, "My opinion would likely be too biased, but Rolfe will judge you fairly no matter what."

Stepping back, he gave Paul a gentle smile. "I'll still be keeping an eye on you."

Recovering a bit, the human raised an eyebrow, "If you think about what you just said, it sounds a bit creepy, you know."

Chuckling, the gold-furred bear sauntered away, tossing out a "See you around." before disappearing out the door.



1 - (Phone Guy) Paul Cawthon

2 - (Spring Bonnie/Springtrap) Spring

3 - (Toy Bonnie) Asagi - light blue [Japanese]

4 - Internet cookies if you get this reference from my childhood.

5 - (Toy Chica) Kingen - cheerful, joyful [Japanese]

6 - Why yes, I did name Paul's big brother Scott.  I couldn't help myself.


Bonus Info:  Character Ages

Golden & Spring: 27

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica: 24

Paul: 23

Foxy, Mangle, Kima: 22

Asagi, Kingen:  21