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Title:  Service With a Smile - Welcome to the Fazbear Hotel!
Part:  5/??
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  none
Genre:  AU/Romance/Adventure/Sci-Fi
Rating:  PG-13
Spoilers:  None that I know
Warnings:  Slash~i.e. male x male pairings, swearing, suggestive language and humor
Pairings:  Golden Freddy x Phone Guy
Minor Pairings:  Foxy x Chica, Toy Bonnie x Mangle, Toy Freddy x Toy Chica
Disclaimer:  Here we go...Five Nights at Freddy's and all related characters are the property/creation of Scott Cawthon.   In other words, they aren't mine and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.

Summary:  After being picked as the new general manager, Paul has one month to prove he's the man for the job.  But with xenophobic customers, jealous employees, a former employer out to sabotage him, and a flirty hotel owner, does the human stand a chance, or will he be sent back home?


"Ah, Mr. Cawthon, just the man I wanted to see," a voice called out as Paul walked by Golden's office. 

"Hello, hello doctor!" the human replied in greeting, a faint blush dusting his cheeks when Golden waved at him from behind the hotel physician.  "What can I do for you?" he asked, entering the room and walking over to stand at Golden's side.

The older Tieran gave him a friendly smile, "Well young man, since you are now a permanent member of the staff, I've been brushing up on my human biology.  That was when I realized that there was an unintentional omission from your records."

"Omission?" Paul and Golden asked in unison.

"Yes.  It's nothing serious and the fault lies in our medical form."  A small frown formed on his muzzle, "However, I'm not sure how sensitive humans are about this, so if you prefer I can ask you in private....I wouldn't ask at all, but I do need this information in case of a serious injury."

Paul smiled and shook his head, "My health record is clean, so uh, anything you want to know, you can ah, just ask me now."

"All right then.  What I need to know is whether or not you have had the bearer surgery."

Golden's eyebrows lifted in surprise as Paul's face turned red, his brown eyes going wide before he answered.

"Oh!  W-well, I ah-no.  No, I h-haven't had the surgery.  The results were t-too finicky when I was the r-right age, s-so my dad didn't uh, didn't want to risk it."

"All right, I'll get this into your records then."  Knowing the human was in good hands, the doctor decided it would be best not to call attention to Paul's obvious discomfort and left the office.

Alone now, Golden noticed how quiet and withdrawn his human had become.  His head was downcast and he seemed lost in his thoughts, a heavy, melancholy air hanging about him.  Sensing Paul's need to talk, Golden got up and closed the door to his office; something told him this was best talked about in private.  Sitting on the edge of his desk and placing a paw on Paul's shoulder, the bear waited patiently until his human lifted his head.  He wasn't surprised to see the red-head's dark eyes glimmering with unshed tears.

Taking a shaky breath, Paul finally began to talk.  "D-do you uh, remember when I m-mentioned my brother standing up for me?"

Golden nodded, he wondered when his human would want to talk about that. (1)

"W-well you see uh...even though our dad d-didn't want to put us th-through the s-s-surgery, he always expected us t-to have kids.  A-after a few bad r-relationships, m-my brother decided to go ahead and raise kids b-by himself.  So he f-found a surrogate before I w-was out of h-high school.  Then three years l-later he h-had a second one with the same surrogate."

"How old was he?" brow furrowed in concern, the bear gently rubbed Paul's back.

"S-same age I-I am now...that's p-probably why...no.  That is why Dad started p-pressuring me to find a surrogate."  Paul frowned, "B-but I hadn't d-dated much at all and I d-didn't...I didn't w-want to raise k-kids on my own."   A stray tear escaped, hastily wiped away by the frustrated human.  "I-I love kids, but w-with this kind of job I c-couldn't do it on my own!  I-I mean m-maybe here I could, b-but back on the colony..?"  He shook his head, "I-I didn't even have time t-to date, how could I raise a child?  I-I'd never be there for them!"  His fists clenched, "I-I tried to explain that to my father, but he wouldn't listen!  He just kept going on about doing my duty for humanity, l-like I hadn't said a word!"  The red-head visibly deflated, "I finally yelled that I refused to have a child with someone I didn't even know."  The tears that had been shimmering in his eyes began rolling down his face unchecked, "Th-that was when he said-" Paul's breath hitched, "he said...that i-if he had known I-I was g-going to be like this, he'd have......had me go through the bearer operation," he finished, choking back a sob.  "That w-was when S-Scott jumped in.  He told Dad he was out of line, but Dad was so worked up, he wouldn't listen to him either.  They started arguing and just got louder and angrier until Dad stormed off."  Paul took another shaky breath, "That was m-months ago and I uh...I haven't...spoken with him since.  I've left messages, trying to get in contact with him, but he hasn't replied to any of them.  I-I-I d-don't even think he knows I-I'm not on the c-colony anymore!"  His explanation done, Paul crumpled into the strong arms that caught him, tears streaming unfettered down his face.

Scooping Paul up in a bridal carry, Golden carried him to one of the couches in his office and sat down.  Looking down into his human's surprised and tear-stained face, the bear didn't know what to say.  What could he say?  He knew that the human species had been fighting a dwindling population since the destruction of their home planet, but that they would pressure their people to the state that parents would shun their children for not wanting to have one with a stranger....

Pushing those thoughts aside, he leaned back with his human still cradled in his arms and pressed a gentle kiss to Paul's forehead.  Relaxing into the embrace, Paul felt a few stray tears roll down his face as he soaked in the comfort his boyfriend was providing.


One of the additional perks to living in the dorms at the Fazbear Hotel were 2 hours a week for long-distance phone calls.  Having few people back on the colony he was close enough to stay in contact with, Paul spent most of his time talking with his older brother.  The two were deep into their weekly talk when a knock came at Paul's door; the younger sibling going to answer after apologetically asking his brother to wait a moment.

Though he couldn't quite make out the words, Scott could hear the joy in his brother's voice at his surprise visitor who spoke in a deep, soothing tone.  Moments later, Paul popped back into view, a shy smile now on his face.  "Ah Scott?  I've uh, got someone I'd like you to meet."  Tugging on the hand he was holding off screen, Paul sat on the far side of the couch leaving room for a large, gold-furred bear Tieran to sit next to him.

Much to the red head's delight, his brother and boyfriend got along wonderfully, which had never occurred with the few boyfriend's he'd had in the past.  Somehow though, their conversation took an odd turn and Paul wasn't quite sure how the topic even came up, much less begin to fathom why Golden was so interested when his brother mentioned it.

"You have a picture of him in a skirt?"  Aqua eyes lit when the brunet nodded, "How long is it?"

"Above the knee," Scott answered, laughing when his little brother moaned in embarrassment while Golden's ears perked.

"Scott why?!"  Grabbing one of the throw pillows, Paul covered his face and considered smothering himself with it.

"Paul are you all right?" Golden asked, gently rubbing the red-head's back.  Receiving no reply, he frowned and easily lifted his human up onto his lap with his legs on either sides of the bear's hips.  Nuzzling his head, Golden tugged the pillow out of Paul's hands and brought their foreheads together.  "If it bothers you so much, I'll stop asking about the picture," he promised, kissing his human's temple. 

Sitting back, Paul shook his head, "Oh, n-no.  It's not that.  It's just-it's a silly picture from a drama production back in high school.  Y-you can see it if you want."

Hugging his human around the waist, Golden chuckled, "Tell you what; I'll show you one of my old school pictures in exchange."  He rubbed his nose against Paul's, "and to be totally fair, I'll let Freddy and Kima pick which one."

Brown eyes twinkling in delight, Paul leaned forward and kissed Golden's cheek.  "It's a deal."

"I still don't understand why you want to see it so badly."

"Because you're wearing a skirt," Golden answered as if it was obvious.

"What does a skirt have to do with anything?"

Golden coughed and muttered that he'd explain later.

Trying not to laugh at them both, Scott decided to fill his brother in...at least partially.  "He wants to see your legs Paul."

"Scott!" Paul whined, covering his face with his hands and attempting to fall off Golden's lap to one side.  Holding his human close, Golden nuzzled Paul's hair in an attempt to hide his own blush that threatened to show through his fur.


With the hotel's prestigious standing and stellar reputation, Paul had quickly learned that he was a great point of interest to those who held long-time connections to the hotel.  Because of this, he'd grown accustomed to occasionally being pulled from his routine to meet with various patrons and business associates.

"I'm impressed that you were able to meet Rolfe's standards so well.  He holds this place and this position in high regard.  I didn't think he'd find anyone that he fully trusted to take over."

"Thank you Mr. Ursa," Paul replied, a hint of red dusting his cheeks.  He still wasn't used to getting so many sincere, glowing compliments. 

Ursa chuckled as Golden wrapped an arm around the almost bashful human.  After hearing stories from Golden's father, he'd wanted to meet the young man himself and see if the rumors were true.  A quick change to his trip itinerary was all it took to give himself and his son a chance to visit and see things for themselves.  Unfortunately, his son wasn't making a good impression as he chose to pretend Paul didn't exist while trying and failing to catch Golden's eye, despite the other bear stating upfront that he and the human were courting.

Paul's tablet suddenly chimed as a reminder went off.  "Oh!  I'm sorry but I'm afraid I have to go.  I've got a meeting with some of the managers to get to."

"That's quite all right young man."

Having caught on to the young bear's intentions right away and fed up with this sort of behavior from people in general, Paul decided it was time he started following in his boyfriend's footsteps and show others that Golden was his.  Placing a hand on Golden's shoulder for balance, he lifted up on his toes and pressed a kiss to the bear's cheek, "I'll see you later."

Golden nodded, a silly grin forming as he put a paw over where Paul's lips had touched.  That was the first time his human had kissed him first in public.

The older Tieran chuckled at the cub's expression, "Your father had that same look on his muzzle the first time your mother did that to him."

If anything Golden's grin grew brighter and he breathed a happy sigh as he watched the red head until he was out of sight.  "He's something special isn't he?"

"He's human," Ursa's son grumped, earning himself a dark glare from Golden.

"And he's mine."

The youth's next comment was cut off by a yelp as his father smacked the back of his head.

"I'm sorry Golden, it seems my son still has some lessons to learn in manners."

Tension gone, the gold bear made an exasperated sigh, "he's not the only one."

"Ah yes, your father mentioned that incident a few weeks ago."  He laughed as the younger bear groaned in disgust.

"Please don't remind me," he frowned and shook his head.  "At least we learned that Paul can calm me down before I go feral."


Paul nearly dropped his tablet to the floor when the urgent message alarm went off.  Recovering from his fumble, he swore his heart stopped as he read the message from security:

[["Paul!  You need to hurry!  There's a guest making advances on Golden!]]

Taking every shortcut he knew, the human raced for the main ballroom, dodging staff and guests alike, all while hoping and praying he wouldn't be too late.  He was running so fast, his momentum took him past the doorway coming to a graceless stop a few feet beyond the entryway.  Spinning on his heel, he back-tracked into the ballroom at a slightly slower pace to give his racing heart a chance to slow down while he assessed the situation.

The scene that greeted him left the human debating whether he should be amused or annoyed.

Amusement won out as he watched his seven-foot-plus boyfriend awkwardly try to fend off a couple of tiny, flirtatious elderly ladies.  Nearby the event manager was attempting to deter the ladies but wasn't having much luck as he was also trying not to laugh at his boss' plight.

Stifling a grin, Paul approached the group with a pleasant smile, "Hello, hello!"

"Ah, Mr. Cawthon!" the event manager called out, drawing the ladies attention away from Golden, giving the bear a chance to dart behind Paul.  "Miss Ligar, Miss Daora, this is our General Manager."

"Pleased to meet you," Ligar greeted, eyeing the human from head to toe.

"Now aren't you just the cutest thing?" Daora cooed, fluttering her eyelashes.

Afraid for Paul's safety, Golden instantly recovered his composure and wrapping an arm around the human's waist, pulled him back to rest against his chest.  Used to this behavior, Paul subconsciously relaxed against the bear and placed a reassuring hand on top of Golden's paw.

Ligar's eyes widened, "Ohhh, I see."  Leaning over, she "whispered" to her friend, "No wonder the boy wasn't interested...he's got a lovely mate already!"  Honestly, that was one of the cutest things she'd seen in some time.

Both men blushed brightly, sending the elderly women into a fit of giggles.

Waving a hand in their direction, Ligar drew Daora away, a knowing smile on her face, "Well then, I think we'll let you boys go about your day.  Mr. Serata can take care of us from here."

"It was wonderful meeting you!"

With that, they each took one of the event manager's arms and walked away, Golden slumping in relief as they left the room.  His arm still around Paul, he let the other join it as he buried his face in his human's hair.  That had been freaky.

Leaning back against the bear, Paul sighed and sagged a little as the adrenaline finally wore off.

"You all right?" Golden asked, lifting his head to nuzzle the human's cheek.

"Just a little tired," brown eyes glanced sideways at the bear.  "I ah, ran here from the laundry room."

"That's on the other side of the hotel!" Golden was impressed, his human must have broken some speed records with how fast he had arrived.

"Oh, well I was a little ah, motivated," he held his tablet up to show the bear, "I received this message from security and after last month I was a bit concerned, you know."

Reading the message, Golden felt a twinge of annoyance that security had scared Paul so badly, but it was easily over-shadowed by the warmth he felt knowing how much his human cared.  Scooping the red head up into his arms, Golden brought their faces nose-to nose to kill any protests he might make and grinned at the blush that bloomed over Paul's cheeks.

"Since I'm sure you've worn yourself out running, I think we should take an early lunch and let you recover."

Checking his watch Paul noted it wasn't too early for lunch and nodded his consent.  His legs were starting to feel like noodles anyway.  "I uh, don't suppose you'd be willing to put me down would you?"

"Not a chance," the bear replied, his low chuckle morphing into a deep, hearty laugh as Paul collapsed against his chest with a resigned sigh.


"You need to work out a code," Golden growled as he let himself into Spring's office, later that day.

The gold rabbit rolled his eyes, "he's fine, but I'll work on something, alright?"  He smirked, "can't keep sending our general manager into a panic every time you get cornered by little old ladies."

The bear scowled and punched Spring's arm, "Knock it off."

"You should have seen him running though.  He might actually be able to keep up with Foxy and Mangle."


Spring smirked, "Wanna see?  I've got his whole run queued."

Pulling a chair around to sit next to his friend, Golden raised an eyebrow, "You have to ask?"


Paul laughed as Golden recounted one of the sillier scenes from the movie they'd just watched.  It was supposed to be a serious action movie, but the corny lines and poor acting had the pair in stitches.  Fortunately, the theatre had been largely empty or they might have been thrown out for causing a disturbance.  As it was, the duo managed to keep their chuckles and guffaws down to a "mostly" polite level.

Reaching the employee housing, they lowered their voices as Golden walked Paul to his dorm.  At the door, Paul sighed and leaned into Golden, not ready to leave the other's company just yet.  Sensing his conflict as it mirrored his own, Golden turned him around and held him close.  Returning the hug, the human sighed in content, resting his head on the bear's chest until the familiar sensation of being watched caused him to lift his head.  Warm brown met with intense aqua as Golden gazed down at him, a determined glint in his eyes.


Giving him a small smile, the bear cupped his chin and leaned in close, "I'm going to kiss you."

Heart hammering in his chest, Paul tilted his head in invitation, "O-okay."

Leaning in slowly until their lips brushed, Golden paused for perhaps a millisecond before closing the gap.  It was a little awkward at first; Golden having never kissed anyone in this manner and Paul having never kissed someone with a muzzle,   but it didn't take long for them to figure it out.  Pulling away to gauge Paul's reaction, Golden saw the same need reflected in the other's eyes and eagerly dove back in, holding the red head even closer and wringing a cute moan from his human that only encouraged him.

Dizzy and overwhelmed, Paul couldn't believe a simple kiss could feel so good!  He'd kissed and been kissed before, but even the most heated, full-blown makeout sessions he'd had couldn't compare to this moment.  This slow, chaste kiss had more emotion in it and set his nerves on fire in the best way possible.

It was the unsettling feeling of several sets of eyes glaring daggers into his back that made a reluctant Golden pull away.  "I'd better let you go before your "moms" decide to intervene," he murmured, casting a wary glance down the hall.

"Well I uh, wouldn't want to ah, get you in trouble," Paul chuckled.  Though he was loathe to part from his boyfriend, he slid out of the bear's arms and unlocked his door.  Just before stepping inside he pushed up on his toes and pressed a sweet kiss to Golden's cheek.  "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Golden replied as the smiling human slipped into his dorm.  When he heard the door latch, Golden left, nodding to Mrs. Chouette as he passed the watching ladies, a happy smile on his muzzle.


"So...how was it?"

Seated in the dorm lounge with his "sisters" Paul tilted his head, brown eyes blinking once, "How was what?"

"Don't play coy...we heard Mrs. Chouette talking with the older ladies this morning."

"About what?"  Paul was so confused.

"Your kiss with Mr. Fazbear of course!"

"Wha-?"  Paul stared at the women, his mouth hanging open in surprise.  He'd never had anyone express this much interest in his dating progress.  They giggled as his face turned red while he thought over their question.  "It was amazing, I've uh, never h-had a kiss that good before."

The girls burst into a round of soft squeals and sighs, further confusing the human.

"Did he use his tongue?"

"!!!!!!" Paul's face darkened to match his hair, "N-no!  W-we d-didn't go that far!"

"All right girls, that's enough questions for now," Mrs. Chouette interrupted, much to Paul's relief.




May 28, 2016


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